Creative Advancements in Wheel Weigher Scale Technology

Weighing system manufacturers have brought about new and advanced truck scale systems to further advance efficiency and throughput for operators. Over the years, there have been an upward trend in demand of innovative weighing scales and technology.

wheel weighers scales

Walz, for instance, has pioneered and even developed this cutting edge technology to bring into the market premium weighing systems that offer accurate data and durability. The wheel weigher is one of the most popular system types of portable truck scales. Wheel weighers offer great versatility and functionality thanks to the new technological features the wheel weigher scale carries.

Low-Profile, Fully-Portable Wheel Weighers

Wheel weighers (or portable weigh pads, axle scales, and truck scales) have risen to be the industry-standard in high-volume warehousing and shipping companies, as well as more industrial applications like mining and farming operations. Unlike large and cumbersome weighing scales, wheel weighers offer convenience and efficiency. It is for this reason that a lot of research has gone into bettering the wheel weigher.

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A good example is AgWeigh, a branch of Walz that deals with agricultural weighing. They have fine-tuned portable weighing technology and optimized it to give great results. Companies that invest in this technology cut costs in a plethora of ways.

Wheel Weigher Scales With Increased Capacity

Since the production of the first set of portable weighing pads, a significant number of changes have occurred to make it better. First off, the pads have been made more lightweight by use of aluminum material. The wheel weigher sometimes work in harsh conditions. To this realization, the manufacturers have made the pads waterproof and made them for durability.

The AXW-45 Series Axle Scale, for instance, has been made so strong to an extent that it can weigh up to 45 tons (approximately 90,000 pounds). Besides the increased capacity of the scales, the systems come with a weight terminal that bears a backlit LCD interface. This makes the system even easier to use. It allows the users to print vehicle weights to make load management easy. The weight terminal comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

In-Motion Weighing

The in-motion weighing capability is valued by mining, agriculture and many other industries. The operator determines the weight of the vehicle when the vehicle is in motion. The advantage of this feature is that it cuts on weighing time and allows the operators to weigh more vehicles within a short time. There is no need to stop and weigh each axle separately. The in-motion wheel weigher scale protects companies from fines that may be incurred after overloading trucks.

The video above of Walz Scale’s in-motion axle scale is prime example of the advanced efficiency realized using such innovative wheel weigher technology.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Wheel weighers come with low profile designs that enable them to deliver great and accurate results and up their performance. They are built with varied configurations, capabilities and lengths making them useful in single axle as well as multi-axle trucks. They feature great sensors to improve the accuracy of the results. Their overload protection features and their ability to withstand heavy duty operations make them reliable and efficient in temporary as well as mobile applications.

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The advancements in portable wheel weigher scales has made them stronger; they can function in any weather condition and has been made immune to breakages. They have been made more accurate, efficient, versatile and convenient. The ramps of the wheel weigher scale has been made removable to make it more portable.