5 Essential SEO Tips for Ecommerce Startups

Ecommerce startups sometimes are overwhelmed about the possibility of ranking on the first spots on Google’s organic searches. However, this shouldn’t be looked at as an impossible feat. With some basic knowledge of the five essential SEO tips for ecommerce startups you can also make your website’s online presence stand out on the most popular search engines.

seo tips ecommerce startup

1. Establish a Powerful Social Presence

SEO is never complete without the help of social media network strategies. By having your brand on social media sites you can give your contacts access to your site by posting or Tweeting on a regular basis.

Given that your objective is to increase your website’s traffic, you should take into account what is it that your target audience wants to hear (or read). Blog posts should be relevant to your business and they should be helpful to your clients as well. Include a call-to-action at the end to invite your viewers to click on your site’s link.

2. Don’t Neglect Local Traffic

Local traffic is one of the most important things ecommerce startups can have. More often than not, online stores start selling on their hometown or city. For this reason, local traffic should be your top priority at least at the first stages of the SEO process.

One of the best things you can do in order to get more local traffic to your website is to use relevant long-tail keywords in your website’s content. What this means is that instead of offering just “shoes” – in the case of a shoe online store – include location and if necessary a more detailed description of the product you are selling such as “leather shoes in Phoenix”.

3. Make it Easy for Search Engines to Find You

This simple yet extremely useful tip can be the difference between success and failure for ecommerce startups. To do this, always have links between your homepage and any other webpage in your site. This way, you won’t have what’s called orphan pages which could get loss in the depth of Google’s very last results.

Configure your sitemap properly and check out if server issues or robot.txt’s may be blocking your site’s access to search engine’s results – you may need to contact a systems engineer for this purpose.

4. Decrease Your Website’s Loading Time

You will be amazed at these two facts: first, one of Google’s ranking factors is a website’s loading time and second, if a website takes more than three seconds to load 40% of visitors will leave before it finishes loading! That being said, don’t underestimate the need for website optimization.

As one of the most often overlooked aspects of SEO for ecommerce startups is this seemingly minor factor in your website’s load speed. Visitors won’t go away and your ranking will improve as well. If you can’t fix your slow website, than it may be worth hiring a website optimization company.

5. Leverage Content Marketing

Last but definitely not least, leveraging content marketing is a sure-fire way to get up several spots on Google’s results page. Google has become smart and it rewards sites with high quality content. How does Google classify quality content from what’s not good content?

Google has real humans like you and me who are experts in deciding which content provides value to visitors and which doesn’t. This way, they constantly update their algorithms to provide the best results. Have useful high quality blog posts and post regularly, at least once a week – Google doesn’t like outdated information.

Lastly, if you’re ecommerce site has been up and running for some time and you’d like to make more progressive SEO strides in getting it ranked, look into getting an ecommerce SEO site audit. One of the best sources for professional SEO site audits for ecommerce sites is ClickCentricSEO.com. You can apply right on their website.

5 Awesome Indie Films for Action & Suspense Seekers

If you’re drawn to indie films that offer edge-of-your-seat action and suspense, then this article is for you. Below we feature five awesome independent films that have made a pronounced statement in 2015.

awesome indie films

1. Spectre (2015)

Spectre stars Daniel Craig (as James Bond). It combines intense action with suspense brought by ghosts of Bond’s past to keep viewers glued to the screen. Bond receives a coded message from his past. This message directs him on a journey to reveal a secret creepy organization.

As M struggles to hold the secret service together, Bond exposes all sorts of deception and brings out the true colors of Spectre. This film runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes and is directed by Sam Mendes. Released in November 2015, Spectre is one of the best indie films.

2. Beyond Glory (2015)

Beyond Glory is a one-man show where Stephen Lang stages stories of eight veterans from World War II, Vietnam and Korea among other battles. The eight veterans bring their bravery stories that led to them to receiving the Medal of Honor, which is the highest award in the militar.

Beyond Glory the film is a tribute to fallen soldiers and to this end, it was performed in military bases. Hawaii senator, Daniel Inouye, who is a Medal of Honor recipient is seen in attendance. Created by Michigan-based indie film production company, 8180 Films, Beyond Glory is based on the book by Larry Smith. This is one of the most well-portrayed indie films that you watch time and time again.

3. ’71 (2015)

Though Jack O’Connell hit the headlines when he starred in Unbroken (directed by Angeline Jolie), it is his role in this international independent movie ’71 that calls for applause. The film is set in the days of Troubles in Northern Ireland. O’Connell plays Gary Hook, a British soldier, who is separated from his unit after riots.

He struggles to leave the streets of Belfast and find safety but the line between friends and enemies is quickly thinning. The pinnacle of the movie is when Hook is left alone. The film ’71 depicts the political situation in the area. With such great movies, O’Connell career is headed to the top of the ladder.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This is one indie film that bring innovation into your screen. Max is the star of the movie but the movie is barely about him. Mad Max: Fury Road tops as the most independent spirited movie released in 2015. This action movie comes with an unseen twist where it sparks great conversations on feminism.

Mad Max: Fury Road has also managed to stir up topics such as injustice, male-chauvinism, objectification and slavery. If you do not enjoy the conversations, you can enjoy the rush in flame-throwing, fast cars and the great visuals.

5. In A Valley Of Violence (2015)

In A Valley Of Violence is one of those action indie films that will always interest horror fans. It happens when horror filmmakers such as Ti West are involved. Ethan Hawke who plays Paul arrives in a small town seeking revenge on a couple of thugs who murdered his friend.

In this revenge journey, he is helped by two sisters (Taissa Farmiga and Karen Gillan). John Travolta also plays a role in the indie film In A Valley Of Violence as he features as the town’s Marshal. He comes in as a ruthless Marshal. It is one of the movies where Ti West majored on suspense.

3 On-Page SEO Elements Worth Improving Before 2016

With 2016 quickly coming, many SEO’s and web marketers are looking for ways to improve their websites. With content at the forefront of most SE-optimized money pages, copywriting, on-page SEO, and front-end content (graphics, media, calls-to-action, etc.) can always use improvements.seo improvements 2016

To define some of the essential on-page SEO components that can often use deeper levels of optimization, below are three elements worth considering.

1. Revamp Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Take a look at your top 5-10 “money pages” that are generating the most organic search traffic. Read over each page’s meta title and meta description to evaluate how effective they are (at promoting clicks from search engine users) as well as how SEO-friendly they are (use of keywords and total character length.)

Are your page titles both keyword-relevant and under 64 characters? Are your page’s meta descriptions unique, compelling, and under 154 characters? Do you see improvements to use more creative verbs or keywords for SEO?

Revamping the copy for these small yet powerful page attributes might not seem like a big deal. But many SEO copywriters have claimed to see an increase click-through rates, as well as an uplift rankings after revamping the page titles and meta descriptions on their core money pages.

2. Assess & Improve Page Copy

Parallel to revamping page titles and meta descriptions (which are displayed in Google’s search engine results), assess the on-page copy that’s populating your top money pages. Does the page copy reflect the voice of your business or brand? Is the copy accurate, up-to-date, and unique (not ripped off some other site?) Do you have at least 200-300 words of text-based (crawlable) copy on your key money pages?

There are usually always ways to improve upon page copy. Perhaps you can expand upon certain areas to beef-up the word count on a marginally-ranking money page. Or perhaps you can more text styling elements, such as strong tags, italics, and other modest SEO copywriting attributes. This element is particularly important in SEO for ecommerce sites.

3. Are You Using Schema Markup?

If you’re not using Schema for your money pages, then now is the time to get on board. While Google hasn’t explicitly stated any correlation of Schema use and better rankings, many search marketing experts claim to experience an improvement in search engine visibility after integrated schema markup.

And while Schema may not be a front-end copywriting endeavor, it is important for on-page SEO and bringing the most value to your website, both from a user perspective and search engine perspective. Partner with a technical expert and ensure your money pages are marked-up with Schema to get the greatest results.

Advanced Mailing & Labeling Solutions of Walz Label & Mailing Systems

Walz Label & Mailing Systems has been offering some of the most reliable business automation solutions for many types of companies throughout central Illinois. The company is specifically adept in providing comprehensive solutions when it comes to mailing, automation and labeling technology for warehouses, shipping and distribution centers, mailrooms, and various other operations.

walz label and mailing systems

There is no doubt that many types of businesses can thrive by working with Walz Label & Mailing Systems and adopting some of the automation products and solutions that the company offers. Most of the mailing and labeling solutions are designed to meet the unique demands and specifications of each organization. Below are some products and solutions that define the core of Walz Label & Mailing Systems.

Mailing Machines & Mailing Systems

There is no doubt that many organizations requires a reliable mailing solution to help meet its communication and marketing needs. With the mailing machines and other mailing systems from Walz Label & Mailing Systems (i.e. address printers, mailing scales, software, etc.) your business optimize its in-house mailroom operations for great efficiency.

mailing machines

By leveraging the power of mailing machines, postage meters, and other advanced mailing system solutions, companies can create and send booklets, brochures, invitations, direct mail pieces, and other printable communication materials within a shorter amount of time.

With these mailing and postage machines, the process of sending different types of mailings becomes effortless and also cheaper thus helping the business to save more money in the process. there is no doubt that communication is one of the most important aspects for business success but this can be hampered by the issue of cost and other logistics.

mailing systems

However, the use of these mailing systems can take away these hassles, help save on time, ink, labels, papers and postage. There are different mailing machines that have specifically been designed to meet the needs of both big and small businesses thus helping make mailing more affordable, and efficient. Learn more by visiting the website of Walz Label & Mailing Systems, one of the leading mailing machines companies.

Labeling Products & Solutions

In addition to offering one of the best selections of mailing systems and postage meters in Illinois, the labeling products and solutions from Walz Label & Mailing Systems always come as a great solution for printing needs for offices and businesses. These systems are designed for both offices that have space and those that might be struggling with space but still need high-quality printing systems. These include the following:

Mobile Computers, Scanners, & Printers

Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers different varieties of mobile computers including handheld mobile computers, industrial computers, Industrial Hazardous Location Mobile Computer, Industrial Cold Storage Computer and vehicle mounted computers among others.mobile computer

The mobile computers and barcode scanning machines are designed for use in different environments and normally use image-based or laser technology. Mobile computers come in standard smartphone designs and sizes. On the other hand, Industrial Hazardous Location Comps are efficient and productive plus they are designed for use even in explosive environments. These are also lightweight and will deliver highly efficient performance.

Barcode Readers & Scanners

For all your printed barcode reading and output to the computers, Walz Label & Mailing Systems labeling products will make for a great addition to your office or business. Barcode scanners range from handheld devices to industrial gadgets and all of them are designed to make your barcode reading easier and efficient.

These systems can be a great investment if you want to maintain efficient quality control in your business as they can scan different barcodes from varying distances. The central Illinois-based company offers quality labeling wireless barcode scanners, 2D barcode readers, hands-free barcode readers and healthcare barcode readers among others. Each of the multiple products are suited for use in different sectors.

Labeling & Mailing System Software

mail management softwareYou can find various software systems including warehouse management systems (for expedient, efficient and improved inventory control operations), remote management software (for increased end-user productivity and reduced down-time for mobile device through the use of WAN/WLAN) and asset management software (for tracking and managing valuable assets) among others.

Other labeling systems and products include wireless LAN, RFID readers, and printers among others. Walz Label & Mailing Systems products are highly reliable and durable, giving warehouses, distributors, stockrooms and other business establishments a great value for their investment.

Learn more by contacting the company at:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611

5 Security Systems Exceptionally Designed for Businesses & Offices

Security systems designed for businesses, offices and corporate buildings often differ from those suited for use in residential buildings like homes and apartments. Nevertheless, when designing commercial establishments, offices, corporate buildings, or residential structures, security is an essential feature.

business security systems

Many companies bring forth an assortment of security equipment and systems that are designed to address the various security requirements and issues. If you need office or business security systems to safeguard your equipment and property then you should work out on the available options for you. Here are the different types of business and office security systems and equipment.

Commercial Alarm Systems

If your business is to deal in monetary units like a brokerage firm in the stock exchange, then you would need the level best security at all times. The commercial alarm system is the most suitable security device for any business that experiences minimum business activity.

Ensure that the system is working properly before and after the installation. The performance of the system should be regularly monitored to ensure that it is in correct working condition.

Access Control Systems

Installing an access control system is the best possible approach to safeguarding your business. It helps to restrict admission of people. Card readers, biometric access control are some of the different types of security equipment that are installed in commercial establishments and offices.

Access Control Security Systems for Business

As offices and corporate buildings have a substantial number of employees, and visitors, such systems are designed to carry and handle large amount of data such as employee records. Once the system has been installed you can grant selective access to people.

There are also more conventional forms of access control systems for busiesses.

Fences & Gates

An office security system of the highest caliber will be the answer to your security concerns. If you own a business center, bolstered fences will be included in the primary measures you will take. To control the free movement of people, install new gates at every critical point.

You may also choose to install automatic electric gates that can grant selective access to authorized persons. These security fences and gates can incorporate useful implements and accessories, like cameras, intercoms, safety sensors, separate doors for pedestrians, and fail-safe electronic locks.

Access ID Cards

Issuing access cards to all staff members is the easiest way to remain safe and limit the access to only authorized persons. ID cards should be designed in a way so that it clearly mentions the employee’s ID number, his designation and photograph along with other details. Through this prompt recognition and confirmation of an employee is possible.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

For all the advantages and the unique features it offers, business and offices mostly prefer CCTV camera facility. You should also have access to facilities provided by the CCTV cameras in addition to a commercial alarm system, as it is highly effective in catching the burglars on tape but also of great significance as it can be used as evidence in the court of law.

The best quality of these cameras is their stealth. However, the installation of the CCTV camera should be done by expert professionals which may be an extra cost. The professionals install this device in such a manner that the whole view of the place or room will be captured by this camera.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been influential in ensuring security at banks, ports, and penitentiary institutions. Video surveillance cameras ameliorate the monitoring process hence they can be used to safeguard your property. Burglars and thieve can be denied access by controlling the entry especially during abnormal hours. Additionally, they provide the cost-saving advantage of employing less security people.

For more information about these security systems and surveillance solutions, visit or contact:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554