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Beyond Glory: A ‘Must See’ for Military-Genre Film Buffs

Beyond Glory, most recently a performance documentary that’s sweeping the war and military film genres, is finding its place in the hearts of many veterans, history buffs, and war film enthusiasts all over the nation.

The film Beyond Glory was produced by an independent film production company in northern Michigan known as 8180 Films. The film was directed by Larry Brand along with lead actor Stephen Lang. Together, Beyond Glory was made possible by 8180′s film production team composed of other founding partners, Jim Carpenter and Rebecca Reynolds.beyond glory film

The film was adopted from the popular play Beyond Glory which has been in existence since 2004. Narrating the film is Gary Sinise, a popular actor and war film enthusiast, who tells the personal stories of eight war veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Background Behind Beyond Glory

The initial play, in which Stephen Lang was highly involved, was adopted from a book called Beyond Glory which was written by author Larry Smith. The production of the heroic film was brought about by the thrilling theatrical play by Lang and his co-stars as well as the book. Author Larry Smith describes his book as an inspiration and proof to the courage of the eight American war heroes through their voices.

Before the play was adapted into a compelling film, Lang performed the play in civilian playhouses and military bases. The eight war veterans received the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor which they recount that this was brought about by their act of valor.

Bringing Beyond Glory to Life

The film recognizes the eight war veterans for their sacrifice they made for their country. This is shown clearly by Stephen Lang’s role in the film (who is also known for his role in popular movie Avatar.)

Lang’s part in the film Beyond Glory was brought about by his central role in the play which he performed theatrical performances involving the book as tribute to fallen soldiers. Stephen Lang plays the role of each of the eight war veterans and he brings-out their personalities in a very captivating way. He is able to resurface their personality, emotion, voice and mannerism with passion and perfection.

The film has gained a lot of recognition in the film community as well as mainstream media. The film is set to be screened at many film festivals in the U.S., with the GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. the soonest screening on May 28th. This in itself is a great achievement since the film was produced by an independent film company with a limited budget.

For more information about the film Beyond Glory, visit 8180Films.com.

5 Tips to Starting an Independent Film Production Company

Independent film production companies are unique filmmaking companies that operate without a distribution budget, specific contract, or large studio. Indie film production companies are typically operated by one to ten people, depending on the size and budget of the business.

In fact. many filmmakers have their own independent businesses but also work with other film production companies to either complete their work or provide help in projects. If you’re interested in starting an independent film production company, then there are many ways to carve a niche in this creative art form. Here are five important tips that are highly recommended in starting an indie film production companyStarting Independent Film Production Company

1. Make a decision on the genre of film you want to concentrate on

Although not essential, many successful and small independent film production companies focus on a specific genre. For instance, you might want your production company to specialize on documentaries, sci-fi, comedy, drama, horror, etc. or possibly a mixture of genres without stretching yourself too thin.

After you make a decision on your area of specialization, it’s recommended that you come up with a name for your film production company that is in line with your area of specialization. The name should stand out from the crowd but also easy to remember.

2. Create a legal entity for your film production company

A film production company is a business with no difference from other firms, so there isn’t an ad hoc legal structure for the company. It’s advised that you get some legal advice and consult an accountant so that you can maximize tax advantages. Secure your business’s name with a copyright or a trademark so that no one else will use it.

It also may be wise to get a bank account, a website, and to create your company’s social media profiles, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ensure these profiles are available in the name of your business, too. Start getting likes and followers. Create your YouTube channel and get subscribers.

3. Make a business plan for your company

Nothing guarantees success in a business more than a good business plan. After you decide what you want to do, plan on how you are going to do it. Make a stable budget and schedule and line up your team.

For some, this is one of the most important aspects to start a successful independent film production company. Get a good idea of who is going to fund the business and how the funds are going to return to investors.

4. Raise funds (if needed)

Armed with your business plan, kick off the campaign trail to get the funds that will make your dream come true. Some countries, provinces, and even states offer tax breaks and grants for filming movies in their area. Talk to people already in the indie filmmaking business and research the available options online to find out what and where grants are available. This might influence your decision on where to film, or where to locate your company. Apparently, grants will not keep your company thriving, so you will need other resources too.

5. Recruite a filmmaking and distribution team

Any film production company has four key personnel. During your start-up phase, you will perform a majority if not all of these key tasks yourself. As you develop and grow, and as your company’s social media profiles flourish, you’ll start getting swamped with duties, and you may need help. The four key personnel you will probably need after your business grows include:

  • Head of development who finds and assess scripts.
  • Chief of the production who ensure that films are created on a budget and on time.
  • Head of the post-production; a person who navigates the technical spills and thrills of the edit to ensure that the long list of movie deliverables are met.
  • Head of film sales and distribution who is tasked with supervision of crowd-funding and self-distribution as well as traditional selling.

Lastly, to promote your film production company, arm your distribution team with promotional materials such as business cards, sufficient posters, etc. Without them, the audience will never know about your films and your company risks failing.