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5 FAQs About Bank Vault Security for Financial Institution

A bank is the most reliable institution where you can put your money. The bank does its best in order to make sure that your savings are in good hands. One of the factors that contribute to the safety of the bank is the equipment used in the operation. Handling cash is one of the main parts in the bank. In order to keep the money securely, the bank should provide a durable vault. The vault probably is the most secure part of the bank. It is made of thick and durable metal and protected by a code which mostly only two cash custodians know.modular bank vault door

That brings security to your cash more than anything else could. Security breaches,however, are mostly played by traitors inside a financial institution. Events like robbery and theft most of the time are not to be blamed to the vault itself which most of the time is always at work when it comes to serving its purpose. However, regardless of the security it offers, there are still a lot of questions raised about it. Here are five of the most frequently asked questions about bank vaults.

How safe is a bank vault?

A bank vault appears to be so impenetrable, but how really safe is bank deposits when they are placed inside the vault. The key to answering this question is the type of material being used in making a vault. A vault’s door including its walls consists mainly of hardened concrete, rods made of really durable and high-quality steel for reinforcement and a special formula which only the makers know for added strength and durability. The door is then secured with complex locks to ensure the safety of whatever is inside. So the next time you ask yourself about this question, I guess the answer is clear.

What is typically contained inside bank vaults?

Most of us think that a bank vault contains only our cash and cash alone. At least that’s what an average individual would think. Bank vaults are actually used to keep important and confidential documents as well. These are the type of documents which may put the bank’s existence at risk the moment it gets to the wrong hand.

What are modular bank vaults? modular bank vaults for sale

This question is very specific and is often raised due to the fact that modular bank vaults have become popular nowadays. Modular banks vaults are a type of bank vault that utilizes flexibility at its finest. Most bank vaults for sale are made to be installed in a single place but this type can be transported from one place to another. You can learn more about modular bank vaults for sale at SeicoSecurity.com.

What bank vaults are best for personal purposes?

Most of bank vaults are actually custom made, as they depend on the kind of institution that wants it as well as the bank vault suppliers providing the system. The factors at play would be the size of the place where it is to be installed, the type of design, and the kind of materials to be used. It all boils down to one thing, the prize!

Should I trust my bank’s vault?

The answer to this question is already very obvious. Your bank’s main goal is to make sure every money that comes in the bank are secured as ever. Bank vaults are durable, hard to crack and serve only a single purpose, to protect that every hard money you earn as long it takes.

Cycling Jersey Gifts: Shop Retro2Ride.com for Original Designs

Cycling is probably one of the most exhilarating physical activities known to man. Something about having the wind in your face as you ride your bike makes it an absolute blast. If you have ever taken up cycling, whether it was as a hobby or professionally, then you know firsthand that your experience is as good as the gear you have on while you ride. One of the most important things to have is the right cycling jersey. retro cycling jerseys new gift ideas

Cycling jerseys are specially designed to minimize wind resistance, offer aeration and support the bent-over position of the rider. It is absolutely important to find yourself a good cycling jersey brand to ensure that you get the best of these three features. One good place unique and original cycling jerseys is at Retro2Ride.com. This site offers a number of great cycling jerseys gifts for various styles.

Velo Records Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey for Men

The Velo Records short sleeved cycling jersey for men is made from super soft euro-mesh material with a form-fitting design that offers the rider comfort and maximum air resistance. This is important during riding where you are sure that your jersey contributes to performance just as much as your muscles do. It has a hidden YKK-Brand zipper. The fact that it is hidden means that it doesn’t draw attention away from the unique aesthetic on the jersey.Velo Records Cycling Jersey Gift

The YKK-brand also comes as an advantage in that it is one of the strongest, most durable and most hustle-free zippers on earth. It also has mesh panels on the side that ensure maximum breathability so that the rider is not drowning in their sweat and suffocating in the heat as they ride.

STL Style Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey for Women

The STL style short sleeve cycling jersey for women is also made from euro-material ensuring maximum comfort to the rider. Also included in the design is the airpass pro+ moisture wicking technology that is meant to keep the inside of the jersey dry by quickly absorbing sweat from the rider. The exterior surface is reinforced with sunscreen coating with a 30+ SPF UV protection. This ensures that the wearer is protected from harmful UV rays that may cause sunburns and other forms of skin damage.STL Gift Cycling Jersey

Like the Velo Records jersey described above, the STL Style has a hidden YKK zipper that is strong and durable without interfering with the aesthetics. Finally, the unique design is added using dye-stimulation technology that ensures that the colors remain bright and vibrant even after washing.

Schlafly Kolsch Sleeveless Cycling Jersey for Women

These jersey share similar features with the first two including the euro-mesh material, the Airpass Pro+ moisture wicking, 30+ UV protection as well as the hidden YKK zipper. Unlike the others, however, the Schlafly Kolsch sleeveless cycling jersey for women has a sleeveless design that adds to the aeration capability and reduces air resistance further. The jersey is designed in honor of one of the best breweries ever, the St. Louis Brewery and features green and gold diamonds representing the beer itself.Kolsch Cycling Jersey Gifts

After all is said and done, there is no denying the amazing variety that you get from Retro2ride.com. So whether you are looking for a new cycling jersey to add to your gear collection or you would like to have one customer designed to give a cycling enthusiast you know, you will never go wrong with their jerseys.

Retro Two Image Apparel is an online shopping platform that boasts one of the largest and most unique inventories of cycling jerseys. With over ten years of experience in design and manufacture of the jerseys, clients can be sure of the quality of products that they purchase. In addition to their amazing existing designs you can have a jersey customized with a unique style and design as a gift for your gift or a cycling enthusiast that you know.

Custom Neon Tank Tops for a Creative Music Festival Venture

When the school year comes to a close, there’s usually a little extra time for creative freedom on every student’s hand. And quite frankly, there’s one common thing on most of these young adults mind; time to celebrate and party.

When it comes to partying, nothing hits the roof more than a Music fest. Nothing sets the mood, other than the music, than the clothing to the event. Going to the music fest with custom neon tank tops is definitely a good way to start the summer with a unique fashion statement.

concert tank tops

Start the Summer Right

Not only is the tank top the best for the party, it gives one less to worry about with regards to getting all sweaty. With these custom neon tank tops you get to have a signature outfit for the music fest and may be well on your way to creating your own fashion trend – never say never!

Let the fun begin with self-expression and bask in the limelight with fun combos of neon colors. The possibilities of these custom neon tank tops are endless; lots of colors and anything you want said on it. The neon tank top will definitely make you the main attraction on the music fest floor.

Looking for help?

Wondering where to find an awesome neon tank top? No need to look any further. TheNeonSouth.com is definitely a place for every fun loving music fest participant to visit. They bring your imaginations into reality.

neon custom tank tops

Friends and groups are always trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd and look the best. What other better way to make your group show their pride than by giving the vibrant colors and catching logos of custom neon tank tops from TheNeonSouth.com.

The perfect gift

These custom neon tank tops are a great gift to friends or door-mate. One can even decide to get personal with the inscriptions. Get a sentence or two from their trademark quotes and put on the neon tank top. This way, you don’t have to think too hard if your gift will be accepted and worn regularly. The music fest is all about fun and they’ll definitely look forward to wearing it for the summer.

custom tank tops at the beach

Although almost everyone will be putting on one type of neon tank top or the other, it’s important yours stay unique. Still going with the idea of presenting a friend these custom tank tops, one has to think of something that will make the top neon stand out among the crowd. This is no rocket science! If you are lost in thought, the experts at TheNeonSouth.com are always on hand to share there every flowing fountain of ideas.

While we all long for the summer and end of a school session, getting the right outing to one of the hottest music festival in the year is gradually becoming a necessity. Create lasting memories – no, not with your many escapades but – with your own custom created neon tank top. Shine bright like a diamond in all that fun!

Get Creative & Design Custom Tank Tops

Custom tank tops have currently become a basic part of an entire wardrobe. Not only has this type of top made its way to the fashion and fads forefront, it is also one of the most adaptable articles of clad you can have. Layer your tank top under a button-down or rock it during summertime. There is just no perimeter to its versatility.

Custom Tank Top DesignWith the many websites online boasting over a million designs, one can find the ideal images to create their unique tank top. Can’t get something you fancy? You may constantly upload your images, photos or graphics!

You can add your own text to the back and front and modify your top to suit your preference. Have a basketball or volleyball team you are trying to outfit? Most of these fashion websites also have basketball jerseys that are fully customizable and arrive with bulk discounts too.

Many Options Online to Design Your Own Custom Tank Tops

Most websites use advanced printing technologies that ensure your tank tops come out looking beautiful and brilliant always. Whether you want to make that solid flex style or flock print or maybe want a little more aspect in a digital direct print, you are assured to get contented with the results. Additionally, you will find a squad of graphic art designers who will help to make your idea come to life. Thus, if you are not sure of where to start, you can get some help.

Apart from creating your own custom tank tops, there are various advantages associated with this idea:

  • Designing your own custom tank tops is fun and exciting, especially for group purposes.
  • You can make a custom tank top matching up with your jeans or skirt or any other cloth you own.
  • Custom tank tops are a good way to give youths a creative outlet for aspiring designers.
  • It is also easy to design your own custom tank tops with great websites like www.TheNeonSouth.com, an online source for creative apparel and custom tank tops.
  • Custom tank tops give you a creative memorabilia you will take pleasure in for a lifetime.
  • It also creates an opening career to fashion-savvy individuals who would like to venture in a fashion career.

The Neon South Tank TOpsMany people don’t have an idea of what they are missing. This gives it a more reason to involve your friends and family to this exciting adventure. One of the ways one can do this is to invite them when you are designing your own tank top. Give them a chance to create an idea for you at first and then show them how you are creating their idea on your custom tank top. You can also tell them to choose color and text that fir their imagination and then show them how to do it. They will surely love it!

Everyone wants a tee or tank that nobody else has. And even bright neon tank tops that are offered in most online stores have the ability to make one the center of attention many people strive for. With the great designs and fabrics on the market, one is also guaranteed to love their new made custom tank tops. The presence of a guidance team makes the process much easier too.

Last Minute Ideas for a Creative Halloween Look

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s the time of year where everyone could be anyone they want to be– without being judged, but praised, especially if their look is truly unique. Also, makeup is considered to be the centuries mask, and it’s a good way to glam up yourself even without spending a lot of time with your costume.

Makeup Artist

Have a look at some of our creative makeup art ideas that would be perfect for women. When combined with other simple at-home ideas, like creative embroidery designs and garments, they’re perfect makeup ideas for a last minute Halloween look.

The Walking Dead

If you don’t want to look overly grotesque, but open to the idea of being a zombie this Halloween, this would be the look that you should try. All you need is a traditional white face paint, together with a corpse-like gray color or Frankenstein green.

Also, don’t forget to add a few veins over your eyes, and a few splashes of fake blood all over your clothes and you’re good to go! Likewise, you could also try wearing a dark lipstick, but if you want to look like a dead person, gray hue would be best. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist for this one. Just let loose on what looks creepy and natural.

A Sexy Leopard

This is another one that doesn’t require you to be a professional makeup artist in Peoria to do. By applying bold lipstick on your luscious lips and pairing them with a smoky eye makeup, accompanied by dark eye shadows, you could instantly transform your appearance into a leopard. Likewise, if you’re aiming for a more intrepid look, you could always apply false lashes on your lower eye lashes and finish your cool Halloween makeup by drawing cat whiskers on your face.

Just Like a Skeleton

If you don’t mind drawing everyone’s attention to your eyes, you could apply black shadow around them and draw flower petals in contrasting, bright tones over your shadow. Finish your look by painting skeleton-resembling lines from your lips going into your ears. You could even bust out the sewing machine and use simple white-lined embroidery designs on a black suit to complete the skeletal look.

Tribal Inspired

This look is perfect for Halloween makeup art. All you need to do is apply brown shadow on your eyes, then create a thick line of blue paint beneath them, stretching from left ear to the right. Braid your pigtails and wear a cute headpiece on your forehead, to show that you’re a tribal princess. For clothing, try finding some tribal embroidery designs to make a quick top or shorts.

As Pretty as a Doll

Be a baby doll and emphasize your lashes by using extensions. Also, don’t forget to apply a red lipstick on the center of your lips. To make it look more convincing, draw spots on your cheeks, just like freckles.

Queen Maleficent

This Halloween is the perfect time to recreate the look of the dark villain, Angelina Jolie. Though, in order to give yourself an edge above the other queens, concentrate on contouring. Also, you should switch out your normal foundation and bronzer in order to create a pale, ivory shade. Lastly, this look wouldn’t be complete without the signature red lipstick.

A Super Quick Superhero

Instead of using a heavy plastic mask, you could always draw a mask on your face. Why not try drawing a Batgirl mask? This look is easy to pull off even if you’re not wearing a long cap nor a rubber onesie. All you need is a black face paint.

Distorted Face

If you love looking fearful, you could always draw a huge wound on one of your cheeks. Then, go for black eyeliner and metallic eye shadows to finish your look.

Scarecrow Pumpkin

You could also play with orange hues and just create rounds on your cheeks. Don’t forget the lower lash line, and you’ll be the cutest scarecrow in the party.

Ice Queen

If you love the movie, Frozen, then this look might interest you. All you need is a frosty white eye shadow, mascara, and crystal lashes. Also, add a messy side braid, and you’d instantly look like Elsa and maybe, people would ask you to sing Let It Go.

Redwork Christmas Embroidery Designs for the Holidays

Rework EmbroideryMost people consider Christmas as the loveliest and most awaited holiday of the year. However, it’s also one of the busiest– a lot of Christmas shopping should be done. By the end of the day, you’re already exhausted and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy this special day.

Fortunately, with machine embroidery, you could minimize the time you spend shopping and focus on making beautiful and personalized gifts for your family and friends. No need to be a part of the Christmas rush. Just sip a warm cup of cocoa while you make personalized gifts with redwork Christmas embroidery designs.

What is Redwork Embroidery?

For those who are not familiar with what redwork designs are, it’s a form of embroidery that uses red floss to trace the simple designs. It could be children’s themes, animal themes, holiday themes, and nature themes. Also, a Christmas redwork design could be done in other colors, changing the name to greenwork, bluework, etc.

You can start your journey by searching for various redwork Christmas embroidery designs that are best suited for your project, or read more below to try and get some inspiration.

Redwork Christmas Embroidery Designs

One of the best ways to come up with unique designs is by using the classic redwork style. It’ll bring a traditional charm and a warm feeling to your creations. Likewise it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for redwork Christmas embroidery designs to decorate your home or to embroider apparel or linens, giving them as a one-of-a-kind gifts, with redwork designs, you’ll be guaranteed that they’re quick and fun to stitch, especially with the help of a sewing machine.

Creative Ideas With Redwork Machine Embroidery Designs

There are countless creative ideas that can be exploited with redwork machine embroidery designs. We suggest exploring the redwork machine embroidery designs found at www.WindstarEmbroidery.com for the best selection. Here are some of the creative design ideas to have your gears running:

Chair Cushions

Chair cushions with redwork embroidery designs could add a festive touch in your beautiful home.

Here Comes Santa Christmas Redwork Design

We all know that our beloved Santa is an old-fashioned guy. Thus, a traditional redwork embroidery would be perfect. You could come up with Santa designs, such as he’s hanging stocking by the chimney, or reading his naughty and nice list. Lastly, this design could be stitched in flour sacks or tea towel gifts. You’ll be confident that the recipient would love your present.

Christmas Bells Wall Decor

By making redwork Christmas bell sets, you’ll have a simple, yet elegant wall decor that you could even use as a gift.

Christian Embroidery Designs

If a friend or family member is Christian, or perhaps someone is going through their first holy communion or confirmation, you can get creative with various Christian embroidery designs. For instance, some of these holy communion embroidery designs are great for many different projects.

A Christmas Village Quilt

Think of your traditional Christmas village pattern, but with bright red tones. This kind of redwork design would truly be eye-catching and will keep you warm during the holidays.

Northwoods Ornaments

Why not bring a bit of Northwoods in your cozy home for the holidays. They’re very quick to embroider, but would instantly give a Christmas feeling to your house. You could also add a reindeer or moose in your Northwoods design and outdoor lovers would definitely notice that. They’re perfect for handkerchief, towels, or shirts.

Flair Ornaments

Give your redwork projects a traditional, yet contemporary look. Put them on tablecloths, napkins, towels, and many more.

Frosted Snowflakes

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the icy blue beauty just waiting to land on your next embroidery design. They’ll look perfect on towels, tree skirts, stockings, and even shirts.

Overall, Christmas is the perfect season to show your stitching skills. All you need are creativity and imagination to come up with lovely designs for this festive season. They’re fabulous gifts and could give your home a Christmas touch.

Christian Embroidery Designs: Creative Designs for Sewing Machines

Christian embroidery designs are some of the oldest and unique options when it comes to traditional embroidery designs and patterns. Not only do christian embroidery designs have ancient and symbolic meanings, but these types of sewing machine embroidery designs come in many different styles and can be used in countless types of fabric.

Sewing Machine Embroidery DesignsChristians, just like any other religion, are fond of decorating their church, worship places and bodies with various veils and linens. There are many types of linens available in the church. From altar cloths to credence cloths, chalice veils, communion palls, purifiers, corporals, baptismal towels and lavabo towels, the church is never short of cloth decoration. It is also common to find Christian embroidery designs and patterns embalmed on the line  n.

Before you begin exploring religious and Christian embroidery designs, it’s important to distinguish where you’re shopping as some websites and stores offer free hand embroidery designs and others offer sewing machine embroidery designs. In most cases, you’ll find sites that offer sewing machine embroidery designs for purchase, over free hand patterns.

Characteristics of Christian Embroidery Designs

There are many embroidery designs spread across various Christian churches. The Catholic is most renowned for Christian embroidery designs and therefore exhibits many of the patterns. Some designs are made for regular use while others are to be worn only on specific commemorations or occasions.

For body clothing and veils, Christian women are more likely to be seen in embroidery patterns and designs than men. This is because their attire comprises of more robes and loose veils including hair covers. Most of the Christian designs are very old and were picked up from early churches. There however exist a few modern designs that have been developed to emphasize certain aspects of the Christian faith.

Examples of Religious Embroidery Designs

There are many religious embroidery designs used by Christians. Usually, these designs are specific symbols that were used in ancient churches in commemorating given events. Some of the designs include the following: Christian Embroidery Designs

  • Vintage ecclesiastical embroidery design – These designs are made of thick round circles surrounding little flowers, a cross with crown heads and specific symbols. The design can also be square or without boundary. There is no rule on the size and this design can be used for general church linen. They are more suitable for altar cloths where every Christian can see.
  • Descending holy spirit dove embroidery design – This is basically the symbol of a dove descending from up above and is mostly used during baptism. The design is used to symbolize the spirit of God that descended in the form of a dove when Jesus was baptized (Mathew 3:16). Christian Dove Embroidery Design
  • Releasing dove embroidery design – This design is derived from Genesis 8:11 when Noah released a dove in the journey to earth. It is used for general linen in special events like marriages, funerals, birthday celebrations. It is basically a pattern with two hands and a dove rising from the hands.
  • Tryzub cross embroidery design – This is a symbol of Christian trinity that originated from the Ukrainian church. It resembles an anchor or a styled falcon and has a cross head.

There are many other designs including altar guild vestment, altar guild patonce, Marian symbols among others. This is just a few of the most common Christian and religious embroidery designs. You can find many more Christian embroidery designs by visiting WindstarEmbroidery.com.

Christian embroidery designs are very significant aspects of clothing and linen decoration especially for church women. These designs are symbols for unity and faith. They also enhance the overall look and presentation of the church. Although there are no rules governing how these designs should be embalmed into linens, experience and reasoning should be used. The fabric should not be stiff or overly stuffed with patterns.

University-branded College Recuriting Gifts & Giveaways

When if comes to recruiting college students, university-branded recruitment gifts and giveaways offer a highly effective means for admissions counselors and recruiters.

Although there are tons of options for college recruiting gifts and giveaways one company is a both pioneer and leader in such creative communications. That company is BookWear®, and below we go into detail about what makes this company so unique when it comes to college recruiting gifts.

Empower College Recruiting Efforts With Surprise Gifts

Recruiting effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by a surprise gift that is married to your message. Harvard Business Review states “Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool.”. Recruiting is all about marketing, communications and having a magic sparkle that shows off the shine of your school.

College Recruiting Gifts Giveaways

Eligible students get flooded with marketing materials, most of it bound for the trash (hopefully, the recycling). One parent stated his daughter received so much recruiting promotion that he decided to keep it all. All gathered, he weighed 43 pounds of materials.

In a pile of mail BookWear® will get read and opened. Hundreds of recruiters agree with that statement, and it is key to campaign effectiveness. This “book” mails like a thick postcard and has your message and graphics on the cover. It can be a “Welcome” or a “Congratulations on Your Admission” statement to the student. They are compelled to open it because of the surprise. It’s a book, but not really, and what is inside? Your story has never been so intriguing!

Countless Options for Custom College Recruiting Giveaways

Choose from 30 gifts to go inside BookWear®. Anything from a compressed T-shirt to a USB drive, a puzzle or a school flag. All with your logo on the gift. Every time the gift gets used your message is remembered. Imagine sending out 1,000 with a T-shirt in them to accepted students. They put them on and there is a psychological conversion to having your logo on their chest. The best advertisement for your recruiting efforts is to have 1,000 accepted students out walking among their peers promoting your brand.

Tell a good story on surprising and custom designed college recruiting giveaways and you will get results. You can design the “book” or we’ll do it for you. The testimonials page has photos of others’ book covers that may help in brainstorming ideas for your own design and message. We can mail the books to your list for you or ship them direct to you.

Recruiting effectiveness is more important than ever in this era of tight budgets. 650 colleges use BookWear® for recruiting, orientation and other communications. Many order it repeatedly like University of Georgia (16,000 to 21,000 a year for 8 years) or USC (4,500 per year for 8 years) or Oberlin (4,500 per year for 14 years). It works and it’s fun!! Make that the spirit of your campaign and you will be remembered!