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Top 3 Logistics Companies in Orlando, Florida

Searching for professional and experienced logistics companies in Orlando, Florida can be tricky without a useful hint or some advice from someone who knows about the best companies in the area. A reliable company must be able to serve multiple purposes: storage, transportation, supply chain management, freight forwarding, etc.orlando florida logistics companies

While regular firms that deal with logistics struggle to provide reliable transportation and fleet management services, there are private and independent businesses that can go beyond this and are able to handle everything that a customer may need. For this reason, we’ve profiled following logistics companies in Orlando, FL that provide complete supply chain management and third-party logistics solutions.

United Facilities

United Facilities is one of the most reputable Florida logistics companies that features two different warehouses strategically positioned in the area: Orlando North and Orlando South. The company is a pioneer in logistics today, but everything started in 1880 in the form of a hardware store. As one of the leading companies for logistics warehouses in Orlando, FL United Facilities offers services of warehousing and fulfillment, packaging, transportation, value added services and information technology.orlando fl warehouses

As one of the top distribution/logistics warehouses in Florida, United Facilities’ Orlando North is a public warehouse that staffed by many workers and supported with the industry’s leading technologies. The interior space of this warehouse is temperature controlled. Orlando South is a food grade facility with a lot of workers and low costs. This second warehouse is also temperature controlled too. The distance between the two buildings is of about 1 mile. Different types of warehousing solutions can be offered in this way, with packaging and storage solutions that can help customers to save money and time. Transport is seen as the key aspect of any supply chain and the latest technologies ensure an optimal management.

Premier Logistics

Established in Florida in 1993, Premier Logistics is now one of the leading logistics companies in Florida. The company’s focus is providing quality services, having experienced management teams and using high-quality equipment. With its own transportation fleet, Premier Logistics is able to make shipments all over the world. In an attempt to become more effective and more devoted to serving its clients, the company makes uses of its own fleets, driven by its own drivers. premier logistics company florida

One of the great things about this firm is that it also offers marine transportation. In other words, Premier Logistics is able to handle any logistics-related requirements that clients may have. It doesn’t matter if clients are groups are just single individuals. These clients can be advised in matters of effectiveness and safety of transportation. In this way, the optimal course of action will be chosen for each particular case.

XPO Logistics

With headquarters in different other areas, XPO Logistics is also located in Orlando, Florida and is one of the major companies in this field worldwide. Having more than fifty thousand pleased customers all over the world, the Orlando, FL third-party logistics company can offer all kinds of services: various supply chain solutions, truck brokerage, transportation, global forwarding, managed transportation and many other similar services.xpo logistics companies orlando fl

XPO Logistics has one of the largest carrier networks. The number of employees is huge and all these employees work together for providing efficient services. Every employee struggles to respect the company values and this means being trustworthy, united, responsive, focused on safety, committed and entrepreneurial.

3 Tabletop Strapping Machines for Safe & Seamless Strapping

Shipping and warehousing operations demand a great deal of occupational safety, product security, speed and convenience. As much as packing, storage, supply, logistics, and distribution of products are involved, strapping machines are vital equipment required in bundling, holding and securing products in bales for more convenience, safety and security during these process.

There are many types tabletop strapping machines that differ in size, design, mode of operation, speed and capacity of work they can handle. The material they are constructed from may also differ. When it comes to the advanced models, it pays to know what to look for in case you intend to approach the, market soon. This being the case, here is our expert review of three top models of advanced strapping machines for your perusal before buying.

1. Saturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping MachineSaturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping Machine

Of the advanced strapping machines, the Saturn ST- 2200 is another highly dependable model for warehousing operations. It has a reliable speed of up to 30 straps per minute depending on the operator preference. It has a lightweight construction and locking casters that allow easy portability and a number of automatic features for more convenience in strapping. It is designed for PPP strapping and uses the electronic tensioning technology. The advanced strapper also provides great harness strength with a strap pressure between 5 and 120 pounds. It is also equipped with easy to use controls that allow reversing, resetting, feed and adjusting the strap length. For user convenience, the strapping machine height has an adjustable range of 29-32 inches.

Pros of the Saturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping Machine – Easy to use, dependable speed, easily portable with low maintenance

Cons of the Saturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping Machine – A bit slower than other models

As the satisfaction of your clients is dependent on the speed and convenience of operations such as speed of strapping and packaging, the Saturn ST- 2200 can be a great choice among tabletop strapping machines. It is enhances the efficiency and ease of your operations such as inventory control, supply chain management, distribution and logistics. Regardless of the fact that there are variant models with higher operational speeds the tabletop machine can be convenient for medium to high volume operations.

See the eBay listing for this strapping machine to learn more.

2. HBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping MachineHBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping Machine

Another great choice of strapping machines for high volume operations is the HBX-4330 Large Frame. It has an amazing speed of up to 50 straps a minute, thus making it one of the best for efficiency. In case of misfeeding of straps during the operation, the automatic eject and reefed feature takes care of the eliminating the any jam without the need for operator to intervene. It utilizes high tension Tenax polyester strapping, providing joint efficiency in strapping.

Pros HBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping Machine – Superior strapping speed with automatic operation and high joint efficiency

Cons HBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping Machine – Large and low portability portable

Owing to its amazingly superior speed and automatic operation mode, the HBX-4330 makes one of the most reliable strapping machines and a good automation investment for warehousing operations involving inventory control, supply chain management, distribution and logistics.

See the eBay listing for this strapping machine to learn more.

3. Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine

The Strapack RQ-8 is an automatic tabletop strapping machine from one of the most popular manufacturers of strapping machines. It is available in plastic and stainless steel construction depending on the humidity and moisture conditions of the area of operation. Its lightweight allows easy transportation or transfer to a different location within the work station and one can operate it within less than 25 seconds of installation.

The most interesting feature of this model is that it has an automatic mode of operation, allowing high convenience when it comes to placement of straps. Not only that, it also has a high operational speed, allowing as much as 48 straps a minute. It is also equipped with a built in self correcting mechanism that ensures energy saving, safe, operation without the need for an operator or supervisor.

Pros Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine
There are a number of advantages why this model is superior. Among the most important is that it is: – Fast, and highly portable with automatic operation and low maintenance

Cons Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine – As compared to other models, the item is a bit costly.

Especially for high volume packaging or mass production in warehousing operations, the speed, flexibility, and practicality of this machine allows a smooth, convenient flow. It saves you operational time, costs and energy thus ensuring customer satisfaction as it reduces the product waiting time.

Its versatility and reliable strapping also ensures that your products are well secured together for easy inventory management and safety in the storage facility or during shipping. It helps minimize product damage during distribution. Overall, it is an ideal product for performance and good value for its price.

See the eBay listing for this strapping machine to learn more.

An Inside Look at Logisitics & Distribution Warehouses in Illinois

Many businesses in Illinois rely on logistics and distribution warehouses. In fact, warehousing and third party logistics companies are the biggest contributor to the local economy. Illinois is one of the busiest transport and warehouse management hubs in the Midwest. It is understandable with Illinois being home to one of the busiest ports in the Midwest that warehouses and supply chain management solutions have become integral to the state’s growing economy.Warehouse Management Illinois

Illinois is home to America’s biggest economic hub, which is home to a lot of major corporations. Companies can only flourish if they focus on the areas that are core to their business models and entrust the running of certain sections to a company that has a specific specialty for instance a manufacturing company can be more efficient and reap more rewards if it concentrated on the manufacturing process and logistics and warehousing and logistics to a reliable company that has the expertise, the experience and the facilities.

Types of Distribution & Logistics Warehousing Solutions

There are many types of logistics and distribution warehouses in Illinois, each offering something different to set them apart form the other. Generally, warehouses are used by companies to store goods for a specific time period, but if that was all they did we would call them storage houses. Warehouses may pick and pack products and some companies offer shipping services as well. In the world of supply chain management there really are only three types of distribution and logistics warehouses: public, private and contract warehouses.

Public Warehouses

Public warehouses offer space that can be leased month to month. They are ideal for companies whose inventory changes seasonally and companies who always anticipate sudden surges in the sale of their products. They are cost effective because they allow companies to defer the cost of running their own picking and packing facility. A good public warehouse in Illinois is Moran distribution Centers inc.

distribution logistics warehouse management

Private Warehouses

Companies that need to store their products away from the manufacturing base own private warehouses. They are more like an extension of a business and hence are responsible for building maintenance, staffing, equipping the facility with picking, packing and inventory control systems. Every cost that needs to go into an efficient warehousing system falls on the head of the company. For instance, Nexus runs its own private distribution center in Chicago for logistics management and distribution.

Contract Warehouses

Contract warehouses offer leases for a specific period ranging from a couple of months to years. The cost is calculated per square meter, which makes it less expensive than the previous options. They usually offer dedicated racking, forklifts and security. A lot of businesses in Illinois use logistics warehouses because they are able to tailor their service offer to the customer’s specific needs.

This means you will not be paying for something you do not need or space that you would not be using. United facilities, Inc. of Illinois offers a comprehensive service to companies that want to logistics their supply chain to a third-party company. They offer transportation services, warehouse management, Inventory management system, packaging and assembly solutions and other services.

Third party logistics firms like United Facilities and North American Warehousing Company can help business reduce capital expenditure for facilities, equipment, personnel, truck and other functions. Companies can supply those savings to other profit centers or the running of primary operations within their organizations.

5 Professional Industrial-Grade Barcode Readers from Zebra

With Zebra’s impressive line of industrial barcode readers, professionals can easily capture data that matters the most as accurately and as fast as possible. Whether you need barcode scanning capabilities for inventory control, retail POS, in the aisles of storage warehouses, or on your manufacturing production line.

Zebra barcode readers industrial

Zebra has a number of industrial-grade barcode readers that are right for any application. Below we feature five of them that are making a statement in the industry for barcode reader and scanner technology.

Zebra DS3500ER

This barcode reader is equipped with maximum rugged specifications that make it able to handle anything that closes its path. It allows your workers to scan a wide range of barcodes in various distances-from close codes to those as far as thirty feet away. The Zebra DS3500ER barcode reader can scan barcodes in both bright sunlight and darkness. It can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. It can work even under extreme conditions and still give the same, high quality results.
Zebra DS3500-ER barcode reader

Its outstanding performances makes it the undisputed leader in the industry. It’s fast and can even read codes under layers of shrink wrap at ultrahigh speed. The reader scans both 1D and 2D codes.

Zebra LS3008

The Zebra LS3008 offers an affordable and outstanding performance in light industrial and smaller manufacturing environments. Single board construction helps avoid the common units of failures that are associated with ribbon cables connecting multiple boards.

Zebra LS3008 barcode reader

As one of the leading barcode scanners from Zebra, the LS3008 barcode reader uses frictionless patented polymer scan technology so as not to wear out. It is built to withstand daily drops as it is scratch resistant. It can be used even on dusty environments. It can be sanitized in clean environments such as in hospitals.

The LS3008 barcode reader is one of the easiest scanner to use and does not require any specialized training. It can scan objects comfortably at any angle.

Zebra LS3408-FZ

The LS3408-FZ industrial barcode scanner from Zebra can scan all 1D codes fast even when they are very dirty, poorly printed or badly damaged. It achieves this through its fuzzy logic technology.

Industry impact tests on the machine guarantee reliability irrespective of the common accidental drops. The Zebra LS3408FZ is completely impervious to water and dust while its window exit is scratch resistant.

For applications requiring convenient storage and fast access, this industrial barcode scanner has a hook to attach it to a pulley. Advanced data formatting features on the scanner eliminate expensive modification of the host software.

Zebra LS3578-FZ

The scanner can easily scan damaged and badly printed codes found in most industrial settings. It is integrated with Bluetooth to provide secure and reliable transmission between the reader and its host.

Zebra LS3408FZ barcode reader

With no cord between the Zebra LS3578-FZ and its host, workers can freely move throughout their work stations, increasing efficiency and productivity. The absence of a cord also means there is no downtime from regular cable breakdowns.

The industrial barcode scanner is designed to stand harsh operating conditions as it is impervious to both water and dust. Advanced formatting abilities also mean that no modifications on the host software are required.

Zebra DS3508

This barcode scanner is specifically designed for fast paced production environments. Its CMOS sensors allow it to capture and process barcodes at a faster rate than all other typical digital scanners. It is equipped with 624 MHZ microprocessor that is capable of scanning both 1D and 2D in milliseconds.

The Zebra DS3508 is designed to work super fast irrespective of the inevitable drops and bumps even on concrete. An IP65 rated seal makes the scanner impervious to water and dust. Despite all these features, the Zebra scanner is available at a very competitive price.

Advanced Mailing & Labeling Solutions of Walz Label & Mailing Systems

Walz Label & Mailing Systems has been offering some of the most reliable business automation solutions for many types of companies throughout central Illinois. The company is specifically adept in providing comprehensive solutions when it comes to mailing, automation and labeling technology for warehouses, shipping and distribution centers, mailrooms, and various other operations.

walz label and mailing systems

There is no doubt that many types of businesses can thrive by working with Walz Label & Mailing Systems and adopting some of the automation products and solutions that the company offers. Most of the mailing and labeling solutions are designed to meet the unique demands and specifications of each organization. Below are some products and solutions that define the core of Walz Label & Mailing Systems.

Mailing Machines & Mailing Systems

There is no doubt that many organizations requires a reliable mailing solution to help meet its communication and marketing needs. With the mailing machines and other mailing systems from Walz Label & Mailing Systems (i.e. address printers, mailing scales, software, etc.) your business optimize its in-house mailroom operations for great efficiency.

mailing machines

By leveraging the power of mailing machines, postage meters, and other advanced mailing system solutions, companies can create and send booklets, brochures, invitations, direct mail pieces, and other printable communication materials within a shorter amount of time.

With these mailing and postage machines, the process of sending different types of mailings becomes effortless and also cheaper thus helping the business to save more money in the process. there is no doubt that communication is one of the most important aspects for business success but this can be hampered by the issue of cost and other logistics.

mailing systems

However, the use of these mailing systems can take away these hassles, help save on time, ink, labels, papers and postage. There are different mailing machines that have specifically been designed to meet the needs of both big and small businesses thus helping make mailing more affordable, and efficient. Learn more by visiting the website of Walz Label & Mailing Systems, one of the leading mailing machines companies.

Labeling Products & Solutions

In addition to offering one of the best selections of mailing systems and postage meters in Illinois, the labeling products and solutions from Walz Label & Mailing Systems always come as a great solution for printing needs for offices and businesses. These systems are designed for both offices that have space and those that might be struggling with space but still need high-quality printing systems. These include the following:

Mobile Computers, Scanners, & Printers

Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers different varieties of mobile computers including handheld mobile computers, industrial computers, Industrial Hazardous Location Mobile Computer, Industrial Cold Storage Computer and vehicle mounted computers among others.mobile computer

The mobile computers and barcode scanning machines are designed for use in different environments and normally use image-based or laser technology. Mobile computers come in standard smartphone designs and sizes. On the other hand, Industrial Hazardous Location Comps are efficient and productive plus they are designed for use even in explosive environments. These are also lightweight and will deliver highly efficient performance.

Barcode Readers & Scanners

For all your printed barcode reading and output to the computers, Walz Label & Mailing Systems labeling products will make for a great addition to your office or business. Barcode scanners range from handheld devices to industrial gadgets and all of them are designed to make your barcode reading easier and efficient.

These systems can be a great investment if you want to maintain efficient quality control in your business as they can scan different barcodes from varying distances. The central Illinois-based company offers quality labeling wireless barcode scanners, 2D barcode readers, hands-free barcode readers and healthcare barcode readers among others. Each of the multiple products are suited for use in different sectors.

Labeling & Mailing System Software

mail management softwareYou can find various software systems including warehouse management systems (for expedient, efficient and improved inventory control operations), remote management software (for increased end-user productivity and reduced down-time for mobile device through the use of WAN/WLAN) and asset management software (for tracking and managing valuable assets) among others.

Other labeling systems and products include wireless LAN, RFID readers, and printers among others. Walz Label & Mailing Systems products are highly reliable and durable, giving warehouses, distributors, stockrooms and other business establishments a great value for their investment.

Learn more by contacting the company at:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611

Industrial Automation Systems for Streamlined Warehousing & Distribution

If you are familiar with warehousing and distribution channels, then you’re probably well aware of the importance of system automation in these particular areas. Automation systems are used to automate (or make more efficient) a process or system in a warehouse or distribution center.

Nowadays, it is tough for any company to cope up with competitive pressures without having the proper automation systems in place. In this article, you will get to know about some of the industry’s most advanced automation systems for warehousing and distribution.

warehouse automation systems

Industrial Conveyor Systems

Industrial conveyor systems are one of the most useful automation systems of all times. As you can understand from name, the conveyor system helps to accelerate processing of particular tasks in a warehouse which results into efficiency. There are different types of automated conveyor systems available in the market. The most common one used everywhere is the belt conveyor but there are other conveyors such as curving conveyor, flying conveyor and so on.

Sorting Machines & Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are another popular form of automation which helps to automate distribution process. If you are operating or managing a factory or warehouse that has something to do with FMCG products then sorting machines and sortation systems is a must automation system to go for. There are different types of sortation system and the price varies depending on the size and speed. You will need different type of speeds depending on where you are placing the automated system.

Cold Seal Packaging Machines

Cold seal machine packaging is another popular automation system, especially for food and beverage storage warehouses and distribution centers. Industries use cold seal machines to seal the products instantly using pressure and heat.

If you are planning to buy a cold seal machine, make sure that you buy one which will seal your product properly because it involves crucial mechanism which can enhance or reduce the weight of your product. There are different types of cold seal machines in the market and the price varies depending on both the quality and speed. The standard machines can seal around 30 pieces of product per minute. There are sophisticated machines which can go up to 100 per minute.

Automated Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

Another sophisticated automation system is cubing and dimensioning system. A cubing system is also used in manufacturing arena in making sure that the products are being received, shipped and measured properly. There are different versions of dimensional weighing and cubing systems, the and price depends on the capacity of how many carton can the machine measure per hour. Each machine has a few preferred types of cartons but there are some exclusive machines too which can use any type of cartons in them. You should choose the cubing and dimensioning system based on the sophistication level of your products.

Picking & Packing Systems

Another popular automation system is called a picking and packing system, which is basically all about picking a product from one place and packing it to put it in another location. There are lots of types when it comes to picking machines. You can go for a machine that picks items by batch; you can also go for one that picks items by case.

picking packing systems

When you are buying machines, make sure that they are of industrial grade because you won’t be buying machines for your warehouse every now and then. The machines are costly and you have to always make sure that you are buying the right machines.