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Truck Scale Company Progresses the Industry Standards of Payload Management

Walz Scale is leading manufacturer and service provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for use in agriculture, transportation, aggregate, chemical, laboratory, recycling, waste and mining applications. For the past 50 years, company has been providing world class payload management products and local supports to its customers.Walz Scale Truck Scales

Besides offering wide range of truck scales, company is one of the biggest global service and support organizations for portable truck scales, on-board scales and mining scale applications. Whether you’re looking to invest in hi-tech fixed weighbridge truck scale or need them on rent, Walz Scale provides individually tailored payload management solutions based on your unique needs.

Advanced Weighing Technology for Optimal Efficiency

Walz focus is on the development of new advanced weighing technology that offers exceptional value to its customers. Their on-board truck scales are among the broadest in the country and the world, without thousands of them supplied globally. From portable mining scales and wheel loader scales to rail scales and on-board truck weighing scales, the company is definitely a trusted supplier of number of industrial payload management solutions.

truck scales

Their solutions are designed not only to gather vital data but also to facilitate faster processing and transfer of this data to customer’s management system. Their truck scales and mining axle scales feature highly advanced technology that provide customers with hi-tech tools to manage their critical weight and payload data.

Payload Management Solutions Beyond Truck Scales

What separates Walz from other truck scale providers is their solutions in payload management. They offer world-class load scanner technology with top-of-the-line software for tracking and management.

Volumetric Load Scanner

The revolutionary new technology developed by Walz is best for management of material truckloads. The company’s Walz Load Scanner delivers highly accurate volumetric load calculation for open top vehicles while it drives under the scanner head. This load scanner system provides an affordable and efficient alternative to truck scales and other type of external weighting systems.load scanner truck bed scan

It utilizes guided laser technology and advanced algorithms to provide a non-contact solution for payload management on truck loads. This technology is set to revolutionize the entire bulk material transportation industry.load volume scanner

The new Walz Load Scanner System operates by comparing empty scan of vehicle to their corresponding loaded scan. Typically vehicle is fitted with special RFID tag to automate this process, delivering a highly accurate and fully automated payload management system. Vehicle drives under this scanner system at a slow speed (3.5 mph), however, high speed scanning is also available. There are few weight management systems available that offer such streamlined throughput and efficiency than the Walz Load Scanner (WLS).Portable Walz Load Scanner

Load volume scanning systems are available for either portable or permanent operation. Walz trailer mounted and portable systems are best for highway and construction projects that require easily transportable solution for bulk material movement and production. Now it’s easy to move payload scanner to any location that requires real time production monitoring.

With volumetric load scanner, it’s easy to generate individual load tickets for each load, allowing you to quickly email or print each ticket with their corresponding 3D imagery and material information. This kind of tangible form of data communication is important for some industry applications ranging from mining to agriculture. For more information about the Walz Load Scanner system, click here.

Whether for farming and agricultural to waste management and resource aggregation, Walz payload management solutions meet the needs of industry leaders. Their load management software platform and technology is second to none and is often integrated with various truck scales and wheel weighers to offer a precise and highly-optimized solution for maximum throughput.

5 Professional Industrial-Grade Barcode Readers from Zebra

With Zebra’s impressive line of industrial barcode readers, professionals can easily capture data that matters the most as accurately and as fast as possible. Whether you need barcode scanning capabilities for inventory control, retail POS, in the aisles of storage warehouses, or on your manufacturing production line.

Zebra barcode readers industrial

Zebra has a number of industrial-grade barcode readers that are right for any application. Below we feature five of them that are making a statement in the industry for barcode reader and scanner technology.

Zebra DS3500ER

This barcode reader is equipped with maximum rugged specifications that make it able to handle anything that closes its path. It allows your workers to scan a wide range of barcodes in various distances-from close codes to those as far as thirty feet away. The Zebra DS3500ER barcode reader can scan barcodes in both bright sunlight and darkness. It can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. It can work even under extreme conditions and still give the same, high quality results.
Zebra DS3500-ER barcode reader

Its outstanding performances makes it the undisputed leader in the industry. It’s fast and can even read codes under layers of shrink wrap at ultrahigh speed. The reader scans both 1D and 2D codes.

Zebra LS3008

The Zebra LS3008 offers an affordable and outstanding performance in light industrial and smaller manufacturing environments. Single board construction helps avoid the common units of failures that are associated with ribbon cables connecting multiple boards.

Zebra LS3008 barcode reader

As one of the leading barcode scanners from Zebra, the LS3008 barcode reader uses frictionless patented polymer scan technology so as not to wear out. It is built to withstand daily drops as it is scratch resistant. It can be used even on dusty environments. It can be sanitized in clean environments such as in hospitals.

The LS3008 barcode reader is one of the easiest scanner to use and does not require any specialized training. It can scan objects comfortably at any angle.

Zebra LS3408-FZ

The LS3408-FZ industrial barcode scanner from Zebra can scan all 1D codes fast even when they are very dirty, poorly printed or badly damaged. It achieves this through its fuzzy logic technology.

Industry impact tests on the machine guarantee reliability irrespective of the common accidental drops. The Zebra LS3408FZ is completely impervious to water and dust while its window exit is scratch resistant.

For applications requiring convenient storage and fast access, this industrial barcode scanner has a hook to attach it to a pulley. Advanced data formatting features on the scanner eliminate expensive modification of the host software.

Zebra LS3578-FZ

The scanner can easily scan damaged and badly printed codes found in most industrial settings. It is integrated with Bluetooth to provide secure and reliable transmission between the reader and its host.

Zebra LS3408FZ barcode reader

With no cord between the Zebra LS3578-FZ and its host, workers can freely move throughout their work stations, increasing efficiency and productivity. The absence of a cord also means there is no downtime from regular cable breakdowns.

The industrial barcode scanner is designed to stand harsh operating conditions as it is impervious to both water and dust. Advanced formatting abilities also mean that no modifications on the host software are required.

Zebra DS3508

This barcode scanner is specifically designed for fast paced production environments. Its CMOS sensors allow it to capture and process barcodes at a faster rate than all other typical digital scanners. It is equipped with 624 MHZ microprocessor that is capable of scanning both 1D and 2D in milliseconds.

The Zebra DS3508 is designed to work super fast irrespective of the inevitable drops and bumps even on concrete. An IP65 rated seal makes the scanner impervious to water and dust. Despite all these features, the Zebra scanner is available at a very competitive price.

Load Scanner Offers Creative Means for Payload Valuation

Just a few years ago, the Walz Load Scanner system was unveiled through its new website, LoadScanner.com. Today, this load scanner has captured the attention of most individuals and companies involved in payload valuation and management.

Load Scanner System

One of the main reasons why the Walz Load Scanner system has attracted a lot of attention from such individuals and companies is its incredible capabilities, features and the value of its load scanner system.

The Walz Load Scanner has helped ensure haul trucks work effectively and sufficiently during payload evaluation and management. In addition, it also features a load scanner as a system to scan and produce 3D images of trucks and their content while passing through working sites and roads.

Let’s now have a look at some of the amazing features and benefits offered by this cutting edge load scanner system.

Features & Advantages of Walz Load Scanner

3D Load Volume Scanning and Imaging

As we have seen above, the walz load scanner system has the ability to scan and produce 3D images of the truck and the content its carrying.

Load Scan Image

The scanned images can be reviewed and analyzed on the spot making it possible for one to determine if there are concerns about the truck’s weight and movement.

Diverse Load Scan Options

The load scanner can be utilized into two different load options while accessing the truck’s load volume or its capacity. Also, the scanners work effectively if the truck is filled with payload or if it’s empty.

User-friendly and Affordable for Payload Management

Load Scanner Data ManagementThe load scanner system is user friendly and could help in managing different controls that allow unmanned functions while loading the information. In addition, it is the cheapest as compared to the more expensive and heavy-duty Payload management systems and scales such as truck scales. Surely, the Walz Load Scanner is undoubtedly the best choice.

Very Accurate Load Volume Calculations

Compared to other forms of payload management and valuation, the volumetric load scanner system by Walz has helped minimize the variances and uncertainties brought about the moisture content, variables in compaction, and the actual load variation. In a nutshell, it provides accurate calculations that are free from the old school methods of guessing and calculations.

Flexible and Durable Load Scanner

Payload Management ScannerSince the load scanner system is made with very high standards, it has proven to be most durable when subjected to operations around the construction and mining industry. Likewise, it has proven to be the easiest system to install in any local scanning site, adequate haul road or access driving way.

Reliable Functionality

Its performance is really reliable and dependable, especially in most remote areas and areas suffering from extreme vagaries. The load scanner can last for a long time without needing regular servicing or scheduled recalibration.

Optimized Efficiency

The load scanner system can be installed and operated in a one day. And, once it’s operational, it makes calculations immediately. The data produced can also be accessed easily using advanced software solutions.

The load scanner by Walz has definitely revolutionized payload management and evaluation systems. It is with no doubt that the load scanner system has made load management easier for all parties involved in this line of field.