Christian Embroidery Designs: Creative Designs for Sewing Machines

Christian embroidery designs are some of the oldest and unique options when it comes to traditional embroidery designs and patterns. Not only do christian embroidery designs have ancient and symbolic meanings, but these types of sewing machine embroidery designs come in many different styles and can be used in countless types of fabric.

Sewing Machine Embroidery DesignsChristians, just like any other religion, are fond of decorating their church, worship places and bodies with various veils and linens. There are many types of linens available in the church. From altar cloths to credence cloths, chalice veils, communion palls, purifiers, corporals, baptismal towels and lavabo towels, the church is never short of cloth decoration. It is also common to find Christian embroidery designs and patterns embalmed on the line  n.

Before you begin exploring religious and Christian embroidery designs, it’s important to distinguish where you’re shopping as some websites and stores offer free hand embroidery designs and others offer sewing machine embroidery designs. In most cases, you’ll find sites that offer sewing machine embroidery designs for purchase, over free hand patterns.

Characteristics of Christian Embroidery Designs

There are many embroidery designs spread across various Christian churches. The Catholic is most renowned for Christian embroidery designs and therefore exhibits many of the patterns. Some designs are made for regular use while others are to be worn only on specific commemorations or occasions.

For body clothing and veils, Christian women are more likely to be seen in embroidery patterns and designs than men. This is because their attire comprises of more robes and loose veils including hair covers. Most of the Christian designs are very old and were picked up from early churches. There however exist a few modern designs that have been developed to emphasize certain aspects of the Christian faith.

Examples of Religious Embroidery Designs

There are many religious embroidery designs used by Christians. Usually, these designs are specific symbols that were used in ancient churches in commemorating given events. Some of the designs include the following: Christian Embroidery Designs

  • Vintage ecclesiastical embroidery design – These designs are made of thick round circles surrounding little flowers, a cross with crown heads and specific symbols. The design can also be square or without boundary. There is no rule on the size and this design can be used for general church linen. They are more suitable for altar cloths where every Christian can see.
  • Descending holy spirit dove embroidery design – This is basically the symbol of a dove descending from up above and is mostly used during baptism. The design is used to symbolize the spirit of God that descended in the form of a dove when Jesus was baptized (Mathew 3:16). Christian Dove Embroidery Design
  • Releasing dove embroidery design – This design is derived from Genesis 8:11 when Noah released a dove in the journey to earth. It is used for general linen in special events like marriages, funerals, birthday celebrations. It is basically a pattern with two hands and a dove rising from the hands.
  • Tryzub cross embroidery design – This is a symbol of Christian trinity that originated from the Ukrainian church. It resembles an anchor or a styled falcon and has a cross head.

There are many other designs including altar guild vestment, altar guild patonce, Marian symbols among others. This is just a few of the most common Christian and religious embroidery designs. You can find many more Christian embroidery designs by visiting

Christian embroidery designs are very significant aspects of clothing and linen decoration especially for church women. These designs are symbols for unity and faith. They also enhance the overall look and presentation of the church. Although there are no rules governing how these designs should be embalmed into linens, experience and reasoning should be used. The fabric should not be stiff or overly stuffed with patterns.

Custom Tank Tops: Express Your Creativity Through Design

If you like to express yourself through the things you wear and you are looking for a new and fun hobby, designing your own custom tank tops could be the perfect activity for you. Custom tank top design offers endless creativity, in addition to offering a finished product that you can wear.

Unlike other creative outlets, this is one that’s starting to peak the interests of younger generations. Below we share some insights on how to unleash your creativity by creating your own custom tank tops.

Why Design Your Own Custom Tank Tops?

Tank tops are a common piece of clothing that men and women wear. If you look at stores you see the endless designs and colors of tank tops so you may be wondering why you need to add your take on this staple piece of clothing. The simple answer is because you can, and because designing your own tank top can be so much fun!

Unlimited options in design

Tank tops are basically blank canvases that you can turn into unique works of art. Use paint, embellishments like rhinestones and pearls, and even feathers and fabric to create totally unique pieces. You can let your imagination go crazy with the designs that you choose.

Custom tank tops for various occasions

Neon Tank TopsYou can create custom tank tops for various occasions. It is a common misconception that tank tops are something you only wear to the beach. You can take a black tank top and embellish it with gold rhinestones or pearls for the perfect evening top that you can pair with a classic white blazer. With this design you get an outfit that looks like a million bucks but only cost you a few dollars.

You can also add pockets, a colorful pin or glue some flowers to a plain white tank top to add a burst of color to a top that you can wear out to lunch. Custom tank tops are very flexible so all it takes is a little imagination to create the perfect top from something that is plain and basic. Many companies that offer custom tank tops, like, provide a wide range of custom tank tops styles, such as neon tank tops and pocket tank tops – all of which can be customized to your liking.

An opportunity to showcase your creativity

Custom tank tops are a great way to showcase your creativity. Create something unique, like a logo, text, illustration or even just mix textures together and wear your creations outside. Chances are, your designs will get the attention they deserve. Not only will you get to let your creative juices flow in the process of creating these pieces of clothing, you also get the opportunity to show off your designs to the world.

Clothing has always been our primary way of expressing ourselves, whether it’s in the choice of color, cut, design or the logos on the shirts that we choose to wear for the day. This is why creating custom tank tops is such a great way to express ourselves while letting our creativity run wild. The best thing about creating custom tank tops is that these tops are ultra affordable and they are totally unique, so you won’t find anyone else wearing them.

The creation of new things from ordinary items around the house is one way to be productive with our time and get our creative juices flowing. A lot of people complain about leading boring lives outside of the workplace but they fail to see that there are so many creative things we can do to occupy our free time without having to spend so much.

University-branded College Recuriting Gifts & Giveaways

When if comes to recruiting college students, university-branded recruitment gifts and giveaways offer a highly effective means for admissions counselors and recruiters.

Although there are tons of options for college recruiting gifts and giveaways one company is a both pioneer and leader in such creative communications. That company is BookWear®, and below we go into detail about what makes this company so unique when it comes to college recruiting gifts.

Empower College Recruiting Efforts With Surprise Gifts

Recruiting effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by a surprise gift that is married to your message. Harvard Business Review states “Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool.”. Recruiting is all about marketing, communications and having a magic sparkle that shows off the shine of your school.

College Recruiting Gifts Giveaways

Eligible students get flooded with marketing materials, most of it bound for the trash (hopefully, the recycling). One parent stated his daughter received so much recruiting promotion that he decided to keep it all. All gathered, he weighed 43 pounds of materials.

In a pile of mail BookWear® will get read and opened. Hundreds of recruiters agree with that statement, and it is key to campaign effectiveness. This “book” mails like a thick postcard and has your message and graphics on the cover. It can be a “Welcome” or a “Congratulations on Your Admission” statement to the student. They are compelled to open it because of the surprise. It’s a book, but not really, and what is inside? Your story has never been so intriguing!

Countless Options for Custom College Recruiting Giveaways

Choose from 30 gifts to go inside BookWear®. Anything from a compressed T-shirt to a USB drive, a puzzle or a school flag. All with your logo on the gift. Every time the gift gets used your message is remembered. Imagine sending out 1,000 with a T-shirt in them to accepted students. They put them on and there is a psychological conversion to having your logo on their chest. The best advertisement for your recruiting efforts is to have 1,000 accepted students out walking among their peers promoting your brand.

Tell a good story on surprising and custom designed college recruiting giveaways and you will get results. You can design the “book” or we’ll do it for you. The testimonials page has photos of others’ book covers that may help in brainstorming ideas for your own design and message. We can mail the books to your list for you or ship them direct to you.

Recruiting effectiveness is more important than ever in this era of tight budgets. 650 colleges use BookWear® for recruiting, orientation and other communications. Many order it repeatedly like University of Georgia (16,000 to 21,000 a year for 8 years) or USC (4,500 per year for 8 years) or Oberlin (4,500 per year for 14 years). It works and it’s fun!! Make that the spirit of your campaign and you will be remembered!