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5 Security Systems Exceptionally Designed for Businesses & Offices

Security systems designed for businesses, offices and corporate buildings often differ from those suited for use in residential buildings like homes and apartments. Nevertheless, when designing commercial establishments, offices, corporate buildings, or residential structures, security is an essential feature.

business security systems

Many companies bring forth an assortment of security equipment and systems that are designed to address the various security requirements and issues. If you need office or business security systems to safeguard your equipment and property then you should work out on the available options for you. Here are the different types of business and office security systems and equipment.

Commercial Alarm Systems

If your business is to deal in monetary units like a brokerage firm in the stock exchange, then you would need the level best security at all times. The commercial alarm system is the most suitable security device for any business that experiences minimum business activity.

Ensure that the system is working properly before and after the installation. The performance of the system should be regularly monitored to ensure that it is in correct working condition.

Access Control Systems

Installing an access control system is the best possible approach to safeguarding your business. It helps to restrict admission of people. Card readers, biometric access control are some of the different types of security equipment that are installed in commercial establishments and offices.

Access Control Security Systems for Business

As offices and corporate buildings have a substantial number of employees, and visitors, such systems are designed to carry and handle large amount of data such as employee records. Once the system has been installed you can grant selective access to people.

There are also more conventional forms of access control systems for busiesses.

Fences & Gates

An office security system of the highest caliber will be the answer to your security concerns. If you own a business center, bolstered fences will be included in the primary measures you will take. To control the free movement of people, install new gates at every critical point.

You may also choose to install automatic electric gates that can grant selective access to authorized persons. These security fences and gates can incorporate useful implements and accessories, like cameras, intercoms, safety sensors, separate doors for pedestrians, and fail-safe electronic locks.

Access ID Cards

Issuing access cards to all staff members is the easiest way to remain safe and limit the access to only authorized persons. ID cards should be designed in a way so that it clearly mentions the employee’s ID number, his designation and photograph along with other details. Through this prompt recognition and confirmation of an employee is possible.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

For all the advantages and the unique features it offers, business and offices mostly prefer CCTV camera facility. You should also have access to facilities provided by the CCTV cameras in addition to a commercial alarm system, as it is highly effective in catching the burglars on tape but also of great significance as it can be used as evidence in the court of law.

The best quality of these cameras is their stealth. However, the installation of the CCTV camera should be done by expert professionals which may be an extra cost. The professionals install this device in such a manner that the whole view of the place or room will be captured by this camera.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been influential in ensuring security at banks, ports, and penitentiary institutions. Video surveillance cameras ameliorate the monitoring process hence they can be used to safeguard your property. Burglars and thieve can be denied access by controlling the entry especially during abnormal hours. Additionally, they provide the cost-saving advantage of employing less security people.

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5 Creative Surveillance Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Security System Standards

The interest for security and precautionary frameworks is ever expanding, and more technologies are now accessible for business and private residences. While having more alternatives is positively uplifting news for banks, businesses, airports, homeowners, and other areas, it can also make it hard to locate the right setup.Digital security surveillance technology

Among the most creative and new surveillance technologies on the market, here are five that have propelled security systems and surveillance advancements to the next level.

Cloud Video Platform

With a complete scope of feature preparing applications, Cloud Video Platform (CVP) rearranges generally exertion concentrated and lengthy undertakings. It uses propelled mechanization devices to significantly diminish administrator collaboration; bringing down expenses and enhancing exactness. This security measure is also becoming a staple for bank surveillance systems and related high-profile security applications.

CVP gives programmed feature ready confirmation, camera altering alarms and face identification from a cloud administration. This empowers associations of all sizes to investigate their feature considerably more viably. Full facial acknowledgment and government-authorize interruption location investigation will dispatch not long from now, alongside facilitated outsider examination, for example, tag acknowledgment and activity checking.

ThruVision TS4

The ThruVision TS4 is the world’s most progressive minimal individuals screening system, with unparalleled imaging quality and the ability to identify hid objects at 4-10m. It uses a very detached checking innovation, making it totally sheltered and ready to work in a scope of standoff screening situations.

The system can be sent in both settled and portable organizations, in secretive and obvious establishments, and as a standalone screening ability or incorporated inside of a security that is more extensive structural planning.

Thru Vision Digital barriers

The ThruVision TS4 has a huge profundity of field that permits ceaseless filtering and the capacity to output a man whilst in they are in movement. This makes it suitable for utilization in territories of high throughput and permits adaptability that is more prominent in arrangement and unit designs.


SafeZone-edge conveys server-identical examination execution at the edge, significantly diminishing the starting and on-going expense. Insightful handling gives to a great degree high discovery exactness with low false alert rates by breaking down scenes utilizing a propelled AI motor.

The motor has been streamlined to run productively nervous based processors, giving powerful moderation of basic natural impacts, for example, unfriendly climate, the development of foundation foliage, quickly changing lighting conditions and camera shake.


The IP100 joins a nearby single channel (standard definition) NVR with remote spilling of constant and documented feature, bringing the adaptability of IP cameras and fundamental edge recording to the capable TVI stage. It is intended to work with driving IP camera/encoder brands, including Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, Sony and X-Stream from Digital Barriers. With its capacity to utilize a scope of system bearers, including an inbuilt 3G/LTE modem for productive cell interchanges, the TVI IP100 conveys ‘surveillance anyplace’.

At the heart of the IP100 is the TVI remote surveillance innovation, a progressive way to deal with encoding and transmitting feature and sound over low or variable transfer speed systems. The TVI encoding strategy is in light of a library of restrictive picture ‘codebooks’, empowering TVI to see, theoretical and perceives protests in a picture. This makes it significantly more effective at gushing substance over compelled data transfer capacity systems than the ‘pixel-driven’ methodology of ordinary measures based feature codec’s -, for example, MPEG-4 and H.264 based codecs.

RDC Technology

RDC (developed by Digital Barriers is a progressive UGS (unattended ground sensor) system that consolidates a creative fast sending configuration, uncommon force effectiveness for expanded unattended operation, keen recognition and arrangement, and self-shaping/self-mending remote systems administration.

A TVI (television interface) observation center is supplied with each RDC security unit, giving remote transmission of alarms and combination with PTZ cameras sent in the field. Together, RDC and TVI offer an extensive wide-territory and border surveillance framework, obliging insignificant force and communications infrastructure.

5 Important Tips for Safe & Secure Online Banking

Security is one of the top concerns that consumers have when opening a bank account; there are numerous stories in the news of banks getting hacked because of finding new ways to crack through weak security protocols, which is scary for account holders who have entrusted their money to these institutions.

secure online banking

Although these things do seem to happen more frequently than anyone would like, as a consumer, you do have a right to hold your bank to a certain set of expectations regarding their security and surveillance system standards. Top banking institutions will already know of these concerns and have practices set in place to minimize any risk to you and other clients.

1. Exercise caution clicking on links from unknown email addresses

One of the easiest ways for scammers to infiltrate your banking information is by sending you a phony link and asking you to click on it in order to verify your information. Once you click on the link, it could take you to a fake site that looks legitimate and before you know it, they have captured all of your financial info. Always go to your bank’s website, rather than navigate there through a link.

2. Check your financial accounts frequently

There is no limit to how many times you can log on and check your most recent transactions, so use that to your advantage. Often times, hackers make charges to bank accounts and the account owner does not find out until days or weeks later because they do not remain up-to-date with what is going in their account. Verify all recent charges to ensure that they are ones you have recently made.

3. Regularly change your passwords

Yes, it is easier to use the same password for all of your accounts and never change them because you are more likely to remember it, but that also makes it easier for scammers to infiltrate into your accounts. Try to pick a unique password every few months or so with a mix of letters, symbols and numbers, and remember them by using song lyrics, mnemonic devices or other clues.

4. If you see something peculiar, call your bank immediately

The faster you get on potentially fraudulent activity, the better. So many fraudsters get away with scamming because people do not speak up when they see something in their account that does not look right. Many people start to second guess themselves and rationalize that maybe they did actually make a particular charge and just forgot about it. But if you know something does not seem normal, speak up and let your bank security staff jump on the case.

5. Limit your paper trail or shred judiciously

Financial documents like bank statements and receipts contain a wealth of information that people can use to hack into your accounts. This risk can be minimized by going digital and opting out of receiving paper statements each month. If you like receiving paper statements to stay apprised of account activity, cross paper shred them once you are done with them before throwing the documents away as accessing financial documents found in the trash is one of the easiest ways for fraudulent activity to occur.