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In-depth Review of 5 Premier Mailing Machines for Sale

In the mailing and postage technology marketplace, a lot of changes have been experienced over the past couple decades. Starting small, this industry has witnessed a lot of growth to help many businesses and professionals with labeling technology, mailing machines, postage systems, and related automation solutions.

Today, there’s quite an array of mailing machines and postage systems available for businesses. Here we take an in-depth look at five premier mailing machines for sale.

1. Ameritek Tabber

As the leading mailing machines, the Ameritek Tabber has key features such as high production tabbing with a precise application and a system that is durable, heavy duty and simple to use together with easy job changes. This machine can do many media varieties such as post it notes, foil seals, labels, among others.

ameritek tabber mailing machine

The Ameritek Tabber comes in two designs the standard 2” and the wide 4.5” it weight approximately 450 lbs with an accuracy of plus or minus 1/8 “ for indexing. The clear and translucent tabs on this tabbing machine need backers that contain registration marks.

2. Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 Folder Inserter

In one fold, the Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 Folder Inserter can fold at least 10 sheets weighing 20lb. it can also support many flat envelope inserts. Pitney Bowes Relay 700 is designed with approximately four trays that come in two including sheet trays and insert trays. Using inset tray components, it can feed preloaded inserts, envelopes, and small booklets. Also, integrated on this machine is the relay multichannel communications mode.

Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 Folder Inserter

The Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 Folder Inserter has an envelope feeder high capacity that allows for greater speeds and throughput. With optional upstream, it may accept materials input services. The system also comes with 3 components including feeder towers, envelope sealer and transport desk.

3. Walco Systems 655VFT Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder

This permanently integrated mailing system by Walco Systems enables for impressively-quick setup of a variety of mail pieces. This fully-integrated mailing machine has one control panel that controls both transport and feed sections making it easier to set up. Just like all Walco Systems, 655VFT often exceeds the capacity needed by today’s commercial environment.

Walco Systems 655VFT Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder

The 655VFT Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder has a variable speed transport, it’s quick and easy to set up, has a high capacity feed hopper and independently self controlled vacuum. Also, it has a large seal shaft that locks collar bearings and a spacious platform that is large enough to accommodate full size monitor and keyboard.

4. Accufast P8 Address Printer

To support several applications, the Accufast P8 address printer and imager has incredible features, such as imagers with automatic capping and wiping together with camera connections. As one of the most advanced business mailing machines for sale, the Accufast P8 Address Printer is 14” high, 20.5” wide and 22” long and weighs 55lb.Accufast P8 Address Printer

As the oldest address printers, Accufast P8 comes with a twin belt vacuum. You can adjust its speed production to 50” per second. Also, it has a USB data connection and XP imaging software. Its window drivers come when fitted with 600 by 600 print resolution.

5. Neopost IN-600 HF Postage Meter

Many businesses depend on mailing systems that quickly and easily get the job done. This machine offers postage solutions that cannot be compared to anything. the Neopost IN-600 HF postage meter features automatic feeder that can handle large mail without any problem.

Neopost IN-600 HF Postage Meter

Among the first mailing machines to hit the market, the Neopost IN-600 HF postage meter has a contemporary design having bold edges, aluminum accents, and clean lines. It’s speed is 110 letters per minute and has a good reporting and account control. Besides, it has roughly nine job imprints memories.

Although there are a number of related solutions on the market, these are five of the most premier mailing machines for sale. Choosing the best product for your postage operations will depend on the features you need and the budget your business has.

Shop Address Printers for Sale at These Leading Online Stores

This is a list of reputable online stores that offer a wide selection of address printers for sale. These companies are the best in this field. So if you want to purchase high-quality address printers for sale, then this are some of the top companies you should consider.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems

address printers for saleWalz Label & Mailing Systems ranks among the top reputable online stores that offer a wide selection of address printers for sale. This company’s headquarter is based in Central Illinois. It was founded in 1966 by Fred and Patricia Walz as a small-scale sales and service company.

Since then, Walz Label & Mailing Systems has grown to provide business automation solutions that meet clients’ unique needs. Some of the brands of that this online store sells include: Imager 3.0, Imager 2.5, Imager 1.5 Plus, Envelope Imager CS, Imager 1.5 by Rena; DA50s, DA80f, DA95f by Pitney Bowes; AS-710 and AS-930 by Neopost USA; P4 by Accufast; and 655MB by Walco Systems among others. Shop address printers for sale at WalzEQ.com to see all of the products that this supplier offers.

Whitaker Brothers

Whitaker Brothers is a recognized company that sells electronic equipment from leading manufacturers such as Martin Yale Intimus, MBM Destroyit, and HSM Securio. The company’s more than 60 years of experience enables them to recommend products that are known for quality and durability.

They have a wide selection of advanced address printers such as FP AJ-3600 Address Printer, FP AJ-3800 Address Printer, FP AJ-2800 Address Printer, FP AJ-2650 Address Printer, Formax Colormax 7 Printer among others. To purchase products from the company’s online store, buyers are required to create their accounts or request a quote.

Barber’s Used Mailing Equipment

Barber’s Used Mailing Equipment is also featured in this list of reputable online stores that offer a wide selection of address printers for sale. This company is based in Charlotte NC but ships their products to selected countries.shop address printers for sale

Besides the USA, some of the countries where they have shipped their products include France, Brazil, Sweden, Bolivia, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey, Canada and Bosnia. They sell a wide selection of used address printers such as Cheshire 7000 by Cheshire, Bryce 22K by Bryce SOLD, among others. When ordering business address printers from this company, always keep in mind that they don’t have a refund policy in place.


eBay is an American e-commerce company whose headquarter is based in San Jose, California. The company sells a wide selection of electronic gadgets and equipment including professional address printers at an affordable price.

Some of the address printers that you can order from eBay include Secap Bos Bryce 22K Address Printer, Bryce 9K-L Pitney Bowes DA550 W680 Secap 9KL Inkjet Address, Hasler HJ3640 Neopost AS-3640 1.5 Inch PrintHeads Address Printer, RENA Systems high volume address printer envelope imager, Accufast P6 Addresser/Address Printer, Buskro Address Printer 12′ Conveyor and many others.


You can also order your address printer from Amazon store. Amazon is preferred by many shoppers because it is one of the stores where they find best electronic gadgets and equipment without spending a lot of money. The good thing about Amazon is that they offer free shipping for products that weigh 38 dollars. Some of the address printers available of Amazon include Brother QL-720NW Professional Address Printer, Brother QL-500A Address Printer, Leitz Icon Smart Wireless Address Printer and many more.

3 Professional Mailing Machines Designed for Enterprise-Level Efficiency

There are a variety of professional mailing machines on the market today. Postage mailing machines not only save businesses money on mailing processes, but also time and resources.

In fact, if you are planning to grow your business (and you send a lot of postage in the mail), then it is essential to invest in certain types of mailing machines to facilitate these cumbersome and time consuming processes. Mailing machines, such as postage meters, tabbers (or tabbing machines,) and address printers, automate processes that would otherwise require manual labor to execute.

mailing postage machines

With advancements in mailing management technology, obtaining these mailing and postage machines is simple and easy. Below are a few powerful products worth incorporating into your business’ mailing operations.

Postage Meters

If you want to save a large amount of time as well as money, you have to buy your own postage meter. There is nothing boring like licking and sticking envelopes as well as stamps . With the current electronic mailing gadgets, you are not required to do a meter reset at the post office. Postage meters has a base that directs the envelopes for stamping . They vary in terms of speed and cost.postage mailing machine


A postage meter that offers higher speeds will cost you more than a machine with less output. In addition, some less expensive machines will require you to guide the envelopes for stamping. Such machines are not only slow, but also wastes time. On the other hand, both automatic and semiautomatic electronic postage meters can stamp the envelopes without you help. The base comprise of sealers, which wet and seal every envelope as it passes through the base and the stackers that stack your mail.

Small businesses are benefiting from postage meter evaluate the actual postage as well as print out stamp, and weighing options . The weighing solutions can save customers about 20 percent of the total costs. other benefits of postage meter include postal accounting, parcel post dating and postmark ads.

Address Printers

Address printers are considered one of the best mailing machines that have transformed business mailing experience across the world. Address printers can cut down the costs since you do not have to preprint envelopes as well as delivery point bar codes. In addition, faster address printers can save you time while delivering quality services. These devices are celebrated due to the fact that they offer accurate and reliable services that meet your business needs. An automated address printer can help you design eye-catching letters while keeping overhead costs low.

address printer machine

Whether you have a small business or a large business, address printers provide you with remarkable printing solutions and enhance smooth running of the business. For the reason that these printers can be customized to suit the needs of your organization, you are guaranteed faster printing and the envelope reaches the client quicker. Benefits that come with these tools include high efficiency, better postal services, reduced costs and incredible mail output.

Tabbing & Labeling Systems

Do you want to keep all your materials organized and accessible? If so, then tabbing and labeling machines are ideal for you and your business. with these tools in place, you can tab and label mailings, brochures, books, financial documents, folders, magazines among other materials.

Tabbing, mailing and labeling systems are available in a wide range of options to match your business requirements. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors that can blend well with your office interior design.

Advanced Mailing & Labeling Solutions of Walz Label & Mailing Systems

Walz Label & Mailing Systems has been offering some of the most reliable business automation solutions for many types of companies throughout central Illinois. The company is specifically adept in providing comprehensive solutions when it comes to mailing, automation and labeling technology for warehouses, shipping and distribution centers, mailrooms, and various other operations.

walz label and mailing systems

There is no doubt that many types of businesses can thrive by working with Walz Label & Mailing Systems and adopting some of the automation products and solutions that the company offers. Most of the mailing and labeling solutions are designed to meet the unique demands and specifications of each organization. Below are some products and solutions that define the core of Walz Label & Mailing Systems.

Mailing Machines & Mailing Systems

There is no doubt that many organizations requires a reliable mailing solution to help meet its communication and marketing needs. With the mailing machines and other mailing systems from Walz Label & Mailing Systems (i.e. address printers, mailing scales, software, etc.) your business optimize its in-house mailroom operations for great efficiency.

mailing machines

By leveraging the power of mailing machines, postage meters, and other advanced mailing system solutions, companies can create and send booklets, brochures, invitations, direct mail pieces, and other printable communication materials within a shorter amount of time.

With these mailing and postage machines, the process of sending different types of mailings becomes effortless and also cheaper thus helping the business to save more money in the process. there is no doubt that communication is one of the most important aspects for business success but this can be hampered by the issue of cost and other logistics.

mailing systems

However, the use of these mailing systems can take away these hassles, help save on time, ink, labels, papers and postage. There are different mailing machines that have specifically been designed to meet the needs of both big and small businesses thus helping make mailing more affordable, and efficient. Learn more by visiting the website of Walz Label & Mailing Systems, one of the leading mailing machines companies.

Labeling Products & Solutions

In addition to offering one of the best selections of mailing systems and postage meters in Illinois, the labeling products and solutions from Walz Label & Mailing Systems always come as a great solution for printing needs for offices and businesses. These systems are designed for both offices that have space and those that might be struggling with space but still need high-quality printing systems. These include the following:

Mobile Computers, Scanners, & Printers

Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers different varieties of mobile computers including handheld mobile computers, industrial computers, Industrial Hazardous Location Mobile Computer, Industrial Cold Storage Computer and vehicle mounted computers among others.mobile computer

The mobile computers and barcode scanning machines are designed for use in different environments and normally use image-based or laser technology. Mobile computers come in standard smartphone designs and sizes. On the other hand, Industrial Hazardous Location Comps are efficient and productive plus they are designed for use even in explosive environments. These are also lightweight and will deliver highly efficient performance.

Barcode Readers & Scanners

For all your printed barcode reading and output to the computers, Walz Label & Mailing Systems labeling products will make for a great addition to your office or business. Barcode scanners range from handheld devices to industrial gadgets and all of them are designed to make your barcode reading easier and efficient.

These systems can be a great investment if you want to maintain efficient quality control in your business as they can scan different barcodes from varying distances. The central Illinois-based company offers quality labeling wireless barcode scanners, 2D barcode readers, hands-free barcode readers and healthcare barcode readers among others. Each of the multiple products are suited for use in different sectors.

Labeling & Mailing System Software

mail management softwareYou can find various software systems including warehouse management systems (for expedient, efficient and improved inventory control operations), remote management software (for increased end-user productivity and reduced down-time for mobile device through the use of WAN/WLAN) and asset management software (for tracking and managing valuable assets) among others.

Other labeling systems and products include wireless LAN, RFID readers, and printers among others. Walz Label & Mailing Systems products are highly reliable and durable, giving warehouses, distributors, stockrooms and other business establishments a great value for their investment.

Learn more by contacting the company at:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611