Medical Billing Strategies for FQHCs & Community Health Centers

Patient billing processes for community health centers (CHCs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) is not only a daunting, but also a very confusing task that calls for a creative combination of resources and strategic-minded approach.

Since most common patients of these health centers are usually underprivileged and low-income, fulfilling patient billings is a true battle that is essential to survive.

Medical Billing Consult with FQHC Staff

If you work for or own a FQHC or a CHC that is in a dire need of improving on its complex billing process, explore the following four creative and highly effective patient billing for FQHCs and CHCs.

1. Collecting co-payments prior to providing medical services

Before a patient visits the doctor of the center, the front-door staff should clearly communicate with the patient and audit his/her billing and personal information during registration. This will allow the center to collect the co-pay immediately and later concentrate on collecting any remaining receivable from Medicare, insurance companies and Medicaid.

Following this simple billing strategy will allow a center to realize higher collections. Centers should therefore restructure their staff and internal processes in order to put these collection systems into place. Ensure you collect between 90-95% of the total co-pays in advance.

2. Integrating credentialing protocols

Credentialing is one of the most important component of realizing the right amount of money from your patients and their health care systems. Initiating a perfect credentialing protocol or system enables FQHCs and CHCs to closely monitor progress of collecting submissions and to review all billing details. In other words, credentialing helps in keeping all information together in one place.

3. Maintaining accurate health records electronically

FQHCs and CHCs can simply patient care, make accessing patients’ data easier and improve on overall patient engagement through maintaining complete information about each and every patient, their financial information and health electronically. EHRs (electronic health records) are best when stored online through the cloud, or using software solutions.

Do some research on the best EHR software platform for your center’s billing efforts. It is important to use the most recent software for CHC and FQHC billing. Medical billing rules are constantly changing and these software automatically update with changes in these rules.

A medical billing consultant can also provide great opportunities and unlimited access to a wide range of EHR software.

4. Collecting full patient information

Collecting full patient information increases billing efficiency. It is therefore important that you take your time and ensure that patient’s information is both accurate and complete. Take a patient’s full name, address, date of birth, multiple phone numbers and work information.

This information is usually critical when working with insurance companies and as a part collection procedure in case the patient ignores payment requests. Ensure you also get the patient’s social security number as it may be helpful when you want to turn non-payments to a collector.

FQHCs and CHCs should implement effective billing procedures and policies in order to increase revenue, lower costs and improve patient care and satisfaction. The above discussed four creative billing procedures will help you achieve these goals.

Custom Neon Tank Tops for a Creative Music Festival Venture

When the school year comes to a close, there’s usually a little extra time for creative freedom on every student’s hand. And quite frankly, there’s one common thing on most of these young adults mind; time to celebrate and party.

When it comes to partying, nothing hits the roof more than a Music fest. Nothing sets the mood, other than the music, than the clothing to the event. Going to the music fest with custom neon tank tops is definitely a good way to start the summer with a unique fashion statement.

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Start the Summer Right

Not only is the tank top the best for the party, it gives one less to worry about with regards to getting all sweaty. With these custom neon tank tops you get to have a signature outfit for the music fest and may be well on your way to creating your own fashion trend – never say never!

Let the fun begin with self-expression and bask in the limelight with fun combos of neon colors. The possibilities of these custom neon tank tops are endless; lots of colors and anything you want said on it. The neon tank top will definitely make you the main attraction on the music fest floor.

Looking for help?

Wondering where to find an awesome neon tank top? No need to look any further. is definitely a place for every fun loving music fest participant to visit. They bring your imaginations into reality.

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Friends and groups are always trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd and look the best. What other better way to make your group show their pride than by giving the vibrant colors and catching logos of custom neon tank tops from

The perfect gift

These custom neon tank tops are a great gift to friends or door-mate. One can even decide to get personal with the inscriptions. Get a sentence or two from their trademark quotes and put on the neon tank top. This way, you don’t have to think too hard if your gift will be accepted and worn regularly. The music fest is all about fun and they’ll definitely look forward to wearing it for the summer.

custom tank tops at the beach

Although almost everyone will be putting on one type of neon tank top or the other, it’s important yours stay unique. Still going with the idea of presenting a friend these custom tank tops, one has to think of something that will make the top neon stand out among the crowd. This is no rocket science! If you are lost in thought, the experts at are always on hand to share there every flowing fountain of ideas.

While we all long for the summer and end of a school session, getting the right outing to one of the hottest music festival in the year is gradually becoming a necessity. Create lasting memories – no, not with your many escapades but – with your own custom created neon tank top. Shine bright like a diamond in all that fun!

Keyword Selection Tips for Strategic SEO for Surgeons

SEO for surgeons is very effective when it comes to improving the search engine ranking of your website. For example, an athlete searching for a podiatrist in a certain area will most likely look at the first few podiatrists that rank at the top of his search results page.

In fact, a study by Search Engine Journal revealed that 14.6% of results produced by SEO leads are of companies that are near the client’s office or residence. This proximity to search users is possible because 56% of adults in America are using mobile phones to make searches online for goods, services and entertainment.

Creating a Surgeon SEO Strategy

For this reason, local SEO for surgeons is a powerful marketing tool, as it can generate quality leads both efficiently and sustainably when done right. A solid surgeon SEO strategy can also help to increase revenue by expanding a surgeon’s patient base. If you’re looking to embark on SEO for surgeons, here are some tips to help you get started by selecting the right keywords.

Selecting the Right Keywords for Surgeon SEO

Surgeons often specialize in one (or a few) forms of surgery, unlike many online web owners who advertise and sell any product that has a viable market online. For this reason, surgeons need to make a rundown of words that they think individuals would use while when searching for their services.

Teaming up with fellow doctors to brainstorm on this rundown would be an ideal move to make sure the list of words is as extensive as possible. Running the final list through Google’s Keyword Planner would help you know which words are the most useful for an surgeon SEO campaign.

It is also important to choose a particular set of words that corresponds to your service. For example, ‘rhinoplasty specialist’ is a more useful keyword than just using ‘plastic specialist’ as your keyword. In the same way, ‘breast augmentation surgeon San Francisco’ is more appropriate for an surgeon SEO campaign than ‘plastic surgeon Atlanta GA.’

It does not mean that you should mention particular areas of service while leaving others to the imagination of your clients. It means that you should have an enormous amount of articles that focus on specific areas of your work. You should also make sure that these features are accurate, relevant and interesting.

Develop Original Content for Your Website

Medical surgery is a field filled with experts, and those who seek the services of surgeons appreciate the level of professionalism exercised by people in this line of work. Duplicating content from another website makes you look unprofessional and incompetent. Worse, it can negatively impact your surgeon SEO strategy.

Search for Surgeons Online

You should guard against such practices because they will help neither you nor your business. Develop a fanatical base by leading the pack when it comes to news, information and analysis on developments in surgery. Hire a professional and specialized plastic surgeon SEO company fully equipped to write original content for you that would appeal to your core market and establish you as a force to reckon with online.

You should have blog entries, features, interviews, photographs, testimonials, and info-graphics on your website to help you attract more online visitors than you currently have. Creating this kind of content takes time, which is a luxury that many surgeons cannot afford.

Hire a reputable firm to do this job for you. You would not have to worry about SEO for surgeons anymore. Someone else will take care of that for you so that you have time to focus on your work.

Strategy-Centric Ecommerce SEO Resources for Competitive E-Retailers

Ecommerce SEO demands a level of strategy that is far beyond that of most SEO programs. When selling products online, a company must not only attend to the overall focus of bringing people to their sites, but they must link a great deal of information together effectively and in an organized way while maintaining the necessary strategic goals for an ecommerce SEO campaign.

ecommerce seo program

While it would be nice to glean all of the information one needs from an individual site, it can be advantageous to review information on several sites or blogs to get ideas from several different angles. Armed with this information, a person can then develop a method that suits their own business needs and also evolves with the business as it grows.

Click Centric SEO

Click Centric SEO is a great place to get ecommerce SEO tips, strategies, services, and various other resources that will make one more competitive in the online retail environment. Most people don’t scroll to page 20 when performing a Google search, and so it is imperative to optimize your rankings. This is extremely difficult to do without an ecommerce SEO professional to guide the way.

However, whether you decide to try to do it yourself or use a professional, is site that offers tips that can help one achieve higher rankings and more success. When they work one on one with a client, they tend to do well by creating a program that is ‘individually tailored’ for each client. For example, the provide free no-obligation ecommerce SEO site audit services to prospective clients before actually getting started with SEO.

Additionally, they offer tips and services for ethical link building. When link building is done incorrectly, it can have devastating results, such as the loss of Google ranking because Google’s algorithm can ‘mark’ a site as being underhanded. This website offers free advice on how to avoid that pitfall as well as providing other useful advice.


Kissmetrics offers a world of wealth in metric information on SEO. For example, one article points out common errors that can backfire on a marketing scheme. It allows people to see how to properly set up a product description without making the mistake of solely relying on the manufacturer’s description.

One must remember that manufacturers are not marketing experts, nor are they necessarily savvy about SEO content. Hence, it behooves a person in the ecommerce SEO game to rewrite product descriptions to draw customers in, create content, and satisfy the potential buyer’s need for information. Lastly, Kissmetrics also offers other types of information, such as an ‘ultimate guide’ to ecommerce SEO with consolidated information.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land has a lot of tips to help with the practical aspects of ecommerce. This site answers questions such as what one can do if they run low on stock or how to manage a transition from an SEO/link level if a product is discontinued.

Issues regarding the problems that arise from seasonal items and variations within one product are also addressed. The site gives advice on content and descriptions that are not provided by the manufacturer. This site also provides a list of best practices and habits that ecommerce site staff should develop for successful strategies to continue to achieve success.

Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce gives a load of great information for setting up and maintaining SEO strategies and they update regularly so that you can stay current on the trends in the industry. For example, they have an entire section devoted to social media strategies.

On top of that, there are individual articles and guides for different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Another section of targets the best way to use ads for ecommerce. Each bit of information is designed to help ecommerce SEO and is not overly general for use by any online marketing strategist.

Get Elastic

Get Elastic is a blog that is helpful for anyone setting up an international ecommerce strategy. With helpful topics, such as the importance of clear communication, reporting, and organization concerning the multiple hubs in different nations. This global approach is set up to allow an SEO strategy to be developed with long reaching goals and also with an eye to keeping the different aspects of the organization to be properly maintained.

As an ecommerce business grows, the SEO strategist may need to continually review various sites and blogs to remain up to date with current trends and to make sure that their own ecommerce SEO is keeping up with the growth of their business.

Logistics Progression in an Ecommerce-Dominant Supply Chain Sector

Today, e-commerce logistics in developed economies represents the latest big driver of change in physical distribution networks and supply chain management. This field has evolved substantially over the past forty years and continues to grow today.

Most third-party logistics (3PL) and transport companies, in particular multi-channel providers, are only starting to realize what this will bring to their distribution network infrastructures.

3pl companies illinois

This evolution has passed through various phases as follows:

  • Most retail stores’ inventories were replenished by direct deliveries from wholesalers and suppliers in the 1970s.
  • Retailers started to centralize store deliveries through new distribution centers in the 1980s.
  • Global sourcing took off in the 1990s, with many retailers developing import centers.
  • E-commerce began to rapidly expand from around 2000, with internet only retailers leading the way.

E-Commerce Logistics in Developed Markets

The growth of online retail in developed economies has been stronger in sectors such as ICT goods, electrical and electronics, and fashion as opposed to food. Purchased items are typically distributed via a parcel, postal, or freight network. The e-commerce logistics models have created a wave of new demand for 4 types of logistics functions:

  • Mega e-fulfillment centers either operated by a logistics service provider or by the retailer, often operating 24/7, and where the merchandise is stocked and picked at item level.
  • Parcel hubs/sortation centers which sort orders by post or zip code.
  • Parcel delivery centers handling the delivery to the customer.
  • Seamlessly integrated technology where shopping carts connect via WEB XML, API, or some other connection to a transportation management system. These technology products for logistics feature:package delivery
    • the ability to organize and track shipment
    • online order documentation and status
    • online dispatch invoice and documentation
    • payments auto reminder
    • interface with existing ERP or SCM system
    • online alerts via mobile or text
    • information systems reports on delivery history, past data analysis, etc.

These e-commerce logistics systems ensure the following benefits to customers, 3PL service providers, and shippers:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved communication
  • Improvement in efficiency
  • Transparency into the supply chain
  • On-time delivery

The Continuing Evolution of E-Commerce Supply Chains

Everything has changed since e-commerce was born: who is getting online and by what means they get there, the look and feel of the online space, the proliferation of the Internet into daily life, the speed of internet connections. In the early days, low prices and convenience were the driving forces for e-commerce. Today, e-commerce retailers are catering to every kind of shopping experience, service, and product.

The evolution of multiple shipping options allows customers today more control over the delivery process, with choices from Fed Ex, to UPS, USPS, and more. Now the e-commerce challenge has shifting to finding a way of synchronizing and standardizing the business processes to achieve real time access and insight of the inventory movement.

With extensive number of sales channels, multiple warehouses, and dozens of suppliers, the risk of misplaced orders are much higher than ever before. In order to respond to this challenge, order fulfillment technologies have integrated the back-end and front-end of online retail. Real-time fulfillment data and automated software transform the back-end process in a collaborative effort. Redundant processes can be identified and the inefficiencies reduced by the alignment of important touch-points in the supply chain.

Try-Before-You-Buy Portable Truck Scale Rentals

Whether you are in the agriculture or mining industry, you might find out that portable truck scales can offer a real advantage to your weighing operations. Unlike most cumbersome truck scale systems, you can easily operate a portable truck scale in virtually any location with a flat surface.

portable truck scale pads

The only problem with portable truck scales is that they are very expensive. Fortunately, there are some suppliers that offer portable truck scale rentals for short-term, try-before-you-buy leases.

Take Advantage of Portable Truck Scale Rentals

Most people like portable truck scales mainly because they are easier to load up. You only need to add a large scale platter onto the surface. You will then link the unit to a computer or to a proper device that will read the weight results.

Most of the portable truck rental scales can transmit data wirelessly although there are others that will use extended wires. The extended wires are sturdy and moreover, they can cover a very large distance.

The scale takes the weight by analyzing the amount of pressure that originates from the wheels as it checks out. Mostly, all the wheels have to move over the scale. However, you will not need to get them on the scale at once.

To get an idea about its base weight, you will have to move an empty truck over it at least once. This will not take you much time to complete. The scales are portable and therefore you can easily move with them around.

mining truck portable scale

Benefits of Renting Truck Scales

Renting truck scales offers a number of benefits, including:

Low maintenance

One key benefit with portable truck scales is that you will not have to buy them for use in your business. You only need to rent them and utilize them in the best way possible. You will have your truck weighed with a simple unit that you can add and also remove in the minimum time possible. The scale can also work in some cases where you only need to accomplish short-term lifting and loading task.

Requires less skills to work with

Portable truck scales offer simple convenience that will make all your projects a success. If you have the relevant skills on working with truck scale rentals, then you will have an easier time working with them. The truck scales have simple arrangements. You will only take a little time to understand on how to work with them.

Handles heavy weights

At times, you will be amazed by how heavy your truck can get. With a portable truck scale, you will be able to weigh any weights not exceeding 30 tons in the most extremes. There are also some manufacturers that will offer truck scales to handle even 45 tons.

This is highly beneficial considering that some payloads are extremely tight. In some cases where you have to work with sand, massive rocks, gravel or any other natural item that require hauling for any reason you will find the scales very useful.

Where You Rent Portable Truck Scales

You can easily rent portable truck scales from the following suppliers:

Do you have more options for portable truck scale rentals? Let us know in the comments section below.