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Last Minute Ideas for a Creative Halloween Look

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s the time of year where everyone could be anyone they want to be– without being judged, but praised, especially if their look is truly unique. Also, makeup is considered to be the centuries mask, and it’s a good way to glam up yourself even without spending a lot of time with your costume.

Makeup Artist

Have a look at some of our creative makeup art ideas that would be perfect for women. When combined with other simple at-home ideas, like creative embroidery designs and garments, they’re perfect makeup ideas for a last minute Halloween look.

The Walking Dead

If you don’t want to look overly grotesque, but open to the idea of being a zombie this Halloween, this would be the look that you should try. All you need is a traditional white face paint, together with a corpse-like gray color or Frankenstein green.

Also, don’t forget to add a few veins over your eyes, and a few splashes of fake blood all over your clothes and you’re good to go! Likewise, you could also try wearing a dark lipstick, but if you want to look like a dead person, gray hue would be best. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist for this one. Just let loose on what looks creepy and natural.

A Sexy Leopard

This is another one that doesn’t require you to be a professional makeup artist in Peoria to do. By applying bold lipstick on your luscious lips and pairing them with a smoky eye makeup, accompanied by dark eye shadows, you could instantly transform your appearance into a leopard. Likewise, if you’re aiming for a more intrepid look, you could always apply false lashes on your lower eye lashes and finish your cool Halloween makeup by drawing cat whiskers on your face.

Just Like a Skeleton

If you don’t mind drawing everyone’s attention to your eyes, you could apply black shadow around them and draw flower petals in contrasting, bright tones over your shadow. Finish your look by painting skeleton-resembling lines from your lips going into your ears. You could even bust out the sewing machine and use simple white-lined embroidery designs on a black suit to complete the skeletal look.

Tribal Inspired

This look is perfect for Halloween makeup art. All you need to do is apply brown shadow on your eyes, then create a thick line of blue paint beneath them, stretching from left ear to the right. Braid your pigtails and wear a cute headpiece on your forehead, to show that you’re a tribal princess. For clothing, try finding some tribal embroidery designs to make a quick top or shorts.

As Pretty as a Doll

Be a baby doll and emphasize your lashes by using extensions. Also, don’t forget to apply a red lipstick on the center of your lips. To make it look more convincing, draw spots on your cheeks, just like freckles.

Queen Maleficent

This Halloween is the perfect time to recreate the look of the dark villain, Angelina Jolie. Though, in order to give yourself an edge above the other queens, concentrate on contouring. Also, you should switch out your normal foundation and bronzer in order to create a pale, ivory shade. Lastly, this look wouldn’t be complete without the signature red lipstick.

A Super Quick Superhero

Instead of using a heavy plastic mask, you could always draw a mask on your face. Why not try drawing a Batgirl mask? This look is easy to pull off even if you’re not wearing a long cap nor a rubber onesie. All you need is a black face paint.

Distorted Face

If you love looking fearful, you could always draw a huge wound on one of your cheeks. Then, go for black eyeliner and metallic eye shadows to finish your look.

Scarecrow Pumpkin

You could also play with orange hues and just create rounds on your cheeks. Don’t forget the lower lash line, and you’ll be the cutest scarecrow in the party.

Ice Queen

If you love the movie, Frozen, then this look might interest you. All you need is a frosty white eye shadow, mascara, and crystal lashes. Also, add a messy side braid, and you’d instantly look like Elsa and maybe, people would ask you to sing Let It Go.