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Industrial Automation Systems for Streamlined Warehousing & Distribution

If you are familiar with warehousing and distribution channels, then you’re probably well aware of the importance of system automation in these particular areas. Automation systems are used to automate (or make more efficient) a process or system in a warehouse or distribution center.

Nowadays, it is tough for any company to cope up with competitive pressures without having the proper automation systems in place. In this article, you will get to know about some of the industry’s most advanced automation systems for warehousing and distribution.

warehouse automation systems

Industrial Conveyor Systems

Industrial conveyor systems are one of the most useful automation systems of all times. As you can understand from name, the conveyor system helps to accelerate processing of particular tasks in a warehouse which results into efficiency. There are different types of automated conveyor systems available in the market. The most common one used everywhere is the belt conveyor but there are other conveyors such as curving conveyor, flying conveyor and so on.

Sorting Machines & Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are another popular form of automation which helps to automate distribution process. If you are operating or managing a factory or warehouse that has something to do with FMCG products then sorting machines and sortation systems is a must automation system to go for. There are different types of sortation system and the price varies depending on the size and speed. You will need different type of speeds depending on where you are placing the automated system.

Cold Seal Packaging Machines

Cold seal machine packaging is another popular automation system, especially for food and beverage storage warehouses and distribution centers. Industries use cold seal machines to seal the products instantly using pressure and heat.

If you are planning to buy a cold seal machine, make sure that you buy one which will seal your product properly because it involves crucial mechanism which can enhance or reduce the weight of your product. There are different types of cold seal machines in the market and the price varies depending on both the quality and speed. The standard machines can seal around 30 pieces of product per minute. There are sophisticated machines which can go up to 100 per minute.

Automated Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

Another sophisticated automation system is cubing and dimensioning system. A cubing system is also used in manufacturing arena in making sure that the products are being received, shipped and measured properly. There are different versions of dimensional weighing and cubing systems, the and price depends on the capacity of how many carton can the machine measure per hour. Each machine has a few preferred types of cartons but there are some exclusive machines too which can use any type of cartons in them. You should choose the cubing and dimensioning system based on the sophistication level of your products.

Picking & Packing Systems

Another popular automation system is called a picking and packing system, which is basically all about picking a product from one place and packing it to put it in another location. There are lots of types when it comes to picking machines. You can go for a machine that picks items by batch; you can also go for one that picks items by case.

picking packing systems

When you are buying machines, make sure that they are of industrial grade because you won’t be buying machines for your warehouse every now and then. The machines are costly and you have to always make sure that you are buying the right machines.

Innovations in Cubing Systems and Dimensioning Technology

Whether on a local, national, or an international scale, shipping and logistic systems play an important role in the economic systems. In most cases, the nature and efficiency of shipping and logistics relies mostly on cubing systems and related dimensioning technology that warehouses, logistics, shipping, and/or distribution centers use.cubing system

But what exactly are the innovations in cubing systems and dimensioning technology that have made these systems so essential?

When taken into perspective, innovative cubing systems and dimensioning technology focus on offering more efficient and cost-effective processes of scanning, weighing, and dimensioning certain packages, from small boxes to pallet freight shipments.

Through cubing and dimensioning systems, like the cubing systems at Dimensional Weighing, make it is easier to capture the dimension of packages, boxes and bags, and even those with non-cuboidal or irregular shapes. Many shipping companies and services require certain dimensional weight calculation on specific shipment types which can only be determined using cubing and dimensioning systems.

Current Innovations in Cubing & Dimensioning Technology

To make this process more efficient, here are some of the most advanced technological features associated with cubing systems and dimensioning technology.

walz dimensioning cubing systems
This is the new cubing and dimensioning system from Walz Scale. In addition to this static cubing system, Walz also offers a number of the innovative systems mentioned below.
  • Static cubing systems – this type of system is ideal for inbound product cubing and is useful for all type of product levels including shapes that are non-cuboidal or irregular. Most of the time static cubic systems are more often used on IDing, weighing, and measuring small parcels.
  • Motion-based cubing systems – this type of dimensioning system is more ideal for higher velocity applications which use conveyors. Motion based cubing systems are also well-known for their efficient dimensioning capabilities by automatically spacing items or parcels and their high speed and precise cubing system operation.
  • Advanced in-motion cubing systems – just like motion based system, an advanced in-motion dimensioning system increases the efficiency and productivity of most distribution centers and warehouses. This is because, in-motion cubing systems uses more advanced measuring technology in the form of laser scanner for high accuracy dimensions.
  • Overhead dimensioning systems – some dimensioning systems are placed overhead and automatically weighs and calculates a package’s dimension while it’s moving along a conveyor.
dynamic in-motion cubing system for a conveyor
This is a dynamic in-motion cubing system for a conveyor.
  • Imaging dimensioning systems – there are new innovations of cubing systems nowadays that do not use a lot of moving parts. Instead, a 3D imaging system is used to capture package dimension and works well even with irregular shaped objects.
  • Pallet cubing systems – another helpful dimensioning system is the pallet cubing system where pallet packages’ dimensions and weight are taken. Most of the time, this system uses an separate unit that can installed overhead, on the side of the wall, or over a pit scale by the floor stand.
  • Large freight dimensioning systems – most of the time, warehouses and other similar facilities use laser scanner to accurately generate the dimensions and weight of large freight items. This type of dimensioning systems are also equipped to work even when the items are moving via a conveyor and can also be used on both indoor and outdoor operations.

The New Industry Standard

With the help of different cubing systems and dimensioning technology, shipping and logistic systems cost are reduced and at the same time allows for a shipping industry revenue.

Instead of using manual dimensioning systems, advanced technological cubing systems nowadays also make it possible for warehouses, shipping and distribution centers to handle a few thousand items daily and still ensure the accuracy of dimensional weighing and ID of each item.