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The Best Ball Mark Repair Tools for the 2017 Golf Season

Ball marks on the turf are the price every golfer must pay for each awesome approach shot that strikes the green. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, because these atrocious scars can be healed relatively easily provided that the right ball mark repair tool (and proper technique) is applied for the job.

golf ball mark repair tools

The issue of timing must be emphasized because a ball mark left unattended will take upwards of 20 days to heal, while a ball mark that is properly repaired as soon as it is made will often vanish in just three days. It is all well and good to repair or rather attempt to fix a ball mark, but it is no use trying unless it is properly done. In fact, a poorly done ball mark repair ends up being counterproductive, causing more harm than good. How well a ball mark repair is done depends largely on the golfer’s know-how and finesse, but even more importantly, on the tool’s design and ease of use.

Top 3 Golf Ball Mark Repair Tools

Many ball mark repair devices on the market aren’t half bad. However, the most recurring problem with the devices is how easy they are to misuse. More often than not, golfers unwittingly dish out more damage on the turf than they would have if they had left the ball mark unattended altogether. Crude attempts involving gouging of the turf end up tearing roots from the earth causing further damage to the lawn and possibly to the next golfers’ swing.

The Mark Mender

Luckily for golfers everywhere, greenskeeper ball mark repair tools such as the Mark Mender are designed with just such a problem in mind. The Mark Mender ball mark repair tool has been described as the ultimate in golf swag – 4-in-1 golf ball divot repair tool for a true boss on the course. Beyond seamlessly repairing divots on the fly, the other main feature of the Mark Mender that sets it apart from other divot repair tools is the classy cigar holder incorporated into its design.

squeeze action divot tool

This nifty addition means that the refined golfer can casually enjoy a stogie while out on the course and conveniently rest it on the Mark Mender before making a putt. While this feature notably sets the Mark Mender apart from the rest, it does nothing for this tool’s functionality, ergonomically speaking. However, this does not mean that the device is lacking at all in this department, which is, of course, its primary purpose.

The Mark Mender boasts four prongs and incorporates a spring loaded squeeze mechanism to ease the work of divot repair while also increasing its effectiveness as a ball mark repair device. The poke and pinch technique, as the instrument makers dubbed it, helps the devices’ user to repair divots by parting and loosening earth naturally while also causing the least damage to roots. To learn more or see all products available, shop these amazing ball mark divot repair tools at MarkMender.com.

The Pitchfix Twister 2.0

As a maven among divot repair tools, the Pitchfix Twister 2.0 is a ball mark repair tool designed ergonomically and agronomically to eliminate user error. This device demands the least effort from the user. The first step, resulting from a smart design feature, is to expose the retractable prongs from the base which doubles as a handle. This feature also ensures your safety since it removes the chance of having your hand cut open while reaching for the tool.

pitchfix Twister-2.0

Once the prongs are exposed, you need not do anything more than to gently stab the ground in a vertical motion without the need for carving or any such antics. An added feature for enhanced functionality is the anti-clogging mechanism included in later, upgraded versions of the Pitchfix Twister 2.0 which ensures that the device operates smoothly throughout the duration of your session on the course.

Level Best Ball Marker Repair Tool

Another golf divot repair tool ranked at the top of our list, and perhaps one more suited for use by golf course personnel, is the Level Best Ball Marker Repair Tool. This device is less portable than its counterparts mentioned above making it more suitable for life on the course rather than the trunk of your car. The Level Best Ball Marker Repair Tool boasts a long shaft providing significant clearance from the ground which makes it ideal for large scale divot repair throughout the whole course in the very likely eventuality that some inconsiderate golfers leave unattended divots all over the course.

The shaft is connected to a pair of handle bars at the top that makes it easy for the user to handle while stamping out ball marks. Also, the device is designed with a spring-loaded mechanism that aids the process of restoring ball marks to the initial putting level. Not for naught, the device is made from stainless steel so that there is no worry about the possibility of rust when it is hosed down before storage.

5 Must-Have Tools in Every High-End Landscapers Arsenal

Whether for lawns or large expanses of land, the world of landscaping is vast on many levels. Your garage can alone be filled with several types of hoes, rakes, and mowers.

But to really enhance your landscaping arsenal, you should consider investing in a few more advanced landscaping tools or pieces of equipment. Below we highlight a few must-have tools that are common for expert landscapers.


Zero-turn Mowers

For covering a lot of ground, buying a zero-turn mower will be absolutely worth it. Covering a big lot involves a lot of patience and a simple riding mower will not be enough. An important perk of having a zero-turn mower is that, it saves a lot of time.

When compared to any traditional mower, it reduces the mowing time by about 70 percent. They are also highly maneuverable and easy to handle and by using them, you can cut around bushes, flower beds and other obstacles easily.

Weed Eaters & Trimmers

These are tools that do not use a blade, but a monofilament line for trimming grass and other plans on an irregular terrain. It consists a shoulder strap and a cutting head located at the end of a shaft. The 25cc 2 cycle engine makes it an excellent performer.

There is an anti-vibration system that makes it user friendly. The double edge blade made of stainless steel can slice easily through short stems and stubborn weeds, thereby making it an excellent weed trimming tool for landscapers.


A few decades ago, compact excavators were considered toys by operators who used heavy equipment. But because of their ease of operation, precise job and low cost, they have earned the respect of many site work professionals, especially landscapers.

A high end landscaper or a homeowner can easily rent a mini excavator for a utility project or weekend landscaping. Or they can be found for sale (new and used) as most dealers that sell excavators, tractors, and lawn mowers in your local area.


The skid-steer is a piece of heavy-duty landscaping equipment that is considered to be a jack-of-all-trades. The myriad attachment options of these units enable them to perform many operations in different jobsites. From landscaping a garden to moving junks in a barn, all types of skid-steers always get the job efficiently done. The smaller size of the skid-steer loader makes it capable to move easily through narrow or confined areas.

And since it is very light in weight, so it can be transported very easily by towing vehicles to construction sites. They are also beneficial for higher visibility because of a small front loader. Controlling a skid steer loader is also very easy since the driver has to use only joystick like controls. This machine can be operated even by a landscaper who is new to the job.

Backpack Blower

For an individual landscaper concerned about the tidiness of his backyard, instead of using rakes and brooms to clean the leaves, a backpack blower is a much better option. The device enables the user to clean the ground completely without leaving any debris or leaves.

All the loose leaves can be brought together and stacked at a specific place without leaving any residue elsewhere. The best landscaping tools are versatile and can be used for many projects. Therefore it is ideal to invest in a few high end tools that will last for quite a long time and serve an expert landscaper in many upcoming projects.