Load Scanner Offers Creative Means for Payload Valuation

Just a few years ago, the Walz Load Scanner system was unveiled through its new website, LoadScanner.com. Today, this load scanner has captured the attention of most individuals and companies involved in payload valuation and management.

Load Scanner System

One of the main reasons why the Walz Load Scanner system has attracted a lot of attention from such individuals and companies is its incredible capabilities, features and the value of its load scanner system.

The Walz Load Scanner has helped ensure haul trucks work effectively and sufficiently during payload evaluation and management. In addition, it also features a load scanner as a system to scan and produce 3D images of trucks and their content while passing through working sites and roads.

Let’s now have a look at some of the amazing features and benefits offered by this cutting edge load scanner system.

Features & Advantages of Walz Load Scanner

3D Load Volume Scanning and Imaging

As we have seen above, the walz load scanner system has the ability to scan and produce 3D images of the truck and the content its carrying.

Load Scan Image

The scanned images can be reviewed and analyzed on the spot making it possible for one to determine if there are concerns about the truck’s weight and movement.

Diverse Load Scan Options

The load scanner can be utilized into two different load options while accessing the truck’s load volume or its capacity. Also, the scanners work effectively if the truck is filled with payload or if it’s empty.

User-friendly and Affordable for Payload Management

Load Scanner Data ManagementThe load scanner system is user friendly and could help in managing different controls that allow unmanned functions while loading the information. In addition, it is the cheapest as compared to the more expensive and heavy-duty Payload management systems and scales such as truck scales. Surely, the Walz Load Scanner is undoubtedly the best choice.

Very Accurate Load Volume Calculations

Compared to other forms of payload management and valuation, the volumetric load scanner system by Walz has helped minimize the variances and uncertainties brought about the moisture content, variables in compaction, and the actual load variation. In a nutshell, it provides accurate calculations that are free from the old school methods of guessing and calculations.

Flexible and Durable Load Scanner

Payload Management ScannerSince the load scanner system is made with very high standards, it has proven to be most durable when subjected to operations around the construction and mining industry. Likewise, it has proven to be the easiest system to install in any local scanning site, adequate haul road or access driving way.

Reliable Functionality

Its performance is really reliable and dependable, especially in most remote areas and areas suffering from extreme vagaries. The load scanner can last for a long time without needing regular servicing or scheduled recalibration.

Optimized Efficiency

The load scanner system can be installed and operated in a one day. And, once it’s operational, it makes calculations immediately. The data produced can also be accessed easily using advanced software solutions.

The load scanner by Walz has definitely revolutionized payload management and evaluation systems. It is with no doubt that the load scanner system has made load management easier for all parties involved in this line of field.