3 Reasons Wooden Play Kitchens Are a Win-Win

When most people purchase play kitchens for their young toddler, they often make their purchase based on a few common concepts. Some of these include: which play kitchens are new or well-liked among the masses; which play kitchens look the most attractive; which play kitchens are most engaging or interactive.

Wooden Play Kitchen SetsAs a conscious parent, consider natural wooden play kitchens for your kids. Beyond the child’s health and development, also consider how you can have a positive impact the environment. The solution: wooden play kitchen sets made from natural materials.

Below are three good reasons why opting for wooden play kitchens is a better choice for your kid compared to conventional and plastic play kitchen sets. Additionally, you might learn a thing or two about how buying natural wooden toys of the like can help contribute to environmental sustainability.

Wooden Play Kitchens Are Simple Yet Highly-Educational & Induce Creativity

Most parents seek toys that are educational and facilitate learning and cognitive development. However, most parents fail to realize that some toys are too overwhelming with gadgets and gizmos that take away from the natural leaning process.

If you buy only plastic toys that have flashing lights, music playing, and high levels of stimulation, the benefits for natural cognitive development can be significantly diminished. With a natural wooden play kitchen set, the stage is set for relentless creativity and imagination.

Unlike many conventional play kitchens that are not only made from plastic, but also over-stimulating, wooden play kitchens are desirably basic in their common nature. The basic and simplistic nature of wooden play kitchen sets enables growing children to tap into deeper levels of creativity, ingenuity, and logic.

Wooden Play Kitchens Pose No Health Concerns

Wooden Play Kitchen SetsIn most conventional play kitchens on the market, there are trace amounts of chemicals that are used the in the plastics and materials during manufacturing. In fact, some chemicals can be toxic, such as mercury, lead, phthalates, and even arsenic.

If you’re shopping for a toddler ages 2-5, wooden play kitchens are a natural option that pose no health concerns for growing children. It’s important for a kid’s health to choose wooden play kitchen set that are made from natural wood, such as select pines or bamboo. A great option made of bamboo is the Glückskäfer Wooden Play Kitchen which is not cheap, but an option that will last decades.

Wooden Play Kitchens Promote Sustainably Farming & Forestry

Because wooden play kitchens are often made from natural woods, they are commonly derived from Sustainably-harvested wood that used good forestry practices. Not only that, but the wood is often sent to more specialized toy makers and less to big toy manufacturers that typically use cheaper wood derivatives.

Buy buying natural wooden play kitchens, you vote with you dollar for a more environmentally-sustainable world.

Portable Truck Scales Deliver the Ultimate in Versatility & Accuracy

Truck scales remain an important part of load weight measurement and cargo transport across the world. Various types of truck scale systems are relied upon to ensure that load volumes are accurately measured and thus pay loads can be precisely calculated and valued.

portable weigh scales

Among the major challenges that companies face for load weighing and management is the type of truck scale they need to perform such operations. One solution that offers the ultimate in convenience, versatility, and performance is portable truck scales.

The Value in Using a Portable Truck Scale System

The viable solution that stands out among heavy-duty truck scales for sale is portable truck weigh scales. These types of scales are preferred by all types of industries because of their ability to be moved from one location to another in just a matter of minutes.

Portable Weighing ScalesFor instance, if a company needs to transport seasonal goods, such as an agricultural producer during the harvest season, it does not have to worry about taking all crop loads to a fixed weighing scale. Instead, the farmer can place the portable truck scale unit to the desired location where the harvesting process is taking place.

Advantages of Portable Truck Scales

There are many advantages that come with the use of these heavy-duty portable scales to weigh trucks, including:

    • Extremely easy to install – Being flat and easy to set up, it takes only a matter of minutes to lay the portable truck scale and get the process started. Once the scale is on the ground you just need to set up a terminal and can start measuring trucks immediately.
    • Portability – The reason these weighing scales are referred to as portable is because they are exactly that. If you need to weight trucks as they leave a yard, you can carry the scale to any location at the boot of your car and set it up wherever you need it.
    • Highly accurate – These portable scales to weigh trucks are made to be extra sensitive and therefore produce highly accurate measurements.
    • User-friendly terminals – Portable truck scales typically come with easy to use terminals that have an LCD display and the unit can store and print data on the weight of the trucks whenever you need it.

There are many other advantages of investing in portable truck scales with the main one being that you do not have to make an expensive purchase of the unit if you only need to use it occasionally. This because many manufacturers and suppliers offer truck scale rental programs, such as the wide range of Payload Pros portable truck scales for rent.

Portable Weighing Scales Trucks

If you were to purchase your own truck scale weighing unit, you cannot upgrade all the time after spending a lot of money on a unit. When you hire a weighing scale, it ensures that you can measure the cargo on your trucks accurately.

This means that your truck operates within legal limits and you avoid wear and tear caused by overloading. If you are carrying the cargo on behalf of a client, it ensures you get paid what is due.

The Creative SEO Mindset: Big-Picture Web Presence Management

There is need to change the common SEO perspectives and strategies that are used in marketing business via Google search. In the past, search marketers relied heavily on keyword opimized content, link building, and paid search advertising to reach the targeted audiences.

However, these traditional ways of SEO are quickly changing and most businesses are realizing the need for a more comprehensive strategy that encompasses all the aspects of an authoritative brand.

Web Presence Management Services

Web presence management is a synergistic approach which is progressive and effective in ensuring that a company gets the most out of its SEO and Internet marketing efforts. Unlike specific strategies and campaigns, web presence management brings together all aspects of optimizing a brand’s visbility and overall web presence on the web, such as organic SEO and PPC advertising, content marketing, social media, reputation management, and more.

The Ultimate Goal of Web Presence Management

The ultimate goal of web presence management is to build the credibility and reliability of a business and sustain the growth that is achieved online. This is more strategic and practical to successful SEO and brand building.

The plan that should be created as the company outlines the marketing efforts should be aimed at actively controlling and influencing the online presence such that efficiency and popularity is accomplished. This method of web presence management for company’s is beneficial in that it promotes connection with potential customers on diverse platforms and also reduces the overall costs of customer support.

Creative Strategies for a Successful Campaign

Developing a good plan for your company’s web presence management startegy first requires complete understanding of the brand. This enables the plan to be tailored to cover the needs and goals of the company. Customize the approach such that it fits in with the business model that is already established.

It is also important the capabilities of the brand and the potential for its success are understood and the tactic will also be specifically tailored to reach to the target market more effectively. This creative approach to SEO and brand marketing will aid in ensuring that the business reaches its full potential. For this reason, many companies are hiring web presence management and optimization companys, like the Web Presence Group, that are proficient all levels of search engine marketing, social and content marketing, as well as reputation management.

What Channels to Include In Your Web Presence Management Strategy?

Web Presence Management StrategyThe success of this type of market relies on the ability to utilize a complete blend of other common methods. Different tasks have to be accomplished for online branding as well as effective marketing. Most people are already familiar with such services but tend to think of them independently. They include content creation and marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, search engine marketing, social media marketing and mobile web presence management.

In addition to organic search marketing and social media, website conversion rate optimization (or “CRO”) is also of tremendous importance since it directly relates to increasing profits. Beyond use of these valuable tools, new tools are available such as workspaces which are platforms that allow more efficient collaboration between different teams within the marketing campaign.

Customer engagement is the future of marketing to online consumers. Paid ads are being phased out since they create unwanted disruptions. By using comprehensive tools, businesses are able to map their content with relation to the specific consumer and also help the potential client along the journey to subscribing to the brand. This means that the client will be able to learn as desired and they will be able to communicate without feeling pressured.

A web presence management strategy is aimed towards engagement should be based on making easy to find content and then communicating effectively. Evaluate the benefits of using this kind of marketing approach for your brand.

Creative Gift Ideas at N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL

Known for their affordable, therapeutic, relaxing, comfortable and professional massages, N8 (pronounced innate) Touch Massage is the perfect place to relax during the bustling holiday season. As the stress of the season begins to chip away at your holiday spirit, experience rejuvenation for yourself or give a wonderful gift to a loved one or friend, with your Bloomington, IL massage therapists at N8 Touch Massage.

N8 Massage Bloomington IL

Whether you are in need of a sensual couples massage, a moment of relaxation or a therapeutic massage, Bloomington’s N8 Touch Massage is able to deliver precisely what you need. They specialize in a variety of massage and therapeutic techniques such as:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: A slow technique that focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues in order to reduce chronic patterns of tension.
  • Swedish Massage/Relax8tion: This relaxing and therapeutic massage primarily affects the lymphatic and nervous systems.
  • Sports Massage: Purpose if to prepare and athlete for peak performance before their event; and to alleviate swelling, etc. after their event.
  • Aromatherapy: With the addition of 100% pure essential oils, enhanced relaxation and stress reduction is achieved. (This can be added to any massage for an additional fee).
  • Couples Massage: The stimulating techniques can be very transformative for couples. Relax and reduce stress while furthering your bond.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Promotes harmony within the mind and body while also promoting physical wellness.


A massage from N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL can assist with the reduction of blood pressure, easing of tension headaches, the improvement of circulation and more. The inherent and intuitive techniques used by the highly qualified staff will have you feeling like a new born babe by the end of your first visit.

Massage Specials at N8 Touch Massage

With discounts available for members who refer new clients, as well as special birthday deals; becoming a member pays for itself swiftly. Yet, N8 has not forgotten those that are not members, with competitive pricing for those who choose to sporadically engage in their services.

Massage Bloomington IL

Currently, for new customers, N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL is offering the following special pricings:

  • A 15 minute chair massage for $8
  • A 60 minute table massage for $38
  • Monthly membership package for $48

N8 Touch Massage also offers gift cards that can be purchased. The gift cards make wonderful stocking stuffers during the holiday season. Current members have nothing but rave reviews regarding the professional and relaxing atmosphere that adds to the therapeutic and customizable massages offered by the staff.

Visit N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, Illinois

No need to delay making your appointment today. Open six days a week (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am -4pm), there is an appointment time that is perfect for your schedule. Contact N8 Touch Massage of Bloomington, IL today:

N8 Touch Massage
2501 East College Avenue, Suite C
Bloomington, IL 61704

The Timeless Joy of Wooden Toys for Kids

Traditional wooden toys never go out of fashion as they can be enjoyed by generation after generation. Wooden toys are also built to last, ensuring a long life. The quality build and timeless nature of wooden toys makes them a great value when compared with their modern plastic counterparts, that are more likely to break or go out of style.

Kids Wooden Toys

Despite the high tech world we now live in, that has brought with it an increasing variety of high tech, flashy toys, natural wooden toys still hold a special place in the hearts of parents and children alike. Wooden toys are experiencing a resurgence, with a large selection to choose from, including classic, traditional and modern styles for all ages.

Wooden Toys are Educational

There are many educational and cognitive growth benefits to choosing wooden toys. In fact, many wooden toys are designed to have a more developmental and educational purpose, as opposed to many of the more mainstream plastic toys that seem to have entertainment and distraction as their sole function.

Wooden toys are often designed to foster crucial developmental natural wooden toysgrowth such as: fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness, problem solving, as well as color and shape recognition. In fact, many wooden toys are designed to educational and for optimal childhood development, like the wooden toys at Hazelnut Kids.

There are many traditional wooden toy designs that have had decades of proven success and been produced on a consistent basis. These may include toys such as, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, musical instruments, pull-along toys, as well as wooden doll houses, farms, trains, cars and people. There are also many new wooden designs that have been developed more recently that put a modern twist on older toys and games.

Need more inspiration for natural wooden toys? See this video full of insights below:

Also, check out the natural toys at Hazelnut Kids for a complete range of options.

Go Green with Wooden Toys

The case for wooden toys over plastic is also one favored by Eco-consious parents. Many wooden toys are eco-friendly, being sourced from a natural material that is sustainably harvested, as well as being free from the ecological damage and health concerns associated with plastics.

Choosing wooden toys for children has many benefits. Wood is a natural material, it is durable and lasts for years when properly cared for, it is eco-friendly, and wooden toys will stimulate your child’s imagination.

You can feel good about using time tested and proven developmental toys that are all natural and can stay in the family to be passed down through generations.