Illinois’ Leading Business IT Consultants Deliver Creative Solutions

The staff of highly trained information technology professionals at Facet Technologies, Inc. proudly serve central Illinois with IT consulting and computer networking solutions for businesses across a wide variety of industries, from huge corporations to small family-owned businesses.

IT consultants

As Illinois’s leading IT consultants, the experts at Facet Technologies work with businesses to make sure that all IT systems are set up so that they align with the company’s overall objectives. Leveraging Facet’s IT consulting expertise can help your business to save money, increase employee efficiency, and over time, see an increase in your bottom line.

Experienced, Knowledgeable IT Professionals

Facet Technologies hires only the most capable staff, up to date with all the latest developments in IT for businesses. With over 150 years of combined experience in the field, the staff at Facet Technologies hold numerous certifications that demonstrate their proficiency with a wide range of computer technologies. This includes:

  • CCNA Certification
  • CCNP Training
  • MSCE Certification
  • MCP Certification
  • MCITP Certification
  • MCTS Certification
  • MCSA Certification
  • A+ Software Certification
  • A+ Hardware Certification
  • A+ Networking Certification
  • ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) Certification

The business IT consultants at Facet Technologies have a deep understanding of computer systems and business IT needs, informed by years of experience helping Illinois businesses use technology to become more efficient. From maintaining servers to backing up data in case of an emergency, they make sure all of a company’s needs are met. With Facet’s consulting services, you can find out how they can work with you to solve IT problems you didn’t even know you had.

Customized IT Consulting and Support

Facet Technologies’ approach to creative IT consulting solutions goes beyond just offering technical support. Their expert consultants work with businesses to determine the company’s specialized needs. Every company requires different IT solutions.

They collaborate with managers and on-site IT staff to determine exactly what a company needs to make their computer networks more efficient, saving time and money by delivering innovative solutions to IT issues. They not only install infrastructure, but can also provide full, continuous support, including IT staffing for businesses interested in in-house IT management. Facet Technologies offers a wide range of IT support and IT consulting services, including:

  • Server maintenance
  • Workstation support
  • Backup configuration
  • Antivirus installation and setup
  • Remote support access setup
  • Remote IT support
  • Customized machines and servers designed to accommodate a company’s particular needs
  • Employee training in software programs like Quickbooks and Excel
  • Spam filter setup

Home Automation: IT Beyond the Workplace

In addition to working with hundreds of Illinois businesses to find creative, cost-effective IT solutions, Facet Technologies is also leading the way in home automation technology. They install sophisticated one-touch home automation systems, giving you instant control over your home’s lighting, audio systems, security systems, and more. This innovative new technology can help streamline and simplify your living environment.

You’ll never have to worry about getting up to adjust light switches, turn music on, or pull up your favorite movie on Netflix. Home automation from Facet Technologies gives you a new level of convenience you never thought was possible, helping you save your time and energy every day by doing things faster.

To learn more about the Illinois IT consulting and support company, following the address and contact information below of the company’s headquarters:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: 309-353-4727

Or you can check out Facet Technologies on Google+ to see reviews of the business.

5 Must-Have Tools in Every High-End Landscapers Arsenal

Whether for lawns or large expanses of land, the world of landscaping is vast on many levels. Your garage can alone be filled with several types of hoes, rakes, and mowers.

But to really enhance your landscaping arsenal, you should consider investing in a few more advanced landscaping tools or pieces of equipment. Below we highlight a few must-have tools that are common for expert landscapers.


Zero-turn Mowers

For covering a lot of ground, buying a zero-turn mower will be absolutely worth it. Covering a big lot involves a lot of patience and a simple riding mower will not be enough. An important perk of having a zero-turn mower is that, it saves a lot of time.

When compared to any traditional mower, it reduces the mowing time by about 70 percent. They are also highly maneuverable and easy to handle and by using them, you can cut around bushes, flower beds and other obstacles easily.

Weed Eaters & Trimmers

These are tools that do not use a blade, but a monofilament line for trimming grass and other plans on an irregular terrain. It consists a shoulder strap and a cutting head located at the end of a shaft. The 25cc 2 cycle engine makes it an excellent performer.

There is an anti-vibration system that makes it user friendly. The double edge blade made of stainless steel can slice easily through short stems and stubborn weeds, thereby making it an excellent weed trimming tool for landscapers.


A few decades ago, compact excavators were considered toys by operators who used heavy equipment. But because of their ease of operation, precise job and low cost, they have earned the respect of many site work professionals, especially landscapers.

A high end landscaper or a homeowner can easily rent a mini excavator for a utility project or weekend landscaping. Or they can be found for sale (new and used) as most dealers that sell excavators, tractors, and lawn mowers in your local area.


The skid-steer is a piece of heavy-duty landscaping equipment that is considered to be a jack-of-all-trades. The myriad attachment options of these units enable them to perform many operations in different jobsites. From landscaping a garden to moving junks in a barn, all types of skid-steers always get the job efficiently done. The smaller size of the skid-steer loader makes it capable to move easily through narrow or confined areas.

And since it is very light in weight, so it can be transported very easily by towing vehicles to construction sites. They are also beneficial for higher visibility because of a small front loader. Controlling a skid steer loader is also very easy since the driver has to use only joystick like controls. This machine can be operated even by a landscaper who is new to the job.

Backpack Blower

For an individual landscaper concerned about the tidiness of his backyard, instead of using rakes and brooms to clean the leaves, a backpack blower is a much better option. The device enables the user to clean the ground completely without leaving any debris or leaves.

All the loose leaves can be brought together and stacked at a specific place without leaving any residue elsewhere. The best landscaping tools are versatile and can be used for many projects. Therefore it is ideal to invest in a few high end tools that will last for quite a long time and serve an expert landscaper in many upcoming projects.

5 Important Tips for Safe & Secure Online Banking

Security is one of the top concerns that consumers have when opening a bank account; there are numerous stories in the news of banks getting hacked because of finding new ways to crack through weak security protocols, which is scary for account holders who have entrusted their money to these institutions.

secure online banking

Although these things do seem to happen more frequently than anyone would like, as a consumer, you do have a right to hold your bank to a certain set of expectations regarding their security and surveillance system standards. Top banking institutions will already know of these concerns and have practices set in place to minimize any risk to you and other clients.

1. Exercise caution clicking on links from unknown email addresses

One of the easiest ways for scammers to infiltrate your banking information is by sending you a phony link and asking you to click on it in order to verify your information. Once you click on the link, it could take you to a fake site that looks legitimate and before you know it, they have captured all of your financial info. Always go to your bank’s website, rather than navigate there through a link.

2. Check your financial accounts frequently

There is no limit to how many times you can log on and check your most recent transactions, so use that to your advantage. Often times, hackers make charges to bank accounts and the account owner does not find out until days or weeks later because they do not remain up-to-date with what is going in their account. Verify all recent charges to ensure that they are ones you have recently made.

3. Regularly change your passwords

Yes, it is easier to use the same password for all of your accounts and never change them because you are more likely to remember it, but that also makes it easier for scammers to infiltrate into your accounts. Try to pick a unique password every few months or so with a mix of letters, symbols and numbers, and remember them by using song lyrics, mnemonic devices or other clues.

4. If you see something peculiar, call your bank immediately

The faster you get on potentially fraudulent activity, the better. So many fraudsters get away with scamming because people do not speak up when they see something in their account that does not look right. Many people start to second guess themselves and rationalize that maybe they did actually make a particular charge and just forgot about it. But if you know something does not seem normal, speak up and let your bank security staff jump on the case.

5. Limit your paper trail or shred judiciously

Financial documents like bank statements and receipts contain a wealth of information that people can use to hack into your accounts. This risk can be minimized by going digital and opting out of receiving paper statements each month. If you like receiving paper statements to stay apprised of account activity, cross paper shred them once you are done with them before throwing the documents away as accessing financial documents found in the trash is one of the easiest ways for fraudulent activity to occur.