3 Tabletop Strapping Machines for Safe & Seamless Strapping

Shipping and warehousing operations demand a great deal of occupational safety, product security, speed and convenience. As much as packing, storage, supply, logistics, and distribution of products are involved, strapping machines are vital equipment required in bundling, holding and securing products in bales for more convenience, safety and security during these process.

There are many types tabletop strapping machines that differ in size, design, mode of operation, speed and capacity of work they can handle. The material they are constructed from may also differ. When it comes to the advanced models, it pays to know what to look for in case you intend to approach the, market soon. This being the case, here is our expert review of three top models of advanced strapping machines for your perusal before buying.

1. Saturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping MachineSaturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping Machine

Of the advanced strapping machines, the Saturn ST- 2200 is another highly dependable model for warehousing operations. It has a reliable speed of up to 30 straps per minute depending on the operator preference. It has a lightweight construction and locking casters that allow easy portability and a number of automatic features for more convenience in strapping. It is designed for PPP strapping and uses the electronic tensioning technology. The advanced strapper also provides great harness strength with a strap pressure between 5 and 120 pounds. It is also equipped with easy to use controls that allow reversing, resetting, feed and adjusting the strap length. For user convenience, the strapping machine height has an adjustable range of 29-32 inches.

Pros of the Saturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping Machine – Easy to use, dependable speed, easily portable with low maintenance

Cons of the Saturn ST- 2200 Tabletop Strapping Machine – A bit slower than other models

As the satisfaction of your clients is dependent on the speed and convenience of operations such as speed of strapping and packaging, the Saturn ST- 2200 can be a great choice among tabletop strapping machines. It is enhances the efficiency and ease of your operations such as inventory control, supply chain management, distribution and logistics. Regardless of the fact that there are variant models with higher operational speeds the tabletop machine can be convenient for medium to high volume operations.

See the eBay listing for this strapping machine to learn more.

2. HBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping MachineHBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping Machine

Another great choice of strapping machines for high volume operations is the HBX-4330 Large Frame. It has an amazing speed of up to 50 straps a minute, thus making it one of the best for efficiency. In case of misfeeding of straps during the operation, the automatic eject and reefed feature takes care of the eliminating the any jam without the need for operator to intervene. It utilizes high tension Tenax polyester strapping, providing joint efficiency in strapping.

Pros HBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping Machine – Superior strapping speed with automatic operation and high joint efficiency

Cons HBX-4330 Large Frame Automatic Strapping Machine – Large and low portability portable

Owing to its amazingly superior speed and automatic operation mode, the HBX-4330 makes one of the most reliable strapping machines and a good automation investment for warehousing operations involving inventory control, supply chain management, distribution and logistics.

See the eBay listing for this strapping machine to learn more.

3. Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine

The Strapack RQ-8 is an automatic tabletop strapping machine from one of the most popular manufacturers of strapping machines. It is available in plastic and stainless steel construction depending on the humidity and moisture conditions of the area of operation. Its lightweight allows easy transportation or transfer to a different location within the work station and one can operate it within less than 25 seconds of installation.

The most interesting feature of this model is that it has an automatic mode of operation, allowing high convenience when it comes to placement of straps. Not only that, it also has a high operational speed, allowing as much as 48 straps a minute. It is also equipped with a built in self correcting mechanism that ensures energy saving, safe, operation without the need for an operator or supervisor.

Pros Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine
There are a number of advantages why this model is superior. Among the most important is that it is: – Fast, and highly portable with automatic operation and low maintenance

Cons Strapack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine – As compared to other models, the item is a bit costly.

Especially for high volume packaging or mass production in warehousing operations, the speed, flexibility, and practicality of this machine allows a smooth, convenient flow. It saves you operational time, costs and energy thus ensuring customer satisfaction as it reduces the product waiting time.

Its versatility and reliable strapping also ensures that your products are well secured together for easy inventory management and safety in the storage facility or during shipping. It helps minimize product damage during distribution. Overall, it is an ideal product for performance and good value for its price.

See the eBay listing for this strapping machine to learn more.

Top 3 Online Stores for Vintage Cycling Clothing

Vintage cycling clothing is becoming quite popular among cyclists. Vintage cycling apparel is uniquely designed to enhance the overall appearance (and perhaps the experience) for all calibers of cyclists – especially the older weekend warriors who dig the retro vintage style.

vintage cycling clothing jersey
Shown here is the 1965 Ciclo-Cross Championship jersey available at Retro2Ride.com.

While it’s easy to find vintage cycling clothing on the web, it’s not always easy to find the best online stores that offer the best selections. So in this post, we take a look at the top three online stores for vintage cycling clothing.

1. Retro2Ride.com

The Retro2Ride.com is one of the most sought after online stores for retro and classic vintage cycling clothing on in the web. The website offers various collections of both original and vintage cycling jerseys for both men and women. There are various sections on the site dedicated to different styles (i.e. long and short sleeve jerseys, performance tees, and commuter jerseys) as well as design collections containing a wide range of options, both vintage and modern.retro 2 ride

Some of the design collections at Retro2Ride.com include: classic-vintage, “the naturals”, Pop Culture, the Horton Collection, the “High Road,” and so on. The cycling clothing is available in various designs that will cover both men and women. The vintage cycling clothing products are available in varied range of prices and every cyclist can find a suitable clothing for their unique style. The cycling jerseys that are offered by this online store are some of the highest-quality. So unlike other retailers that offer vintage cycling clothing, with Retro2Ride.com, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and performance.

2. Steel-Vintage.com

steel-vintageSteel-Vintage.com has various options of vintage clothing which come in various designs. The website offers all the necessary accessories that are required by a cyclist such as the jerseys, caps, bags, gloves, socks, sweatshirts, etc. This is a perfect online supplier that will address at all the needs of a cyclist. The vintage clothing section will have various ranges of jerseys that will be offered at reasonable prices.

The clothing are selected to be in good conditions and there is a clear description of each of the products in separate sections. This website was basically started for selling the bicycle parts but eventually added the sales of vintage cycling clothes. The website offers good quality of vintage cycling clothes from some of the top brands.

3. BobShop.com

bob-shopBobShop.com, which is also called the best of bike wear, offers a plenty of vintage cycling clothing for the cyclists. The website offers amazing discounts on the clothing and has various options for both men and women. The site regularly updates on the recent cycling clothing for men, women and children and puts them for sale. They offer some of the top brands of jerseys in the clothing section.

There are various clothing options for the cyclists like cycling jackets, cycling bodysuits, sleeveless jerseys, short-sleeve jersey, etc. The site provides seasonal offers for the purchases being made with them. The site also offers various accessories for the cyclists like bicycle glasses, bike helmets, bike shoes, and so on. The quality of service is appreciated with this website with the huge collection of high-quality clothing supplies and good after service.

Web Presence Optimization: The Evolution of Online Marketing & Branding

Web presence optimization is becoming increasingly popular in the SEO and internet marketing community. Web presence optimization is a response to SEO best practices continuing to evolve in both complexity and comprehension thus demanding a more all-encompassing approach.web presence optimization online marketing

The term web presence optimization can be defined as a well-rounded practice of optimizing and promoting your business (or online brand) through many channels for better awareness, visibility, and recognition. Initially, businesses have been focusing on a one particular aspect of web marketing, but embracing web presence optimization enables businesses to bring together various marketing channels in one unified approach.

The Value in All-Encompassing Web Presence Optimization

The benefit of putting together various aspects such as technical site optimization, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, mobile marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing is that it allows your business to generate more leads, quickly build reputation and grow in a more comprehensive approach.

Furthermore, unlike the traditional SEO and web marketing strategies, embracing web presence optimization enables your business to optimize its brand web presence by focusing on building meaningful connections that encourage meaningful social relationships with lasting exposure in the search engine results.

As a result, an effective web presence strategy must touch on all online aspects of your business. Below are a few of the core elements for a comprehensive web presence optimization approach as outlined by the Web Presence Group.

Social Media

Unlike the traditional organic SEO and web marketing that starts with optimizing your website, the new approach starts with building and optimizing your business social media presence. It is informed by understanding that if you build a greater social audience, the more exposure your content will gain and thus, your business will enjoy the benefits of a greater exposure such as quality inbound traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

For the strategy to work, you must create content that is compelling and relevant. For example, you can ensure the content of your business is relevant by focusing on solving common problems or questions among other current specific topics that relate to your business. You should also be patient with the strategy because like web presence optimization it can take months before you can realize the full benefits of your efforts.

Web Presence Development

The aim in this step is to build new properties and expand your business web presence. One of the most effective ways you can expand your business web presence is by creating profiles or listings in industry related authority sites such as industry-specific directories, socially-oriented sites, and forums among others. You can also expand your business web presence by creating blogs and micro-sites.

Search Marketing

Despite everything you did to bring all aspects of your business together, you should not forget about search marketing. However, it is important at this stage to revamp your current SEO and PPC advertising strategies to ensure they are up to the new marketing goals. You can do this by reviewing your website analytics to find details such as how visitors interact with your website, the conversion rates and navigation trends. You should also ensure that your website is performing optimally in the keyword optimization and technical aspects.

Actualize Your Web Presence Optimization strategy

Now that you have optimized your business web presence, the last stage of the web presence optimization strategy is to ensure everything is working as intended. When reviewing your business web presence optimization strategy, you should focus on all core aspects because if one is not working as intended it could prevent your business from getting full benefits.

Truck Scale Company Progresses the Industry Standards of Payload Management

Walz Scale is leading manufacturer and service provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for use in agriculture, transportation, aggregate, chemical, laboratory, recycling, waste and mining applications. For the past 50 years, company has been providing world class payload management products and local supports to its customers.Walz Scale Truck Scales

Besides offering wide range of truck scales, company is one of the biggest global service and support organizations for portable truck scales, on-board scales and mining scale applications. Whether you’re looking to invest in hi-tech fixed weighbridge truck scale or need them on rent, Walz Scale provides individually tailored payload management solutions based on your unique needs.

Advanced Weighing Technology for Optimal Efficiency

Walz focus is on the development of new advanced weighing technology that offers exceptional value to its customers. Their on-board truck scales are among the broadest in the country and the world, without thousands of them supplied globally. From portable mining scales and wheel loader scales to rail scales and on-board truck weighing scales, the company is definitely a trusted supplier of number of industrial payload management solutions.

truck scales

Their solutions are designed not only to gather vital data but also to facilitate faster processing and transfer of this data to customer’s management system. Their truck scales and mining axle scales feature highly advanced technology that provide customers with hi-tech tools to manage their critical weight and payload data.

Payload Management Solutions Beyond Truck Scales

What separates Walz from other truck scale providers is their solutions in payload management. They offer world-class load scanner technology with top-of-the-line software for tracking and management.

Volumetric Load Scanner

The revolutionary new technology developed by Walz is best for management of material truckloads. The company’s Walz Load Scanner delivers highly accurate volumetric load calculation for open top vehicles while it drives under the scanner head. This load scanner system provides an affordable and efficient alternative to truck scales and other type of external weighting systems.load scanner truck bed scan

It utilizes guided laser technology and advanced algorithms to provide a non-contact solution for payload management on truck loads. This technology is set to revolutionize the entire bulk material transportation industry.load volume scanner

The new Walz Load Scanner System operates by comparing empty scan of vehicle to their corresponding loaded scan. Typically vehicle is fitted with special RFID tag to automate this process, delivering a highly accurate and fully automated payload management system. Vehicle drives under this scanner system at a slow speed (3.5 mph), however, high speed scanning is also available. There are few weight management systems available that offer such streamlined throughput and efficiency than the Walz Load Scanner (WLS).Portable Walz Load Scanner

Load volume scanning systems are available for either portable or permanent operation. Walz trailer mounted and portable systems are best for highway and construction projects that require easily transportable solution for bulk material movement and production. Now it’s easy to move payload scanner to any location that requires real time production monitoring.

With volumetric load scanner, it’s easy to generate individual load tickets for each load, allowing you to quickly email or print each ticket with their corresponding 3D imagery and material information. This kind of tangible form of data communication is important for some industry applications ranging from mining to agriculture. For more information about the Walz Load Scanner system, click here.

Whether for farming and agricultural to waste management and resource aggregation, Walz payload management solutions meet the needs of industry leaders. Their load management software platform and technology is second to none and is often integrated with various truck scales and wheel weighers to offer a precise and highly-optimized solution for maximum throughput.

5 Tips to Starting an Independent Film Production Company

Independent film production companies are unique filmmaking companies that operate without a distribution budget, specific contract, or large studio. Indie film production companies are typically operated by one to ten people, depending on the size and budget of the business.

In fact. many filmmakers have their own independent businesses but also work with other film production companies to either complete their work or provide help in projects. If you’re interested in starting an independent film production company, then there are many ways to carve a niche in this creative art form. Here are five important tips that are highly recommended in starting an indie film production companyStarting Independent Film Production Company

1. Make a decision on the genre of film you want to concentrate on

Although not essential, many successful and small independent film production companies focus on a specific genre. For instance, you might want your production company to specialize on documentaries, sci-fi, comedy, drama, horror, etc. or possibly a mixture of genres without stretching yourself too thin.

After you make a decision on your area of specialization, it’s recommended that you come up with a name for your film production company that is in line with your area of specialization. The name should stand out from the crowd but also easy to remember.

2. Create a legal entity for your film production company

A film production company is a business with no difference from other firms, so there isn’t an ad hoc legal structure for the company. It’s advised that you get some legal advice and consult an accountant so that you can maximize tax advantages. Secure your business’s name with a copyright or a trademark so that no one else will use it.

It also may be wise to get a bank account, a website, and to create your company’s social media profiles, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ensure these profiles are available in the name of your business, too. Start getting likes and followers. Create your YouTube channel and get subscribers.

3. Make a business plan for your company

Nothing guarantees success in a business more than a good business plan. After you decide what you want to do, plan on how you are going to do it. Make a stable budget and schedule and line up your team.

For some, this is one of the most important aspects to start a successful independent film production company. Get a good idea of who is going to fund the business and how the funds are going to return to investors.

4. Raise funds (if needed)

Armed with your business plan, kick off the campaign trail to get the funds that will make your dream come true. Some countries, provinces, and even states offer tax breaks and grants for filming movies in their area. Talk to people already in the indie filmmaking business and research the available options online to find out what and where grants are available. This might influence your decision on where to film, or where to locate your company. Apparently, grants will not keep your company thriving, so you will need other resources too.

5. Recruite a filmmaking and distribution team

Any film production company has four key personnel. During your start-up phase, you will perform a majority if not all of these key tasks yourself. As you develop and grow, and as your company’s social media profiles flourish, you’ll start getting swamped with duties, and you may need help. The four key personnel you will probably need after your business grows include:

  • Head of development who finds and assess scripts.
  • Chief of the production who ensure that films are created on a budget and on time.
  • Head of the post-production; a person who navigates the technical spills and thrills of the edit to ensure that the long list of movie deliverables are met.
  • Head of film sales and distribution who is tasked with supervision of crowd-funding and self-distribution as well as traditional selling.

Lastly, to promote your film production company, arm your distribution team with promotional materials such as business cards, sufficient posters, etc. Without them, the audience will never know about your films and your company risks failing.

An Inside Look at Logisitics & Distribution Warehouses in Illinois

Many businesses in Illinois rely on logistics and distribution warehouses. In fact, warehousing and third party logistics companies are the biggest contributor to the local economy. Illinois is one of the busiest transport and warehouse management hubs in the Midwest. It is understandable with Illinois being home to one of the busiest ports in the Midwest that warehouses and supply chain management solutions have become integral to the state’s growing economy.Warehouse Management Illinois

Illinois is home to America’s biggest economic hub, which is home to a lot of major corporations. Companies can only flourish if they focus on the areas that are core to their business models and entrust the running of certain sections to a company that has a specific specialty for instance a manufacturing company can be more efficient and reap more rewards if it concentrated on the manufacturing process and logistics and warehousing and logistics to a reliable company that has the expertise, the experience and the facilities.

Types of Distribution & Logistics Warehousing Solutions

There are many types of logistics and distribution warehouses in Illinois, each offering something different to set them apart form the other. Generally, warehouses are used by companies to store goods for a specific time period, but if that was all they did we would call them storage houses. Warehouses may pick and pack products and some companies offer shipping services as well. In the world of supply chain management there really are only three types of distribution and logistics warehouses: public, private and contract warehouses.

Public Warehouses

Public warehouses offer space that can be leased month to month. They are ideal for companies whose inventory changes seasonally and companies who always anticipate sudden surges in the sale of their products. They are cost effective because they allow companies to defer the cost of running their own picking and packing facility. A good public warehouse in Illinois is Moran distribution Centers inc.

distribution logistics warehouse management

Private Warehouses

Companies that need to store their products away from the manufacturing base own private warehouses. They are more like an extension of a business and hence are responsible for building maintenance, staffing, equipping the facility with picking, packing and inventory control systems. Every cost that needs to go into an efficient warehousing system falls on the head of the company. For instance, Nexus runs its own private distribution center in Chicago for logistics management and distribution.

Contract Warehouses

Contract warehouses offer leases for a specific period ranging from a couple of months to years. The cost is calculated per square meter, which makes it less expensive than the previous options. They usually offer dedicated racking, forklifts and security. A lot of businesses in Illinois use logistics warehouses because they are able to tailor their service offer to the customer’s specific needs.

This means you will not be paying for something you do not need or space that you would not be using. United facilities, Inc. of Illinois offers a comprehensive service to companies that want to logistics their supply chain to a third-party company. They offer transportation services, warehouse management, Inventory management system, packaging and assembly solutions and other services.

Third party logistics firms like United Facilities and North American Warehousing Company can help business reduce capital expenditure for facilities, equipment, personnel, truck and other functions. Companies can supply those savings to other profit centers or the running of primary operations within their organizations.

5 Plastic Surgeon SEO Tips for 2016

Local SEO and online marketing has gone through many changes in just a short period. The plastic surgeon SEO techniques that worked a couple of years ago, no longer are as effective today.seo for plastic surgeons

If you operate a plastic surgery practice, or do marketing for a plastic surgeon, you have probably realized that the online competition has increased and more surgeons are discovering the power of developing a substantial quality online marketing strategy. However recently, as Google made major algorithm modifications, and most plastic surgeons that managed to attain top rankings using questionable SEO practices have seen their ranking drop. As a result, now is the time to implement fail-proof SEO for your plastic surgery practice.

Why Invest Plastic Surgeons Thrive With SEO

Several other plastic surgeons have ignored the power of local online search as a marketing tool. People in your area go online to search for the perfect plastic surgeon, based on local practices, to approach for consultation. Here, citations – online reference to the Name, Address, and phone number (NAP), of your plastic surgery practice are vital for SEO.

It goes without saying that to get ranked in local listings, you need Google Places Page. Once this page is set up and optimized with the right videos, pictures, and categories, getting citation begins. If your practice information is listed consistently, the search engines can find your business more easily, and consequently, that will improve your local rankings. This gives you an opportunity to direct more traffic to your business for plastic surgeon consultation.

Here are five plastic surgeon SEO tips for 2016 to help you improve your online ranking significantly. For more insights on plastic surgeon SEO, visit OptimizedSurgeons.com.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Tip #1: Build a Locally-Optimized Website

This is where most plastic surgeon SEO strategies fail to get it right. Traditional SEO is totally different from the local SEO. There are specific steps that you must follow to make sure that Google conveys your business information as a local business and ranks you in the correct cities and for the right services. Google cannot reward you with top rankings if you fail to optimize your website to let Google know your physical address, your identity, and the services you offer.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Tip #2: Ensure The Site is Mobile Friendly

Smartphone and notepads have greatly changed the way people search for local business online. Your website should be mobile friendly and readily adaptable to a smaller screen. When people search on a website that is not mobile-friendly, they probably find navigation difficult through Smartphone and notepads and normally leave the page.plastic surgeon seo

Google has promised to reward mobile friendly networks with higher rankings. If you want to know if your website is mobile friendly, you can go to the Google Website Simulator and enter the URL address of your website. It shows the exact mobile view of your website.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Tip #3: Leverage Hyper-Local Marketing

Hyper-local marketing targets your surrounding cities, well-known landmarks, local neighborhoods, and zip codes. People have a tendency of beginning a search with places nearest to their homes then extending the search radius to local cities or neighborhood. Depending on the distance people travel to look for your service, you possibly expand to reach further.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Tip #4: Avoid Jamming All Services On One Page

Break up your services pages into dedicated, keyword optimized pages. This sends a clear message about each page and properly defines keyword relevancy across your website. And for plastic surgeon SEO, this effective strategy also creates additional content for Google crawl and of course, that’s what Google find valuable in authoritative website. If you do this right, you will certainly rank high for each particular service you provide.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Tip #5: Don’t Forget a ‘Call to Action’ on Every Page

Although it sounds very basic, many websites do not direct their visitors on what to do next. A call to action gives your prospective customers an opportunity to contact you. Give your visitors a good reason to act. Make sure that you have an easy to find contact form and your phone number. While this might not be entirely focal to SEO for surgeons, it is vital for CRO (conversion rate optimization) and making the most of your site’s organic search traffic.

Jump Start Your Triathlon Coaching Business Online

Starting a triathlon coaching business might seem like a lucrative endeavor; however, the risks are no different the starting any other type of business. In fact, the decision to start a triathlon coaching business offers far more flexibility and opportunities to build your brand, market your company, and recruit new athletes.

The Internet has further facilitated the ability to craft your ideal triathlon coaching business online. Quite literally, you can operate your entire coaching business online without ever needing to meet your athletes in person. With that said, here’s more ideas to help you jump-start your triathlon coaching business online.Triathlon Coaching Business Online

Establish a Web Presence

Building your web presence is perhaps one of the most important steps to establishing your triathlon coaching business online. The core elements of your web presence including creating a website and social media profiles on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, name just a few.

Your website serve as your central hub to send prospective athletes interested in your coaching services. A well-optimized site can also your primary marketing tool to gain expsoure from new athletes searching for triathlon coaches online. To really jump-start your triathlon coach business online, it may be wise to invest in search marketing services to help you gain more visibility and ensure your site ranks well in major search engines like Google.

Think of your social media profiles as the glue that holds your web presence together. Here’s where you’ll want to share content and cultivate a following. You can also invest in marketing and advertising on social platforms like Twitter Advertising and Facebook Ads for businesses. There are a wealth of opportunities here, and these platforms serve as vital tools to accelerating your triathlon coaching business.

Connect With Online Triathlon Communities

The next best way to get recognition and expose your coaching business to the world is to connect with triathlon communities on the web. Try looking around on sites like Facebook and Google+ for online communities related to triathlon and multisport.

These communities are great places to share your content, website, and other information surrounding your coaching business. Just avoid over-sharing or over-promoting. Be subtle and mindful of community members best interest.

Reach Out to Other Triathlon Coaches

Especially if your name is relatively new and unbeknownst in the triathlon coaching world, you can gain a lot from connecting with other reputable triathlon coaches. Whether for business coaching, internships, or general insights, building a few quality relationships can help you with your triathlon coaching business. Some elite-level coaches may be at their capacity to take on new athletes. As a result, they may refer new athletes to you and your triathlon coaching business.