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Profiling New Jersey Spine Surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner

Dr. Joshua S Rovner, M.D. is a certified orthopedic and spine surgeon based in Englewood, NJ. He is one of the most respected and trusted doctors in treatment of back pains. Together with his team of highly competent professionals they run the Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in New Jersey.

New Jersey spine surgeon Dr. Rovner

Dr. Rovner provides comprehensive spine surgery for many conditions, focusing mainly on minimally-invasive techniques. Together with his team they treat issues related to deformities, trauma and degenerative conditions. The primary reason why he is much respected and trusted is because he is very competent in treating the different conditions related to back pain.

Training & Credentials

Dr. Rovner has a fellowship from the Twin Cities Spine Center in Minneapolis. This center is well known for providing some of the best training techniques and all those who graduate from this particular center are highly respected. He is also certified by the American Board of orthopedic surgeons which further confirms that he is well trained. He is licensed to practice in the states on New York and New Jersey. His vast experience makes him good in his work where he has successfully treated a large number of patients.


Dr. Rovner specializes in treating all the pains affecting the neck and the entire back. As a spine surgeon he is trained to perform different complex surgeries including infusion, discectomy and disc replacement amongst others. He regularly uses stem cell treatments because they are known to be more effective when it comes to enhance quicker healing. He usually treats his patients first using the conservative treatments but when they fail he goes ahead to use the latest treatment methods.

This is mainly because some issues require the traditional methods while others are best treated using the modern methods. One of the modern methods he uses is robotic spine surgery which is known to make spine surgery more precise and as a result less invasive. In fact, he one of a small number of doctors in the North east with the necessary training and skills to perform robotic spine surgery.


One of the main outstanding qualities of this particular orthopedic surgeon is that he is highly professional in his work. He treats every patient as an individual because different patients require different types of treatment. This means that he does not generalize patients; instead he takes time to handle each and every patient.

As a result, his New Jersey spine surgery practice has grown significantly in the recent past where they number of patients who come to him increasing. But he hopes to keep his practice small so that he can still have the capacity and time to apply the patient-centric approach to treating his patients.

Recognition & Reputation

Because of the high quality services provided by Dr. Rovner, he has been able to build a positive reputation over the years. This has resulted to him being recognized in different ways including being awarded with the one Jersey Choice Top Doctor award for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015). This award is only awarded to the highly rated doctors mainly depending on the quality of the services they provide.

New Jersey spine surgeon Dr Rovner

His reputation is also evident from the many positive reviews and testimonials mainly from his past patients. Therefore, Dr. Rovner is a top orthopedic and spine surgeon who has the skills and qualifications to treat different kinds of back pain.

Contact the locations of spine surgeon Dr. Rovner, or visit the New Jersey spine surgeon’s website at NewJerseySpineSurgeon.com

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics
440 Curry Avenue, Suite A
Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 227-1299

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics
3 Progress St. Suite 102
Edison, NJ 08820
(201) 227-1299

5 Tips to Optimize Your FQHC Billing Practices for 2016

Contrary to what many people believe, successfully maintaining the revenue of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a relatively complex undertaking. This is mainly due to the fact that there are several different departments that need to work efficiently and in tandem so as to maximize revenue from patient billings.

improve FQHC billiingIn order to lower costs, improve patient satisfaction and increase revenue, here are 5 tips to optimize FQHC billing practices, these include but are not limited to the following.

Invest in professional FQHC billing consulting services

As earlier mentioned, billing systems for a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is no walk in the park; it is a highly technical and demanding activity that demands for professionals.

In this regard, it is important to engage the services of a professional medical billing consulting firm to assist with best practices of patient billing and coding so as to maximize efficiency with FQHC billing software systems and significantly improve overall revenue collection figures.

FQHC billing consultants usually suggest proposals for improving billing processes. These suggestions may include an improvement in processes such as software file maintenance, claim and payment receipt tracking, fee schedule analysis as well as processing of insurance claims.

Understand and appreciate the overall cycle of revenue

To improve FQHC billing processes, it is important to fully appreciate the overall cycle of revenue of that particular facility. Even though many facilities tend to believe that the submission and subsequent payment of claims forms the actual billing process, the truth is that the billing process begins immediately a patient makes an appointment and ends after the patient has been attended to and pays the billed amounts.

The billing cycle should therefore properly establish the requisite channels from patient registration, charge entry, payment posting and ending with the necessary follow up on accounts receivable.

Ensure all charges are captured

To avoid challenges with FQHC billing, it is important to ensure on a daily basis that all appointment schedules are reconciled with encounter forms. This is one simple way of ensuring that each and every patient gets attended to and the correct charge corresponds to each patient that’s been attended to in the facility.

Typically, the sum of the charges on the encounter forms must then be reconciled daily in the reports that are generated by the management system. By doing this, the facility will be able to easily track forms that may be missing so as to ensure revenue maximization.

Review and accurately update fee schedules

It is important to review fee schedules as the market demands, be it annually, semi-annually or quarterly. It is important to ensure the charges are not only realistic and set for all codes but also accurate. Make a point of comparing the fees with other Medicare or contracted fees charged by other players. Since insurance companies tend to pay lower than the billed amount, billing lower than the amount contracted will result in revenue loss for the facility.

Accurately collect patient information

With each visit, make sure patient insurance details are accurately captured. As is the norm, patients should always produce copies of their insurance card. The person in charge of billing should also make a point of enquiring from patients any changes of address or insurance companies.

It is also important to verify patient social security numbers, this is especially so if it is the first visit. Verifying these details is important because sending a claim to the wrong company or address is bound to lead to significant delays in revenue generation and collection.

5 Creative Health Center Billing Strategies for FQHCs

Virtually every medical practice has to bill patients, work with insurance carriers, and maintain billing records. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are no exception. And as a matter of fact, patient billing for FQHCs is much more complex than you can imagine. FQHCs have several departments that should work in an efficient manner to ensure seamlessness of the whole process of patient billings.

That is the reason FQHCs must create and implement effective policies and strategies for accurate patient billing. Another great benefit of solid policies is increased patient satisfaction. Below are five effective health center billing strategies for FQHCs to make the process seamless and successful.

fqhc billing strategies

Understand The Overall Billing System

First of all, it is of vital importance to understand the overall system of billing and revenue cycle in the health center to make sure the systems work as expected. Many health centers think that the real billing system is the submission and payment of claims. The fact of the matter is each staff member play a great role in making the billing process as smooth as possible.

The overall FQHC billing process starts when a patient sets an appointment and comes to an end when he or she gets the required treatment and pays the entire bill. The process of billing that should be in place should involve several steps, such as registration of the patient’s, charge entry, posting of payment and handling the accounts receivables.

Acquire Information From Patients

The FQHC staff should collect and implement and store accurate information about each patient , including insurance and demographics of the patient as soon as the patient enters the facility. On the first appointments, the staff should acquire information about insurance, birth date, phone number and residence address.

patient billing form

If you choose to work with an FQHC billing company, some companies provide access to software to help streamline this process. It’s important that your FQHC billing agency helps train staff on how to use this software properly and efficiently to acquire and record patient data.

Carry Out Reconciliation

Reconciliation of encounter forums with the schedule of appointment is another strategy for perfect billing system. The accounts department should then reconcile the total amounts with the reports generated by the management on a daily basis.

This allows the health facility to track all the missing encounter forms. As a result, this ensures that the whole process is seamless. The biggest benefit of this strategy is that it prevents the revenue loss.

Update The Fee Schedule Annually

The fee schedules of the FQHC should be updated on an annual basis. For fair revenue generation, the staff should set reasonable charges for the codes to ensure the achievement of reimbursements.

Another idea is to compare the fees with those of charged by other health centers. Here it should be noted that insurance companies don’t usually pay the full amount of the contract or amount billed, which means that charging lower than the contracted amount will lead to loss for the facility.

Let Each Patient Know The FQHC’s Billing & Financial Policies

Lastly, a health center or FQHC should let all its patients know about its FQHC billing and financial policies. For this, a single page with the financial policies written on it clearly should be given to each patient at the facility. Of course, it would be a summary of the FQHC billing policies.

Each patient should sign the document, and then the document should be put inside his medical treatment file. On the document, the payment terms, authorizations, information about insurance and cancellation policies should be clearly stated. This, in short, is health center billing best practices.

For keeping an FQHC in good shape, many strategies can be implemented, but starting with these five strategies can be good ideas. If these work for you, your facility can be really successful.

Define Your Chiropractic Practice & Differentiate Yourself From Other Local Chiropractors In Your Area

Chiropractic care deals with the health and well-being of nervous and spinal system. Even a few years back, it was considered as an alternative treatment. But today, it is becoming very popular and a mainstream treatment.

Rising aging population, increase in stressful lifestyle and poor health habits are reasons behind the growing popularity of chiropractic medicine. If you are serious to become a chiropractor, you must be aware of the philosophy of this discipline. You can make greater advancements in this career if you acquire skills and knowledge beyond the basic principles of chiropractic medicine.

Chiropractic Carving a Niche

Education Requirements

You can start your career in chiropractic after completing 7 years in medical school and earn a license. You must have GPA of 2.50 or higher to get an admission in chiropractic school. Your three year university course must include subjects such as:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Introductory physiology

Clinical phase of the study lasts for three semesters. This phase is mainly focused on your performance. If you are highly efficient, you can score high in this phase. The subjects you need to study during this phase are:

  • History taking skills
  • Differential diagnosis
  • General physical examination
  • Radiology
  • Basic pediatrics
  • Basic geriatrics
  • Neurology
  • Laboratory diagnosis
  • Basic obstetrics and gynecology
  • Basic dermatology
  • Throat, ears, eyes and nose studies
  • Orthopedics
  • Rheumatology

You can start your internship during the advanced phase of clinical training. During this period, you need to integrate and apply the knowledge you acquired from classroom training. It is the time for refining your techniques and diagnostic skills you acquired from classroom and clinical training.

Chiropractor Managing Patient


During this period, you will learn to manage different kinds of patients. This is the best time for acquiring practical knowledge. You can learn ethical business practice, communication skills, interpersonal skills and patient education during this period.

During your advanced clinical training, you need to study subjects such as:

  • Chiropractic internship
  • Clinical laboratory clerkship
  • Radiology laboratory clerkship
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging
  • Reporting and interpretation of clinical X-ray

Internships With Other Reputable Chiropractors

The duration of internship varies from schools to schools. Some schools ask you to undergo 12 month internship. It includes the external and internal clinics of a college. This can be done under the supervision of a qualified chiropractor.

Teachers can come from different disciplines such as chiropractic medicine, pathology, biological science, medicine and physiology. After completing graduation successfully, you will get the title, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

Chiropractic Licensure

You must complete 12 month clinical internship to get a license. After passing the licensure examination, you will get registration certificate. In order to maintain your license, you must enroll in post graduation and continuing education courses.

How to Differential Yourself From Other Chiropractic Practitioners?

Specialization in chiropractic medicine is the best way to differentiate yourself from the other practitioners. You can specialize in sports science, which include conservative management, rehabilitation and performance optimization for athletes. If you want to specialize in this area, you can contribute a lot to the athletic health maintenance, trauma management, therapy, enhanced rehabilitation after injury and protective gear in contact sports. Sports chiropractors can contribute a lot in the prevention of spinal injury.

Chiropractic Radiology

When carving a niche in chiropractic radiology, you must be highly trained and well educated to interpret and order advanced imaging. As a chiropractic radiologist, you need to perform imaging exams such as MRI, CT scan, plain radiographs and diagnostic ultrasound.

Read more about chiropractic radiology at www.radiologytoday.net.

Chiropractic Orthopedics

If you want you to specialize in chiropractic orthopedics, you must be able to treat musculoskeletal injuries by using non-surgical procedures. It needs the manual manipulation of joints in the spine and extremities. You need to utilize the healing methods such as:Chiropractor Technique

  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Targeted massage
  • Infrared and moist heat
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Customized exercise regime

For more information about chiropractic orthopedics and specializing in this practice, visit www.dcorthoacademy.com.

Chiropractic Clinical Science

In this specialization, you need to focus on education, research and politics affecting chiropractic practice. With chiropractic clinical science, you must be able to encourage the study and discussion of latest healthcare trends and research in general and chiropractic healthcare. The Palmer School of Chiropractics has a lot of information on this topic.

Occupational and Physical Rehabilitation

If you are planning to undergo this specialization, you must be able to help injured workers get back to their occupation safely. You must be able to return back the injured individuals to their jobs with maximum functional performance.

As an occupational and physical rehabilitation chiropractor, you must be able to correct the improper work habits as well. The right functional activities include specialized repetitive movements, which are designed to prevent injuries and increase the strength and flexibility of muscles.

This article was contributed on behalf of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic of Bloomington, Illinois. You can contact the professional team of chiropractors in Bloomington, IL to learn more about this subject matter and how to define your practice as an up and coming chiropractor.

Bly-Hillman Chiropractic
2501 E College Ave. Ste. C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 661-1155

Medical Billing Strategies for FQHCs & Community Health Centers

Patient billing processes for community health centers (CHCs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) is not only a daunting, but also a very confusing task that calls for a creative combination of resources and strategic-minded approach.

Since most common patients of these health centers are usually underprivileged and low-income, fulfilling patient billings is a true battle that is essential to survive.

Medical Billing Consult with FQHC Staff

If you work for or own a FQHC or a CHC that is in a dire need of improving on its complex billing process, explore the following four creative and highly effective patient billing for FQHCs and CHCs.

1. Collecting co-payments prior to providing medical services

Before a patient visits the doctor of the center, the front-door staff should clearly communicate with the patient and audit his/her billing and personal information during registration. This will allow the center to collect the co-pay immediately and later concentrate on collecting any remaining receivable from Medicare, insurance companies and Medicaid.

Following this simple billing strategy will allow a center to realize higher collections. Centers should therefore restructure their staff and internal processes in order to put these collection systems into place. Ensure you collect between 90-95% of the total co-pays in advance.

2. Integrating credentialing protocols

Credentialing is one of the most important component of realizing the right amount of money from your patients and their health care systems. Initiating a perfect credentialing protocol or system enables FQHCs and CHCs to closely monitor progress of collecting submissions and to review all billing details. In other words, credentialing helps in keeping all information together in one place.

3. Maintaining accurate health records electronically

FQHCs and CHCs can simply patient care, make accessing patients’ data easier and improve on overall patient engagement through maintaining complete information about each and every patient, their financial information and health electronically. EHRs (electronic health records) are best when stored online through the cloud, or using software solutions.

Do some research on the best EHR software platform for your center’s billing efforts. It is important to use the most recent software for CHC and FQHC billing. Medical billing rules are constantly changing and these software automatically update with changes in these rules.

A medical billing consultant can also provide great opportunities and unlimited access to a wide range of EHR software.

4. Collecting full patient information

Collecting full patient information increases billing efficiency. It is therefore important that you take your time and ensure that patient’s information is both accurate and complete. Take a patient’s full name, address, date of birth, multiple phone numbers and work information.

This information is usually critical when working with insurance companies and as a part collection procedure in case the patient ignores payment requests. Ensure you also get the patient’s social security number as it may be helpful when you want to turn non-payments to a collector.

FQHCs and CHCs should implement effective billing procedures and policies in order to increase revenue, lower costs and improve patient care and satisfaction. The above discussed four creative billing procedures will help you achieve these goals.

Creative Gift Ideas at N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL

Known for their affordable, therapeutic, relaxing, comfortable and professional massages, N8 (pronounced innate) Touch Massage is the perfect place to relax during the bustling holiday season. As the stress of the season begins to chip away at your holiday spirit, experience rejuvenation for yourself or give a wonderful gift to a loved one or friend, with your Bloomington, IL massage therapists at N8 Touch Massage.

N8 Massage Bloomington IL

Whether you are in need of a sensual couples massage, a moment of relaxation or a therapeutic massage, Bloomington’s N8 Touch Massage is able to deliver precisely what you need. They specialize in a variety of massage and therapeutic techniques such as:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: A slow technique that focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues in order to reduce chronic patterns of tension.
  • Swedish Massage/Relax8tion: This relaxing and therapeutic massage primarily affects the lymphatic and nervous systems.
  • Sports Massage: Purpose if to prepare and athlete for peak performance before their event; and to alleviate swelling, etc. after their event.
  • Aromatherapy: With the addition of 100% pure essential oils, enhanced relaxation and stress reduction is achieved. (This can be added to any massage for an additional fee).
  • Couples Massage: The stimulating techniques can be very transformative for couples. Relax and reduce stress while furthering your bond.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Promotes harmony within the mind and body while also promoting physical wellness.


A massage from N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL can assist with the reduction of blood pressure, easing of tension headaches, the improvement of circulation and more. The inherent and intuitive techniques used by the highly qualified staff will have you feeling like a new born babe by the end of your first visit.

Massage Specials at N8 Touch Massage

With discounts available for members who refer new clients, as well as special birthday deals; becoming a member pays for itself swiftly. Yet, N8 has not forgotten those that are not members, with competitive pricing for those who choose to sporadically engage in their services.

Massage Bloomington IL

Currently, for new customers, N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL is offering the following special pricings:

  • A 15 minute chair massage for $8
  • A 60 minute table massage for $38
  • Monthly membership package for $48

N8 Touch Massage also offers gift cards that can be purchased. The gift cards make wonderful stocking stuffers during the holiday season. Current members have nothing but rave reviews regarding the professional and relaxing atmosphere that adds to the therapeutic and customizable massages offered by the staff.

Visit N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, Illinois

No need to delay making your appointment today. Open six days a week (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am -4pm), there is an appointment time that is perfect for your schedule. Contact N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL today:

N8 Touch Massage
2501 East College Avenue, Suite C
Bloomington, IL 61704

Creativity in Chiropractic Care

When it comes to the best chiropractors, creativity is often a key attribute to a top chiropractor. But what truly defines a creative chiropractic practice?Chiropractor Adjustment

Is it the chiropractic techniques applied? The technology in which the chiropractor employs?

Creativity in the chiropractic field comes in many forms. This article is a press release produced by chiropractic clinic that’s earned a reputation for innovative and creative treatment.

The article provides a personalized perspective from the voice of a professional chiropractor who has earned a reputation as one of the best chiropractors in his region.

An Innovator in Chiropractic Care

Dr Mik Hamilton is among the most reputable and experienced Berkley chiropractors with over 40 years in practice. Hamilton provides a wide range of innovative chiropractic programs to help patients optimize mobility and overcome pain.

Since 1974, his office has evolved its practice by successfully integrating the holistic and most effective technologies and treatments in the field. In addition to serving thousands of chiropractic patients in Berkeley and East Bay area, Hamilton also trained many top rated chiropractors in various specialties.

Beyond Your Average Berkeley Chiropractor

Your spinal joints that aren’t moving properly can irritate or choke nearby nerves. Some chiropractic adjustments can add motion to these stuck joints, and can also reduce any nervous system disruption. Therefore, in these circumstances health has the best opportunity to return. Most of the patients report a pleasant sense of release immediately following their adjustment.

Sometimes highly-accurate and specific thrust is used, or an instrument is sued to deliver a carefully directed energy. In some cases, slow constant pressure is used. Many areas can be adjusted, or even just one. Children, infants, newborns, back surgery patients and seniors can easily get adjusted. These adjustments can be tailored to your age, size and particular health issue.

Class IV K-Laser Therapy for Pain Management

We also offer latest Class IV K-Laser therapy for pain. High power heat laser is used in protocols designed to relieve pain, and encourage healing and tissue regeneration. This type of treatment is not available in many other chiropractors in Berkley, which makes our chiropractic a leading source for advanced rehabilitation.

The K-Laser therapy at our chiropractic offers pain relief from a variety of conditions, including arthritis pain, plantar fascitis, back pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, hip pain, tennis elbow, and much more.

Work With the Best Berkeley Chiropractors

Every person, regardless of condition or age, can easily benefit from a nervous system that’s working at its best.

You can our Berkeley chiropractic office for the following issues:

Visceral or organic complaints

You can consult us even for “non-back” health issues. if you have vertebral subluxations, our services can be helpful. We have extensive experiences with those suffering from asthma, bedwetting, stomach and even colic problems.

Spinal problems

We can handle all type of spinal problems. Spine is very important because it carries nervous system that ensures vital communication between your body and brain. Our ReHab Spinal System ensures long-term spinal decompression and unlocking of joints right at the back of the vertebrae. This is highly effective and safe system for spinal decompression as it profoundly helps rehabilitate and rejuvenate discs of the spine.

Our ReHab Spinal System can also be used in cases such as:

  • Facet Syndrome
  • Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated/Bulging Discs
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Failed Low Back Surgery
  • Disc Thinning and Regeneration

This treatment is painless and completely safe. You can trust that you’re working with one of the best Berkeley chiropractors

Maintenance and prevention

If you’ve had chiropractic care elsewhere, and have now shifted to Berkley, you already understand the value of ongoing chiropractic care. Dr Mik Hamilton would be honored to be your doctor.

Natural drug free health care

All those who prefer natural treatment and want to avoid surgery and drugs can visit our practice. Our natural approach and chiropractic care can ensure better health.
Our chiropractic office has also served as a research and training center for The Pettibon System, which is a specialty form of chiropractic care. Dr. Mik Hamilton has trained hundreds of chiropractors in a post-graduate setting in his capacity as a certified instructor for the Pettibon Bio-Mechanics Institute.

This powerful and unique chiropractic system is purely based on the science of bio-mechanics while analyzing the spine’s function and position with respect to both gravity and movement patterns. The core focus of this system is to return back the spine to the state of equilibrium.

Learn more by visiting the website or Google+ page of this chiropractor. Or visit the office at:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362