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Walz Portable Wheel Weigher Scales for the Win

In industries like mining, agriculture, logistics, and other businesses that require weighing heavy truck loads, a portable wheel weigher (otherwise known as a portable truck scale) is a must have from of weighing equipment to comply with legal weight limits. These revolutionary truck scales are highly versatile, in addition to being some of the most convenient and easy to use in the truck scales market today.wheel weighers truck scales

Below we take a closer look at the portable wheel weighers from industry-leading supplier, Walz Scale, a globally-recognized company for various types of advanced truck scale systems.

How Portable Wheel Weighers Work

Portable wheel weigher scales have unique features that enable weighting easy and efficient. One of the main features is that they are low profile platform. This means that a truck can easily drive over it, and there is a display that accurately displays and records the weight on a remote terminal.portable wheel weigher scale

The remote terminal is nothing of the old school weighing systems. They now come with LCD that can store and print data at an instant. The print function is critical in many industries today; especially to farmers since these prints are tangible proof if there are any disputes. All the data are displayed spanning from real time measurements to axle comparisons.

Advanced Design of Walz Scale’s Wheel Weighers

They are also low profile in design, which provides smooth movement of the truck over the scale without causing much inclination of the truck. Most often, wheel weighers are built of aluminum which is very sturdy to hold heavy vehicles and the load in them. The aluminum’s nature makes these scales very portable and exceptionally protected from environments.wheel weigher terminal

They also come with a removable ramp, fitted to the side enabling the truck to go easily across it as well as providing a bright visual alert to the drivers. In order to measure the gross weight of the vehicle, all the axles need to be measured, but separately. So, when the remote terminal records the weight of each axle, the addition will give the gross weight. For more information about how portable wheel weighers function, click here.

Offering a Plethora of Portable Truck Scale Options

Walz Scale is among the best companies that offer wide ranges of affordable portable truck wheel weighers designed to measure efficiently and record data from all weighing capacities. Walz Scale also has a reputation in the industry of offering their advanced weighing systems for rent.wheel weigher truck scale carrying case

Their truck scales are ideal for all application and can be easily be moved a location of your choice. In addition to providing accurate and professional grade precision; Walz Scale portable wheel weighers make it easy to analyze weight metrics. Many of their scales can actually have an integrated weighing terminal, with digital scale processor, and receipt printer. Their unique truck scale systems are made in a way that provides seamless weighting of truck whether in motion or not.

Why Wheel Weighers Are a Win

Walz portable truck weight scales have numerous advantages over the conventional truck models. One, they are highly accurate thanks to the ultra-sensitive nature of the loads cells. This is one of the reasons the wheel weighers from Walz Scale are some of the most popular solutions on truck scale market today.walz scale wheel weighers

Unlike the static models, installing these scales is very easy; all you need is to set them up in a slight flat surface, which should only take a few minutes. These scales are usually waterproof, which means they can be used even at places where harsh weather is a concern, and in remote areas they could be operated through batteries.

Truck Scale Company Progresses the Industry Standards of Payload Management

Walz Scale is leading manufacturer and service provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for use in agriculture, transportation, aggregate, chemical, laboratory, recycling, waste and mining applications. For the past 50 years, company has been providing world class payload management products and local supports to its customers.Walz Scale Truck Scales

Besides offering wide range of truck scales, company is one of the biggest global service and support organizations for portable truck scales, on-board scales and mining scale applications. Whether you’re looking to invest in hi-tech fixed weighbridge truck scale or need them on rent, Walz Scale provides individually tailored payload management solutions based on your unique needs.

Advanced Weighing Technology for Optimal Efficiency

Walz focus is on the development of new advanced weighing technology that offers exceptional value to its customers. Their on-board truck scales are among the broadest in the country and the world, without thousands of them supplied globally. From portable mining scales and wheel loader scales to rail scales and on-board truck weighing scales, the company is definitely a trusted supplier of number of industrial payload management solutions.

truck scales

Their solutions are designed not only to gather vital data but also to facilitate faster processing and transfer of this data to customer’s management system. Their truck scales and mining axle scales feature highly advanced technology that provide customers with hi-tech tools to manage their critical weight and payload data.

Payload Management Solutions Beyond Truck Scales

What separates Walz from other truck scale providers is their solutions in payload management. They offer world-class load scanner technology with top-of-the-line software for tracking and management.

Volumetric Load Scanner

The revolutionary new technology developed by Walz is best for management of material truckloads. The company’s Walz Load Scanner delivers highly accurate volumetric load calculation for open top vehicles while it drives under the scanner head. This load scanner system provides an affordable and efficient alternative to truck scales and other type of external weighting systems.load scanner truck bed scan

It utilizes guided laser technology and advanced algorithms to provide a non-contact solution for payload management on truck loads. This technology is set to revolutionize the entire bulk material transportation industry.load volume scanner

The new Walz Load Scanner System operates by comparing empty scan of vehicle to their corresponding loaded scan. Typically vehicle is fitted with special RFID tag to automate this process, delivering a highly accurate and fully automated payload management system. Vehicle drives under this scanner system at a slow speed (3.5 mph), however, high speed scanning is also available. There are few weight management systems available that offer such streamlined throughput and efficiency than the Walz Load Scanner (WLS).Portable Walz Load Scanner

Load volume scanning systems are available for either portable or permanent operation. Walz trailer mounted and portable systems are best for highway and construction projects that require easily transportable solution for bulk material movement and production. Now it’s easy to move payload scanner to any location that requires real time production monitoring.

With volumetric load scanner, it’s easy to generate individual load tickets for each load, allowing you to quickly email or print each ticket with their corresponding 3D imagery and material information. This kind of tangible form of data communication is important for some industry applications ranging from mining to agriculture. For more information about the Walz Load Scanner system, click here.

Whether for farming and agricultural to waste management and resource aggregation, Walz payload management solutions meet the needs of industry leaders. Their load management software platform and technology is second to none and is often integrated with various truck scales and wheel weighers to offer a precise and highly-optimized solution for maximum throughput.

Weigh-In-Motion Truck Scales: The New Industry-Leading Weighing System

Weigh-in-motion truck scales or weighing in motion scales (WIM) systems are designed with an aim of capturing and recording axle weights as well as gross vehicle weights. As opposed to conventional truck scales, these dynamic weigh-in-motion systems are able to measure vehicle and load weights while it passes over the scale at slow speeds of 3-5 MPH.

This is revolutionary advantage since trucks and vehicles don’t need to come to a complete stop during weighing process. For high-volume weighing operations, this can make weighing process more efficient by helping to maximize throughput and productivity.weigh-in-motion truck scales

Many of the countries have adopted weigh-in-motion truck scales since they are more efficient when compared to other compared to others that they have been using in the past. You can invest in Weigh-In-Motion Truck Scales from WalzScale.com, as they offer various truck scales and advanced wheel weigher systems of many types.

Functionality & Technology Behind Weigh-In-Motion Scales

Weigh-in-motion portable truck scales work by using a type of technology that is capable of recording in the weight of all moving vehicles provided the speed is in the given range. Once the WIM devices are installed on the freeways, they will active the waves that will allow it to measure the specific weights of vehicles through easily especially when making that best estimate of the weights.weigh-in-motion truck scale

The measure of weights at semi-trucks weight stations has always been hard without the technology. Thee WIM sensors can always record the weight with the best estimate when compared to the technologies that have been used in the past. In addition, the application uses a different and unique technology for the weigh-in-motion axle scale sensors. The devices used by planners are always designed to monitor pavement as well as bridges.

However, a vehicle has to move at the stated speed to active the WIM-generated data thus determining how weight a particular truck is carrying without having to measure the weight at a stop weight. However, some of cases the accuracy may not be a 100% but in most cases it is always efficient especially for the people who need to save time without having to stop when weighing.

Advantages of Weigh-In-Motion Truck Scalesweigh-in-motion truck scale carrying case

What are the advantages Weigh-In-Motion Truck Scales have over other types of truck scales? Below are just a few reasons why so many companies are investing in these cutting-edge truck weight scales for sale.

1. Saves Time During Weighing Operations

Weigh-in-motion truck scale technology can help save time thus allowing more vehicles or trucks to be weighed in a shorter period. This means a truck drivers and motorists are never burdened by common static stops experienced in the previous technology

2. Reducing Stoppages for Highway Use

Weigh-in-motion scale technology can help reduce the static stops in the highway thus enhancing the safety since many vehicles are cleared from the road faster as they do not lined up on a freeway system when waiting to gain an access to the weight station that can be traffic hazard.

3. Collect & Monitor Data, Real Time

These systems can provide real time data in shorter period. After its initial installation, the technology is cheaper in the long run in terms of maintenance than most of the static weigh stations. Thee WIM sensors will collect accurate data of overweight trucks.

Walz Scale: Advanced Weighing Systems for the Win

Walz Scale specializes in support and sales of weighing solutions and industrial truck scales that are used in various sectors of economy, which include mining, chemical, transportation, recycling, agricultural, waste management and many others. The company has grown significantly over the decades and today, Walz Scale is the market leader in precision weighing equipment.Walz Scale Weighing Systems

Unique products and unrivaled services are the secret behind this tremendous growth. The company is always ready to meet the diverse array of requirements and needs for many different customers. At the same time, Walz Scale believes that their clients keep coming back due to the great services and their involvements in community.

Comprehensive Weighing & Load Management Systems

Walz Scale offers several solutions to its clients, which range from rail car weighing systems to industrial wheel loader scales. While rail car scales are used for transporting train-based materials, loader scales are common in farming and agricultural settings that demand constant movement of materials.

The roster of advanced weighing system from Walz Scale outperform the competition as a result of constant innovation. The revolutionary load scanner technology is the perfect example. Walz Scale’s load scanner system is highly useful for those who want leverage a fully-operational laser scanner system as an alternative to truck scales.

load volume scanner

The load volume scanner from Walz Scale helps people around the world to calculate load volume and weigh in a cost efficient manner. Load scanner technology and truck scales from Walz Scale are highly helpful for people who want to track their payload data and critical weigh.

The company continuously develops systems that enable clients to gather valuable data easily. Customers can also transfer this data to software that on the cloud, enabling users to access data from various devices and from any location.

Progression in Traditional Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridges from Walz Scale are the ideal solution for those who want to acquire fixed weighbridge truck scales. Weighbridges from Walz Scale are manufactured by knowing the needs in the market. Therefore, these are the ideal weighing solutions for businesses with a designated weighing site. Fixed weighbridge truck scales are capable to provide heavy duty weighbridge design together with great features.

weighbridge truck scale

Weighbridges are able to handle different truck scale sizes. These are also able to handle multiple capabilities with axle scales. Weighbridges can be used in many different places and ways. Logistic, warehousing and shipping companies use weighbridges in their daily work to get weight of shipments or cargo getting in and out. Agricultural producers use it to measure the amount of produce they deal with.

Walz Scale weighbridges for sale offer a heavy duty design, which ensures very high throughput and decreased workload. So, it is helpful for utilizing the available human resources fully. Walz Scale offers on-board weighing solutions that are integrated on equipment or actual vehicle. These are advanced on-board truck weighing systems and they provide some of the highest level of efficiency and throughput.

Rental Truck Scale Solutions

Aside from providing truck scales for sale, Walz Scale offers individuals and companies rental truck scale solution for short-term use. If a company has a need for a weighing scales for a particular product or season, they need not purchase a truck scale. Instead, they can get truck scales for rent. As a result, they need not use their capital for purchasing a machine.

Customers around the world rely on Walz Scale because of the efficiency of their software and hardware solutions and the great support they are provided to their customers. All weighing systems from Walz Scale are well tested under severe conditions. All their equipment come with certified accuracy.

Illinois Truck Scale Supplier Earns National Recognition

Walz Scale was founded with a goal of offering remarkable truck scales and weighing technologies to its customers in Illinois, and now, throughout the U.S. Walz Scale is based in East Peoria, Illinois and has grown its local reputation by leaps and bounds.

Walz Scale Truck Scales

Currently, Walz Scale offers sophisticated truck scales, weighing systems, and advanced volumetric technologies for customers all over North America. The Illinois truck scale supplier has established connections with several partners and distributors throughout the nation. In short, Walz Scale is dedicate and committed to providing not only the best support, but also the most advanced solutions to its clients.

The company has earned an incredible reputation by providing a wide range of systems and products, including truck scales, volumetric load scanners, wheel loader scales, on-site weighing services, calibrations solutions, and more. Since it has been in service for more than 50 years, Walz Scale understands the needs of its clients. In addition, the company has a team of experienced and talented staff and partners to facilitate local support.

Here are some of the pillars that have enabled the Walz Scale to build its national reputation.

Helping Its Clients Reach Their Goals

Walz Scale is one of the best companies that has helped a number of customers realize their dreams in a wide range of sectors such as agriculture, transportation, laboratory, aggregate, mining applications, waste recycling and more. It is worth noting that the company has reputable staff who can listen to your needs and goals and help you achieve them.

Offering Advanced Technology for Maximum Efficiency

It concentrates on providing more advanced weighing technologies that can be afforded by smaller operations. These weighing options offer an outstanding value to each and every client. The company’s truck scales are wider and the most supplied in the world ranging from railroad scales for weighing to wheel loader scales and portable mining scales. Since it suppliers high quality products, clients throughout the world trust Walz Scale, specifically when it comes to industrial weighing solutions.

portable truck scales

The company design solutions bearing in mind the diverse tastes and preferences of customers. This implies that the Walz gather important information and ensure that the same data is processed and transferred into the customers’ management data systems This explains why products from Walz Scale are preferred by most of the customers if not all.

Comprehensive Load Management Solutions

Every individual want to associate with a company that offers top-notch solutions at an affordable price. This is what separate Walz Scale from other competitors who mainly deal with truck scales and weighing machines such as in-motion weighing scales among other weighing systems. The company also offers truck scale rental solutions for short-term use.

Most of the truck scales offered by Walz Scale can be supported by top rated software for tracking and controlling. Load management solutions can meet the needs of all the people including industry leaders. This is due to the fact that software platforms and load management technology can be integrated with a number of truck scales, wheel weighers and more to provide a highly-optimized solution for better results at the end of the day.

The company invests in technology to make sure that it remains relevant in the current dynamic market while it enjoys the unrelenting customer support.

Creative Advancements in Wheel Weigher Scale Technology

Weighing system manufacturers have brought about new and advanced truck scale systems to further advance efficiency and throughput for operators. Over the years, there have been an upward trend in demand of innovative weighing scales and technology.

wheel weighers scales

Walz, for instance, has pioneered and even developed this cutting edge technology to bring into the market premium weighing systems that offer accurate data and durability. The wheel weigher is one of the most popular system types of portable truck scales. Wheel weighers offer great versatility and functionality thanks to the new technological features the wheel weigher scale carries.

Low-Profile, Fully-Portable Wheel Weighers

Wheel weighers (or portable weigh pads, axle scales, and truck scales) have risen to be the industry-standard in high-volume warehousing and shipping companies, as well as more industrial applications like mining and farming operations. Unlike large and cumbersome weighing scales, wheel weighers offer convenience and efficiency. It is for this reason that a lot of research has gone into bettering the wheel weigher.

wheel weigher pad

A good example is AgWeigh, a branch of Walz that deals with agricultural weighing. They have fine-tuned portable weighing technology and optimized it to give great results. Companies that invest in this technology cut costs in a plethora of ways.

Wheel Weigher Scales With Increased Capacity

Since the production of the first set of portable weighing pads, a significant number of changes have occurred to make it better. First off, the pads have been made more lightweight by use of aluminum material. The wheel weigher sometimes work in harsh conditions. To this realization, the manufacturers have made the pads waterproof and made them for durability.

The AXW-45 Series Axle Scale, for instance, has been made so strong to an extent that it can weigh up to 45 tons (approximately 90,000 pounds). Besides the increased capacity of the scales, the systems come with a weight terminal that bears a backlit LCD interface. This makes the system even easier to use. It allows the users to print vehicle weights to make load management easy. The weight terminal comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

In-Motion Weighing

The in-motion weighing capability is valued by mining, agriculture and many other industries. The operator determines the weight of the vehicle when the vehicle is in motion. The advantage of this feature is that it cuts on weighing time and allows the operators to weigh more vehicles within a short time. There is no need to stop and weigh each axle separately. The in-motion wheel weigher scale protects companies from fines that may be incurred after overloading trucks.

The video above of Walz Scale’s in-motion axle scale is prime example of the advanced efficiency realized using such innovative wheel weigher technology.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Wheel weighers come with low profile designs that enable them to deliver great and accurate results and up their performance. They are built with varied configurations, capabilities and lengths making them useful in single axle as well as multi-axle trucks. They feature great sensors to improve the accuracy of the results. Their overload protection features and their ability to withstand heavy duty operations make them reliable and efficient in temporary as well as mobile applications.

wheel weigher scale in case

The advancements in portable wheel weigher scales has made them stronger; they can function in any weather condition and has been made immune to breakages. They have been made more accurate, efficient, versatile and convenient. The ramps of the wheel weigher scale has been made removable to make it more portable.

Try-Before-You-Buy Portable Truck Scale Rentals

Whether you are in the agriculture or mining industry, you might find out that portable truck scales can offer a real advantage to your weighing operations. Unlike most cumbersome truck scale systems, you can easily operate a portable truck scale in virtually any location with a flat surface.

portable truck scale pads

The only problem with portable truck scales is that they are very expensive. Fortunately, there are some suppliers that offer portable truck scale rentals for short-term, try-before-you-buy leases.

Take Advantage of Portable Truck Scale Rentals

Most people like portable truck scales mainly because they are easier to load up. You only need to add a large scale platter onto the surface. You will then link the unit to a computer or to a proper device that will read the weight results.

Most of the portable truck rental scales can transmit data wirelessly although there are others that will use extended wires. The extended wires are sturdy and moreover, they can cover a very large distance.

The scale takes the weight by analyzing the amount of pressure that originates from the wheels as it checks out. Mostly, all the wheels have to move over the scale. However, you will not need to get them on the scale at once.

To get an idea about its base weight, you will have to move an empty truck over it at least once. This will not take you much time to complete. The scales are portable and therefore you can easily move with them around.

mining truck portable scale

Benefits of Renting Truck Scales

Renting truck scales offers a number of benefits, including:

Low maintenance

One key benefit with portable truck scales is that you will not have to buy them for use in your business. You only need to rent them and utilize them in the best way possible. You will have your truck weighed with a simple unit that you can add and also remove in the minimum time possible. The scale can also work in some cases where you only need to accomplish short-term lifting and loading task.

Requires less skills to work with

Portable truck scales offer simple convenience that will make all your projects a success. If you have the relevant skills on working with truck scale rentals, then you will have an easier time working with them. The truck scales have simple arrangements. You will only take a little time to understand on how to work with them.

Handles heavy weights

At times, you will be amazed by how heavy your truck can get. With a portable truck scale, you will be able to weigh any weights not exceeding 30 tons in the most extremes. There are also some manufacturers that will offer truck scales to handle even 45 tons.

This is highly beneficial considering that some payloads are extremely tight. In some cases where you have to work with sand, massive rocks, gravel or any other natural item that require hauling for any reason you will find the scales very useful.

Where You Rent Portable Truck Scales

You can easily rent portable truck scales from the following suppliers:

Do you have more options for portable truck scale rentals? Let us know in the comments section below.



Portable Truck Scales Deliver the Ultimate in Versatility & Accuracy

Truck scales remain an important part of load weight measurement and cargo transport across the world. Various types of truck scale systems are relied upon to ensure that load volumes are accurately measured and thus pay loads can be precisely calculated and valued.

portable weigh scales

Among the major challenges that companies face for load weighing and management is the type of truck scale they need to perform such operations. One solution that offers the ultimate in convenience, versatility, and performance is portable truck scales.

The Value in Using a Portable Truck Scale System

The viable solution that stands out among heavy-duty truck scales for sale is portable truck weigh scales. These types of scales are preferred by all types of industries because of their ability to be moved from one location to another in just a matter of minutes.

Portable Weighing ScalesFor instance, if a company needs to transport seasonal goods, such as an agricultural producer during the harvest season, it does not have to worry about taking all crop loads to a fixed weighing scale. Instead, the farmer can place the portable truck scale unit to the desired location where the harvesting process is taking place.

Advantages of Portable Truck Scales

There are many advantages that come with the use of these heavy-duty portable scales to weigh trucks, including:

    • Extremely easy to install – Being flat and easy to set up, it takes only a matter of minutes to lay the portable truck scale and get the process started. Once the scale is on the ground you just need to set up a terminal and can start measuring trucks immediately.
    • Portability – The reason these weighing scales are referred to as portable is because they are exactly that. If you need to weight trucks as they leave a yard, you can carry the scale to any location at the boot of your car and set it up wherever you need it.
    • Highly accurate – These portable scales to weigh trucks are made to be extra sensitive and therefore produce highly accurate measurements.
    • User-friendly terminals – Portable truck scales typically come with easy to use terminals that have an LCD display and the unit can store and print data on the weight of the trucks whenever you need it.

There are many other advantages of investing in portable truck scales with the main one being that you do not have to make an expensive purchase of the unit if you only need to use it occasionally. This because many manufacturers and suppliers offer truck scale rental programs, such as the wide range of Payload Pros portable truck scales for rent.

Portable Weighing Scales Trucks

If you were to purchase your own truck scale weighing unit, you cannot upgrade all the time after spending a lot of money on a unit. When you hire a weighing scale, it ensures that you can measure the cargo on your trucks accurately.

This means that your truck operates within legal limits and you avoid wear and tear caused by overloading. If you are carrying the cargo on behalf of a client, it ensures you get paid what is due.

On Board Truck Scales for Weight Measurement & Load Management

The use of on board trucks scales can prove to be one of the most important things that a trucking-based business could consider when it comes to optimizing load weight measurement and overall data management.

On board truck scales

These are truck scales that can work quite well for many businesses as they are used to help with reviewing the weights on a truck and in real time. This is done as a means of making it easier for items to be analyzed with care.

On board truck scales are designed to be attached and set up to work on the main bodies of different vehicles that could use such scales. This is designed to create an accurate readout at any time.

Integrate On Board Scale Sensors

On Board Truck Scale SensorUnlike other types of external truck scales, with on board scales a series of sensors will have to be applied onto a truck bed. The bed has to be empty for the sensors to be configured and set up the right way.

The sensors of the on board truck scale will then be added into a series of sensible spots all around the body of the truck. This includes sensors on all corners to ensure that every square foot of space will be reviewed as necessary. It can make for a nice function for all to enjoy having as necessary.

Link On Board Truck Scale to Readout System

The materials in the on board scale system will then be linked up to a proper readout material. The readout device will typically entail the use of a series of sensors that will go around all corners of the vehicle to ensure that the setup will be made with more than enough care as necessary.

The sensors will link to a readout device that may be located on one end of the vehicle. This readout device will be used to analyze the weight based on the pressure that comes into the truck at a given time. The results will come from a connection with every single part of the truck. This is to ensure that the connection is going to work right and will be easy to read as necessary.

Seamless Use for Load Management

What makes this setup so strong and worthwhile is that it will help to link the vehicle up with a proper readout as necessary. This makes it so weights can be measured at any time while also ensuring that the right data will be programmed as required.

To see some of the common industry applications of on board truck scales, see the video below from global truck scale provider, www.WalzScale.com, a leader in on board truck scales and industrial weighing equipment.

In addition, this makes it so there is no need to worry about outside sensors or scales. The measuring system that is used in this case will be strictly customized with the demands that a business has in mind for getting weights measured the right way. This makes for a useful and sensible material that anyone can enjoy holding or using as needed.

On board truck scales can work wonders for the demands that any trucking company might have with regards to getting different types of weights taken care of. The solutions that are open for use can be to the advantage of anyone who is looking for ways to get different types of loads managed with care and without delay in terms of how they are to be run or utilized.