Beyond Glory: A ‘Must See’ for Military-Genre Film Buffs

Beyond Glory, most recently a performance documentary that’s sweeping the war and military film genres, is finding its place in the hearts of many veterans, history buffs, and war film enthusiasts all over the nation.

The film Beyond Glory was produced by an independent film production company in northern Michigan known as 8180 Films. The film was directed by Larry Brand along with lead actor Stephen Lang. Together, Beyond Glory was made possible by 8180′s film production team composed of other founding partners, Jim Carpenter and Rebecca Reynolds.beyond glory film

The film was adopted from the popular play Beyond Glory which has been in existence since 2004. Narrating the film is Gary Sinise, a popular actor and war film enthusiast, who tells the personal stories of eight war veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Background Behind Beyond Glory

The initial play, in which Stephen Lang was highly involved, was adopted from a book called Beyond Glory which was written by author Larry Smith. The production of the heroic film was brought about by the thrilling theatrical play by Lang and his co-stars as well as the book. Author Larry Smith describes his book as an inspiration and proof to the courage of the eight American war heroes through their voices.

Before the play was adapted into a compelling film, Lang performed the play in civilian playhouses and military bases. The eight war veterans received the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor which they recount that this was brought about by their act of valor.

Bringing Beyond Glory to Life

The film recognizes the eight war veterans for their sacrifice they made for their country. This is shown clearly by Stephen Lang’s role in the film (who is also known for his role in popular movie Avatar.)

Lang’s part in the film Beyond Glory was brought about by his central role in the play which he performed theatrical performances involving the book as tribute to fallen soldiers. Stephen Lang plays the role of each of the eight war veterans and he brings-out their personalities in a very captivating way. He is able to resurface their personality, emotion, voice and mannerism with passion and perfection.

The film has gained a lot of recognition in the film community as well as mainstream media. The film is set to be screened at many film festivals in the U.S., with the GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. the soonest screening on May 28th. This in itself is a great achievement since the film was produced by an independent film company with a limited budget.

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Walz Portable Wheel Weigher Scales for the Win

In industries like mining, agriculture, logistics, and other businesses that require weighing heavy truck loads, a portable wheel weigher (otherwise known as a portable truck scale) is a must have from of weighing equipment to comply with legal weight limits. These revolutionary truck scales are highly versatile, in addition to being some of the most convenient and easy to use in the truck scales market today.wheel weighers truck scales

Below we take a closer look at the portable wheel weighers from industry-leading supplier, Walz Scale, a globally-recognized company for various types of advanced truck scale systems.

How Portable Wheel Weighers Work

Portable wheel weigher scales have unique features that enable weighting easy and efficient. One of the main features is that they are low profile platform. This means that a truck can easily drive over it, and there is a display that accurately displays and records the weight on a remote terminal.portable wheel weigher scale

The remote terminal is nothing of the old school weighing systems. They now come with LCD that can store and print data at an instant. The print function is critical in many industries today; especially to farmers since these prints are tangible proof if there are any disputes. All the data are displayed spanning from real time measurements to axle comparisons.

Advanced Design of Walz Scale’s Wheel Weighers

They are also low profile in design, which provides smooth movement of the truck over the scale without causing much inclination of the truck. Most often, wheel weighers are built of aluminum which is very sturdy to hold heavy vehicles and the load in them. The aluminum’s nature makes these scales very portable and exceptionally protected from environments.wheel weigher terminal

They also come with a removable ramp, fitted to the side enabling the truck to go easily across it as well as providing a bright visual alert to the drivers. In order to measure the gross weight of the vehicle, all the axles need to be measured, but separately. So, when the remote terminal records the weight of each axle, the addition will give the gross weight. For more information about how portable wheel weighers function, click here.

Offering a Plethora of Portable Truck Scale Options

Walz Scale is among the best companies that offer wide ranges of affordable portable truck wheel weighers designed to measure efficiently and record data from all weighing capacities. Walz Scale also has a reputation in the industry of offering their advanced weighing systems for rent.wheel weigher truck scale carrying case

Their truck scales are ideal for all application and can be easily be moved a location of your choice. In addition to providing accurate and professional grade precision; Walz Scale portable wheel weighers make it easy to analyze weight metrics. Many of their scales can actually have an integrated weighing terminal, with digital scale processor, and receipt printer. Their unique truck scale systems are made in a way that provides seamless weighting of truck whether in motion or not.

Why Wheel Weighers Are a Win

Walz portable truck weight scales have numerous advantages over the conventional truck models. One, they are highly accurate thanks to the ultra-sensitive nature of the loads cells. This is one of the reasons the wheel weighers from Walz Scale are some of the most popular solutions on truck scale market today.walz scale wheel weighers

Unlike the static models, installing these scales is very easy; all you need is to set them up in a slight flat surface, which should only take a few minutes. These scales are usually waterproof, which means they can be used even at places where harsh weather is a concern, and in remote areas they could be operated through batteries.