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3 Reasons Wooden Play Kitchens Are a Win-Win

When most people purchase play kitchens for their young toddler, they often make their purchase based on a few common concepts. Some of these include: which play kitchens are new or well-liked among the masses; which play kitchens look the most attractive; which play kitchens are most engaging or interactive.

Wooden Play Kitchen SetsAs a conscious parent, consider natural wooden play kitchens for your kids. Beyond the child’s health and development, also consider how you can have a positive impact the environment. The solution: wooden play kitchen sets made from natural materials.

Below are three good reasons why opting for wooden play kitchens is a better choice for your kid compared to conventional and plastic play kitchen sets. Additionally, you might learn a thing or two about how buying natural wooden toys of the like can help contribute to environmental sustainability.

Wooden Play Kitchens Are Simple Yet Highly-Educational & Induce Creativity

Most parents seek toys that are educational and facilitate learning and cognitive development. However, most parents fail to realize that some toys are too overwhelming with gadgets and gizmos that take away from the natural leaning process.

If you buy only plastic toys that have flashing lights, music playing, and high levels of stimulation, the benefits for natural cognitive development can be significantly diminished. With a natural wooden play kitchen set, the stage is set for relentless creativity and imagination.

Unlike many conventional play kitchens that are not only made from plastic, but also over-stimulating, wooden play kitchens are desirably basic in their common nature. The basic and simplistic nature of wooden play kitchen sets enables growing children to tap into deeper levels of creativity, ingenuity, and logic.

Wooden Play Kitchens Pose No Health Concerns

Wooden Play Kitchen SetsIn most conventional play kitchens on the market, there are trace amounts of chemicals that are used the in the plastics and materials during manufacturing. In fact, some chemicals can be toxic, such as mercury, lead, phthalates, and even arsenic.

If you’re shopping for a toddler ages 2-5, wooden play kitchens are a natural option that pose no health concerns for growing children. It’s important for a kid’s health to choose wooden play kitchen set that are made from natural wood, such as select pines or bamboo. A great option made of bamboo is the Glückskäfer Wooden Play Kitchen which is not cheap, but an option that will last decades.

Wooden Play Kitchens Promote Sustainably Farming & Forestry

Because wooden play kitchens are often made from natural woods, they are commonly derived from Sustainably-harvested wood that used good forestry practices. Not only that, but the wood is often sent to more specialized toy makers and less to big toy manufacturers that typically use cheaper wood derivatives.

Buy buying natural wooden play kitchens, you vote with you dollar for a more environmentally-sustainable world.

University-branded College Recuriting Gifts & Giveaways

When if comes to recruiting college students, university-branded recruitment gifts and giveaways offer a highly effective means for admissions counselors and recruiters.

Although there are tons of options for college recruiting gifts and giveaways one company is a both pioneer and leader in such creative communications. That company is BookWear®, and below we go into detail about what makes this company so unique when it comes to college recruiting gifts.

Empower College Recruiting Efforts With Surprise Gifts

Recruiting effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by a surprise gift that is married to your message. Harvard Business Review states “Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool.”. Recruiting is all about marketing, communications and having a magic sparkle that shows off the shine of your school.

College Recruiting Gifts Giveaways

Eligible students get flooded with marketing materials, most of it bound for the trash (hopefully, the recycling). One parent stated his daughter received so much recruiting promotion that he decided to keep it all. All gathered, he weighed 43 pounds of materials.

In a pile of mail BookWear® will get read and opened. Hundreds of recruiters agree with that statement, and it is key to campaign effectiveness. This “book” mails like a thick postcard and has your message and graphics on the cover. It can be a “Welcome” or a “Congratulations on Your Admission” statement to the student. They are compelled to open it because of the surprise. It’s a book, but not really, and what is inside? Your story has never been so intriguing!

Countless Options for Custom College Recruiting Giveaways

Choose from 30 gifts to go inside BookWear®. Anything from a compressed T-shirt to a USB drive, a puzzle or a school flag. All with your logo on the gift. Every time the gift gets used your message is remembered. Imagine sending out 1,000 with a T-shirt in them to accepted students. They put them on and there is a psychological conversion to having your logo on their chest. The best advertisement for your recruiting efforts is to have 1,000 accepted students out walking among their peers promoting your brand.

Tell a good story on surprising and custom designed college recruiting giveaways and you will get results. You can design the “book” or we’ll do it for you. The testimonials page has photos of others’ book covers that may help in brainstorming ideas for your own design and message. We can mail the books to your list for you or ship them direct to you.

Recruiting effectiveness is more important than ever in this era of tight budgets. 650 colleges use BookWear® for recruiting, orientation and other communications. Many order it repeatedly like University of Georgia (16,000 to 21,000 a year for 8 years) or USC (4,500 per year for 8 years) or Oberlin (4,500 per year for 14 years). It works and it’s fun!! Make that the spirit of your campaign and you will be remembered!