5 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Hair Style

The New Year is all about embracing the new you, but for women this seems to start at the roots. We have already seen several favorite cat walkers trying the new dos that run the ploy from thick fringe, to razor-cut bobs, ascertaining that the New Year is the best time to refresh your style. Ready for the new you? Check out these 5 ways to revamp your hair style.

1. Cut your fringecreative hair cut

If you like a dramatic new look that’s currently in style, then it will only take you some courage and a few minutes. When you are cutting your fringe, make sure that you consider what remains and not what is cut off. Pick small snips but you can always cut more. Section off your hair by separating your hair with a clip on the ones you want to keep. Normally, all the hair forward-facing that’s on the crown of your head are drawn forward for bangs, but will be subject to the thickness of your hair.

You will need to draw more hair from the back in case your hair is not thick enough. Pull this fringe section to some point and comb until a few millimeters are visible below the comb. Don’t cut the fringe past the outer corners of your eyes. After cutting, blow dry with a rounded brush for fuller bangs.

2. Complement waves with your straightenercreative hair straightener

Isolate your hair into feasible layers. Take the first piece and put it in a flat iron. Pull the straightener towards yourself, giving it a half-turn and slide it down to the end of your hair and then release. Finish the layer of hair you have down, and allow the next layer you need to work with down from the clips and work through the remaining hair.

After curling your hair, take a small quantity of product and apply on your hair. You can apply some hairspray to set your hair long day.

3. Half-up do

Take some of the hair on your crown and pull it back. Place the bobby pins horizontally where your fingers are holding. Take part of hair on the left side of your hair, then cross over the horizontal bobby pins and insert a vertical pin. Thrust it right beneath the section you have volumized.

Do the same on the other part of your hair. Repeat the process on the remaining hair in the other section in front of your ear. Bring that around and affix with a vertical pin. What’s even better is when you can add some color to your half-up do. Just take a tip from this hair color salon in Peoria and give you new look some colorful flare.

up do

4. Hair Knot

Firstly, make sure that your hair has required texture but if not you can improve the texture with a bit of mousse prior blow dry. Divide the hair using the comb at the back, down the centre hair line, starting from the crown and ending at the nape of the neck.

Grip the two sections of your hair distinctly, make sure that you are holding all strands in your hands and tie a knot. This will give you one knot, you can repeat the steps to have double knot. Slightly twist for effect and place a bobby pin through the hair knot and the right hair part. Secure the knot by putting a bobby pin through the hair knot and the left hair part. For more insight, scope out this beauty blog on how to do it.

5. Do it yourself headband

A great way to hide greasy hair is to use a headband. Get the necessary materials including fabric basic sewing tools and floral wire. Cut a wide strip of fabric and ensure it can go round your head at least once. Fold right sides together and iron flat. Sew together and attach a safety pin on one side of the fabric.

Feed the pin via the tube to make it right-side out and bend the wire into a loop then feed the wire through the fabric tube. Hold the wire loop at the end as you sew the fabric and put the stitches through the wire loop. Repeat on the other rend and it’s finished. Get more creative insight at this creative blog.